email marketing

7 Tips for Making Your Email Marketing More Mobile Friendly

It hasn’t been long since Google announced that they would be adding mobile-friendly websites to their list of must-haves in SEO. With this change came a gigantic shift in the direction of mobile marketing, one that was a long-time coming. This has made it necessary to make everything in digital marketing more mobile-friendly, including

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faceobook likes

Why Facebook Likes Aren't Useless

There’s been a lot of (technical term here) “hullabaloo” in the online marketing world about Facebook’s waning influence. Type “Facebook Reach” or “Facebook Fans” into Google and you’re probably going to get something that looks a bit like this: Are Facebook likes useless? Is the era of success on Facebook over? Rather

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How to Create the Perfect Webinar Landing Page

Webinars are powerful tools … especially for marketers. Why? Because webinars connect you directly with your audience and allow you to establish yourself as both a valuable resource and thought leader. Even better, by commanding attention, creating relationships, and educating your audience, you’re able to present your product in an open, transparent, and trust-building way.

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introduction to SEO

A Straightforward Introduction to Inbound Marketing and SEO

While blogging is not the only necessary activity of a successful inbound marketing strategy, it IS the core activity around which all other activities occur. Without the “central core” of a regularly updated website, the other activities don’t make sense. But, people who “just” blog and don’t do the rest experience poor results.

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10 Social Media Metrics Actually Worth Tracking

As you probably know from past marketing experiences, social media marketing is an incredibly effective tool for building brand recognition and improving conversions. That being said, if you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts in relation to social media, you should be tracking these 10 metrics, starting now. 1. Brand Mention

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