5 New Wishpond Landing Pages Critiqued


Looking for some fresh design ideas for your next landing page?

At Wishpond we recently released dozens of new landing page templates for our users.

In this article, I’ll to show you my 5 favourite new landing page templates by Wishpond, tell you why they’re good and give you some ideas on how you can use them for your business.

Let’s get started!

1. The Free Trial Landing Page


What’s this landing page for?

This is a landing page for a free trial, but there’s a lot of other ways businesses could use this landing page.

It’s a click-through landing page, and it’s purpose is to warm up visitors to click the CTA button. They are then usually directed to the offer where the landing page visitor can then convert.

So, what’s so good about this landing page?

  • It doesn’t include any unnecessary elements. There’s no navigation bar and no links to other pages – just the CTA button. This ensures that people either leave the page or convert.
  • The headline. It’s descriptive yet to the point. It’s important that headlines are short yet describe the offer.
  • It features a contrasting CTA with descriptive copy. The green contrasts well against the tones of the background photo.

What are some other offers you could feature on this landing page?

This landing page doesn’t need to be used for free trials. There are a lot of different options.

  • An ecommerce store could use this type of page to detail a product before having visitors click through to the checkout
  • A real estate agent could use this to warm visitors up before sending them to a contact page
  • A non-profit could use a click-through page to warm up visitors to a donation

2. The Webinar Landing Page


What’s this landing page for?

This landing page was designed for webinars, which are a common and effective way to generate leads.

This webinar landing page features a countdown timer, which really drives a limited-time offer home.

Limited-time offers can be very effective in increasing conversions because they create urgency – which triggers FOMO around your offer. They want to convert or else they might miss out on something.

Countdown timers help harness these feelings. In fact, lots of businesses have seen increases in conversions and sales with the implementation of a countdown clock on their landing page.

Learn more about how countdown clocks can increase your landing page conversions here.

What’s so good about this landing page?

  • The headline is large and succinctly describes the webinar and what it will be about.
  • The note at the bottom of the form is a great piece of copy because convinces everyone interested in the webinar to sign up, even if they’re busy during the live webinar.
  • The webinar host. It’s important to mention exactly who is hosting the webinar.
  • The bullet-point list describing what the webinar is about. Bullet-points are an easy way for people to consume copy on a landing page. It’s much more appealing to read than paragraphs.
  • As I talked about above, countdown clocks can increase conversions. So this is an effective element for limited-time offers.

What are some other offers you could feature with a countdown clock?

  • A department store or retailer could use these for a coupon, especially for a seasonal offer or holiday
  • A restaurant could have a limited time offer on a certain food item or items
  • A gym could have a specific class or training they offer (perhaps with a special guest trainer) for a limited amount of time

3. The Consultation Landing Page


What’s this landing page for?

Here we have a landing page designed for businesses offering a service, something that requires further communication before an offer is converted on, such as a consultation or coaching program.

What’s so good about this landing page?

  • The offer. A free 30-minute strategy session with a business professional is a tempting offer for business owners. The headline, subheadline and CTA button copy all help to convert prospective leads by highlighting the value of the offer.
  • The picture of the business owner. With such a personal offer like this (1-on-1 coaching program), it makes sense to familiarize the potential lead with the person running the program.
  • The bio. This supports the photo of the coach and adds some trust to the page.
  • The “What You’ll Learn” section. This is important for telling potential leads exactly what they’ll learn from the coaching program with Bree.
  • The reviews. Reviews are a form of social proof, giving landing page visitors the sense that your business can be trusted, because others had a good experience.

What are some other offers you could feature on this landing page?

This landing page uses a coaching program as an example, but this flexible template is useful for a variety of different businesses and services such as:

  • A free photography consultation
  • A free investment consultation
  • A free consultation with a lawyer

4. The “Get a Quote” Landing Page


What’s this landing page for?

This is one of Wishpond’s lead generation landing page templates (it features a form for immediate lead generation, as opposed to a click-through page which warms visitors up for an offer).

As you can see, this landing page template was created with photographers in mind. But I’ve seen a variety of businesses use this layout for a multitude of offers.

Businesses offering consultations and quotes work well with this layout, as well as signups for free online offers.

What’s so good about this landing page?

  • I like the simplicity. There are no elements of this landing page that don’t have to be here.
  • The copy is to the point. There’s no unnecessary paragraphs, the copy is easy to consume on this landing page.
  • The CTA button on the form contrasts well with the page.
  • There’s a review of the photographer’s service (by me). This creates social proof, making it easier for visitors to trust the photographer’s services.
  • I like that there’s the option to call. Certain industries like photographers and plumbers do want to generate leads online, but they also want to get their potential clients on the phone as well.

How could a different industry use this landing page?

Remember, landing pages work really well when combined with an incentive of some sort. There has to be value for the prospective lead.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A free trial for an online software company
  • An auto service advertising a free repair estimate
  • A math tutor advertising a discounted lesson

Of course you will have to change the elements of the page, but the layout can generally stay the same, depending on the depth of your offer.

When the structure of your landing page is already laid out, it makes your job a thousand times easier.

Need more photographer landing page critiques? Check out my other article, “Photographer Landing Page Examples & Critiques.”

5. The Ebook Landing Page


What’s this landing page for?

This landing page was designed for people offering ebooks. Ebooks are a popular and effective resource used to capture leads on landing pages.

What’s so good about this landing page?

  • At first glance, you can tell that all you have to do to get the free ebook is enter your email address. One form field maximizes the chance that someone interested in this ebook will convert, as the more fields you have the more intimidating the form looks.
  • The three-point bullet list works well to convince visitors of the benefits of converting.
  • The CTA button contrasts well with the blue background.
  • The “About The Offer” section helps create some social proof for the author, as it mentions his 7 years of experience in the industry.
    Overall this landing page is leak-proof, as there isn’t a navigation bar or any other distractions to take the focus away from the ebook offer.
  • “About the offer” adds a more personal element to the landing page. A review of the ebook would also work well here.

What are some other offers you could feature on this landing page?

This landing page is ideal for ebooks, so let’s just focus on using this template for ebooks – but ebooks can be about pretty much anything. Companies usually publish ebooks that will be useful for their consumers.

For example:

  • A dog trainer could offer a guide to training puppies
  • A hotel could offer an ebook detailing the best tourist attractions
  • A fashion retailer could offer an ebook about the top fashion trends of 2015


Hopefully these new landing page templates have given you some ideas on how you could use one for you business.

Are you still trying to figure out how these apply to your business? Or looking for a different style of landing page?

Leave me a comment below and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

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