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  1. 4 Things You Need to Do After a Lead is Generated



    You’ve generated a lead. Congrats!

    What are you going to do with them?

    Think about a lead like a person walking around your brick and mortar store. They’re interested (they walked in the door after all) but they haven’t picked anything up yet. They haven’t even approached the counter with something they like.

    In order to get that sale you have to show them a bit of attention, right?

    This article will give you four things you need to do after a lead is generated (apart from nurture them with email marketing, which you should already know!)  in order to maximize the possibility of them converting for a real world sale.

    Customer service never hurt anybody.

    Let’s get rolling!

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  2. 5 Examples of Entry Popups Done Right

    5 Examples of Entry Website Popups Done Right

    Website Popups ebook

    Does your business need more qualified leads? Do you want your website visitors to say “yes”?

    Then you’re reading the right blog.

    In this article, I’m going to show you a cool - and relatively new - method of increasing your leads and getting your website visitors to engage with you (even if they’ve never clicked on your site before).

    I’ve scoured the internet and found five awesome entry pop-ups from some of the smartest online marketers. I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t like so you can try out and optimize your own website entry pop-ups.

    Try out the tips to increase your own business leads.

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  3. How to Use Website Popups So They Don’t Annoy People

    How to Use Website Popups So They Don't Annoy People

    Website popups ebook

    Have you started to see pop-ups popping up (sorry, couldn’t resist) all over the web?

    It seems like every marketer (affiliate or otherwise) is using pop-ups these days and perhaps you’re starting to wonder why.

    Well, the simplest answer is that they work.

    But how do you use them without making every visitor to your site hate you?

    Now that’s a great question, and one I’ll be addressing in this article.

    I’ll be giving you the four main strategies you need to keep in mind to lower bounce rates, increase conversions on your pop-ups and (best of all) ensure your traffic doesn’t get too annoyed.

    Let’s get rolling.

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  4. 5 Exit Popups You Need to Know About

    5 Exit Website Popups You Need to Know About

    Website popups ebook

    You need more leads. You need more leads that are qualified and already engaged with your website or brand. Don’t you?

    I’m going to offer you a (somewhat) controversial solution.  

    You guessed it - pop-ups.

    But not just any kind of pop-up (there’s 5 types of pop-ups you can use on your website).

    In this article, I’m going to show you specific examples of exit pop-ups. Why? A well executed exit pop-up can increase leads by 600% or more. That’s quite amazing if you think about it. If you’re currently generating say 100 new leads a week, a simple exit pop-up could net you 600 new leads. That’s 500 more potential prospects - just by adding a bit of code to your website.

    For this article, I’ve compiled five of my favourite exit pop-ups.  I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t so you can implement and optimize your own exit pop-ups on your site.

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  5. How to Use Directional Cues to Optimize Landing Page Conversion



    Are you happy with your landing page’s rate of conversion? Or would you like more email subscribers, leads or sales?

    Are you satisfied with your business’ online success and don’t think it could be improved at all?

    If so, then you can turn right around and jump back into your jacuzzi of money. If not, then let’s get rolling on a few tricks of the conversion optimization trade.

    This article will break down four ways you can use directional cues to increase engagement and conversions on your landing pages.

    I’ll introduce you to why these directional cues work and give you examples so you know exactly what I’m talking about and how you can find success for yourself.

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