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Capitalize on Easter Revenue from Mobile Phones and Tablets

The impact of tablets and smartphones on Easter purchases is immense. It is essential for your website to be optimized for such devices, so the users so they can easily browse and purchase products/services hassle-free.

In general, it is important to include mobile into your marketing initiatives. Below are parts of an infographic by Smart Insights

detailing how much of the world are on smartphones and how rapidly mobile internet usage is growing.




The statistics on purchases planned on devices are overwhelming. Below, the statistics detail the research and actual planned purchases for the Easter holiday.

  • 51% of tablet owners will use their device to research or buy this year

  • 43.3% of smartphone owners will use their device to research or buy this year

  • 22% of tablet owners plan to make an Easter-related purchase on their device

  • 14.8% say they will do so on their smartphone


These specifics make it almost comical to pass up these sales. If you miss out on the tablet users, that’s more than one fifth of your Easter sales down the drain this year.


By: Cara @ WIshpond


Written by Wishpond

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