111 Visual Marketing Tools and Apps


The creation of visual elements is a huge part of a successful online marketing strategy.

Whether you need a blog article’s header, a social media post, an entire ebook, infographic or a slide deck, there are tools out there that can help make your life easier. These tools save us time, energy, and can turn an amateur’s creativity into something that looks straight out of a design school.

Here are 111 visual marketing tools you might want to take a look at…

Editing and Visual Creation

Visual marketers need tools that make the creation of something beautiful easy. Now, we could tweak and edit and import and fuss with an image and quote overlay for six hours and get it looking perfect, but where’s the ROI in that? If we’re creating a social media post with an inspirational quote, turning data into brand message or creating an entire infographic, we need to do it before lunch.

The tools in this section are awesome shortcuts – software that takes our creativity and turns it into something we can be proud to call our own, and does it intuitively, simply, and beautifully.

Here are 12 editing and visual creation tools:

1. Canva

2. Picmonkey

3. CloudConvert

4. RenderForest

5. Pinstamatic

6. PowToon

7. Skitch

8. Subtle Patterns

9. Pixlr

10. Thinglink

11. Easelly

12. Visme

Image Resources

Trying to find appealing images for blog articles, social media posts or header images can be frustrating. Everything seems to cost an arm and a leg, and nothing looks like what you want (and some of those free stock images are guaranteed to plummet engagement and conversions on your content).

But the internet’s a big place. You know the right image is out there; it’s just a matter of finding it.

Having been in your shoes way too often ourselves, here’s a comprehensive list of 54 (count ‘em!) free image resources:

14. Pixabay

15. Death to Stock Photo

16. Foter

17. Gratisography

18. Unsplash

18. Visme

19. Flickr Creative Commons

20. The Pattern Library

21. Shutterstock

22. SkitterPhoto

23. PicJumbo

24. Hubspot Icons

25. Stockvault

26. StockSnap.io

27. Splitshire

28. Pexels

29. RgbStock

30. Wylio

31. New Old Stock

32. Albumarium

33. Stokpic

34. Camarama.de

35. ISO Republic

36. Crow the Stone

37. Magdeleine

38. DesignersPics

39. Smithsonian on Flickr

40. Moveast

41. FindA.Photo

42. Snapographic

43. Foter

44. Free Nature Stock

45. Pickupimage

46. Free Stock Image Point

51. FreeDigitalPhotos.net

52. Compfight

53. Jay Mantri

54. Foodies Feed

55. Kaboompics.com

56. Splashbase

57. Little Visuals

58. Cupcake

59. MMT.li

60. MorgueFile

61. Every Stock Photo

62. New Old Stock

63. Photo Everywhere

64. Free Range Stock

65. 500px

66. Picography

67. Life of Pix

Updated May, 2017: Burst (from Shopify) is a new, awesome resource we use


Finding and matching the right color scheme can mean the difference between a slide deck that gets shared (or even a landing page that generates conversions for your business) and one that doesn’t.

Use these five color tools to find or generate the colors that will go best within your next piece of visual marketing content:

68. Adobe Color CC

69. Design Seeds

70. Paletton

71. Color Lovers

72. Oto255

Fonts and Icons:

If you’ve ever worked closely with a graphic designer you know they’re sticklers for font, and you can see why. Get the body font wrong when next to a certain header font and the result can be jarring to say the least.

Here are 16 font tools (with some free icon sources thrown in) to get your copy looking clean, professional, and visually appealing:

73. Google Fonts

74. 1001 Fonts

75. Font Space

76. Font Squirrel

77. IcoMoon

78. IconFinder

79. Vecteezy

80. DaFont

81. Flaticon

82. Type Genius

83. Fontface Ninja

84. Beautiful Web Type

85. Font Park

86. Lost Type

87. The League of Moveable Type

88. Type Wolf

Image/Screenshot Capture

I have to continually clean my desktop because of the sheer number of screenshots I take in my role as a content creator, and having the right screenshot tool is important. I need something that takes clean shots, is quick to access and gives me a bit of versatility.

Here are 6 likely image capture candidates:

89. Awesome Screenshot

90. Nimbus Screenshot

91. Lightshot

92. Jing

93. Skitch

94. Snipping Tool

Video Marketing

Video marketing is evolving, and the next stop (for almost every business) is professional-looking videos. This is something that our business is experimenting with pretty heavily, and here are the six most promising video creation and publishing tools we’ve encountered so far:

95. Camtasia

96. Knowledge Vision

97. Rawshorts

98. Wistia

99. Waywire

100. Animoto

Ebook Creation

Ebooks are one of the most powerful indicators of brand authority and are hugely influential for lead generation strategy (alongside an optimized, email-gating landing page. Here are four tools which make ebook creation a cinch:

101. Zmags

102. Uberflip

103. LookbookHQ

104. Google Slides

Note: Canva is also one of the leading ebook-creation tools, but as we’ve already mentioned it in the visual creation section we decided against repeating it, but check it out as well!


Sometimes you just gotta design on the fly. Luckily our mobile phones are mini-computers, and the visual marketing capabilities of apps (offered both with Google Play and the Apple Store) are just getting better.

Here are 7 of the top visual marketing apps for mobile:

105. Instaquote

106. Photogrid

107. Pixlr

108. Adobe Photoshop Express

109. Over

110. Piktochart

111. VSCO Cam

Thanks for reading, and if you have any visual marketing tools and apps that you love, feel free to let us know in the comment section. If we dig them we’ll be sure to add them to the list!


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