Funnel Optimization Tips from the Top Marketing Minds [Slidedeck]


This simple slidedeck gives you the top sales funnel strategies from some of the best digital marketers of the past couple years.

Organized into top of funnel, middle and bottom (and beyond), these tips and quote will inspire not just your desire to optimize, but your strategy to do so.


“Expecting a sale from a new prospect is like proposing marriage on the first date.”

Sherice Jacob of

“Each stage of the funnel requires different content to appeal to consumers — because each stage corresponds to a different frame of mind.

At each step, buyers need different types of information to influence their behaviors.”

Larry Alton of

“Deciding how you judge which point of the sales process different customers are at is essentially deciding what it means to be sales ready. The more you can find out about a website visitor, the closer you can match their requirements with what you can offer them.”

Jonathan Dempster of

And more than a dozen more! Check it out!


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