21 Awesome Spring Contest Examples


Looking for a way to boost your sales and generate more leads this spring? Have you considered running a contest themed for the season?

Seasonal promotions are one of the best ways to engage with your audience and attract new customers in the process.

Especially in the Spring time, take advantage of people getting outdoors more, cleaning their homes, and looking to travel.

If you’re curious about running a spring promotion but aren’t sure where to get started, we’ve dug through our contest archives to provide you with 21 awesome contest examples to get you started this spring.

Here they are:

Spring Contest Example #1: What Inspires You This Spring?

spring contests

The Lemons collection ran a spring promotion giving away a $200 shopping spree to their online store. In order to win, fans needed to follow them on Pinterest and upload a Pinterest board with pins that they found inspirational.

Key Takeaway: Create contests that connect with the desires of your target audience. Contests don’t always need to be 100% related to your immediate product or service. Allow your customers to express themselves through your business and watch as a community begins to grow around your brand.

Spring Contest Example #2: Spring Pet Fling

spring contests

Pet Supermarket ran a spring promotion giving away a Pet Supermarket gift card. In order to win users simply had to upload a photo of their pet enjoying the outdoors.

Key Takeaway: People love taking photos of their pets. Capitalize on this phenomenon by allowing them to win something in the process by running a photo contest in the spring.

Spring Contest Example #3: A Spring Makeover Promotion

spring contests

The Home Depot ran a spring sweepstakes promotion giving away a home makeover with a grand prize of $10,000 to spend in store on renovation materials.

Key Takeaway: Winter has finally ended! Use that to your advantage to help people renovate their homes to get ready for the summer.

Need a hand running a contest this spring? Get started by talking with a marketing expert today!

Spring Contest Example #4: Spring Cleaning Bundles

spring contests

Attitude ran a spring sweepstakes promotion giving away 3 cleaning bundles. Using a simple sweepstakes form, contestants were able to quickly and easily submit their contact information for a chance to win.

Key Takeaway: People love using spring to clean up their homes and get more organized. Use this opportunity to run a spring promotion that capitalizes on spring cleaning.

Spring Contest Example #5: Hot Spring Anime 2015

spring contests

EZcosplay used a spring promotion to promote some of their different anime characters. By asking users to vote on which character they liked best, EZcosplay was able to engage with their audience and get a better sense of which character was the most popular.

Key Takeaway: Your product or service doesn’t have to have any relation to the outdoors – or even real life – in order to run a spring promotion. Simply using “Spring” in your contest title will give you all the reason you need to run a successful spring campaign.

Spring Contest Example #6: Purdy’s Easter Sweepstakes

spring contests

Purdy’s chocolate ran a simple sweepstakes that only required an email address in order to win a $25 Purdy’s gift card. By positioning their sweepstakes around Easter, they were able to generate a ton of exposure (with 190 Facebook likes and 398 entrants) at the exact time people were looking to purchase chocolate for the easter holiday.

Key Takeaway: Use a simple giveaway to stay top of mind and help stimulate sales around Springtime.

Need a hand running a contest this spring? Get started by talking with a marketing expert today!

Spring Contest Example #7: L’eclisse & Raven Beauty Bundle

spring contests

L’eclisse ran a sweepstakes giving away a beauty bundle filled with a an assortment of makeup products. By positioning their contest around “getting a new look for spring” they were able to generate a total of 1287 leads.

Key Takeaway: Get creative about what spring means to your customers. Spring can be a great time to parallel the changing of the seasons with some sort of makeover or style change.

Spring Contest Example #8: Enter to Win a London Drugs Gift Card

spring contests

London drugs ran a spring promotion offering their customers a chance to win a $250 London Drugs gift card. By simply adding flowers as the background of the gift card, they were able to keep the contest relevant to spring while bringing in a cool 5,559 new leads.

Key Takeaway: Gift cards are one of the best prizes to give away since they narrow your participants to people who are interested in your product and service. Using a sweepstakes contest for spring in combination with a gift card offer is one of the quickest and easiest promotions to run.

Spring Contest Example #9: IT’S ART Master CLasses Challenge: Spring is Coming

spring contests

“IT’s ART” ran a photo contest in order to give away tickets to one of their master classes. Participants were asked to submit an illustration inspired by the theme “spring is coming” for a chance to win.

Key Takeaway: Use photo contests to allow your customers to get creative and express themselves. It’s a great way to generate user generated content which can be used in subsequent campaigns, on your website, or social media.

Spring Contest Example #10: Spring Maternity: Ode to Spring

spring contests

Spring Maternity has spring in their name, so of course they’d be keen to capitalize on a spring promotion. They ran an ode to spring campaign where they asked pregnant women to share a photo of themselves displaying their baby bump in order to win a number of prizes and gift cards valid at their store.

Key Takeaway: Use a photo contest to get your customers engaged with your brand. If you sell niche products such as pregnancy clothing, it can be a great way to generate engagement around your brand and get people within your community talking to one another.

Spring Contest Example #11: Valhalla Pure: Spring into Summer Contest

spring contests

Valhalla Pure ran a spring sweepstakes giving users a chance to win an outdoor prize pack just in time for summer. The prize pack consisted of a number of products available in their store and was effective at generating exposure and collecting a number of leads.

Key Takeaway: With winter behind us, people are looking forward to getting outdoors. Use this knowledge to your advantage by running a promotion with prizes that allow users to enjoy the weather.

Spring Contest Example #12: Diamond Candles: GIVE ME SPRING!

spring contests

Diamond Candles ran a sweepstakes giving away two of their ring candles. Users simply had to enter their contact information for a chance to win. Note that the contest was only valid for their Facebook fans. Exclusive promotions like this one is a great way to encourage Fans to stay Fans and stay engaged.

Key Takeaway: While some companies are giving away vacations and other elaborate prizes, consider giving away something smaller and framing as a “stay-cation.”

Spring Contest Example #13: O-Cedar: Sweep into Spring

spring contests

O-Cedar ran a sweepstakes titled “Sweep into Spring” giving users a chance to win a spring cleaning bundle. Their playful graphics and campaign title were able to capitalize on spring cleaning and generate a cool 2,473 new leads.

Key Takeaway: Giving away small prizes can generate a big result if positioned properly. Spring is the perfect time to give away cleaning packages, storage solutions, and organizational tools.

Need a hand running a contest this spring? Get started by talking with a marketing expert today!

Spring Contest Example #14: Acaia Spring Accessories Contest

spring contests

Acacia ran a spring contest giving away a $250 gift card which could be used towards some of their accessories.

Key Takeaway: You don’t need to overthink your spring campaigns. If in doubt revert to a simple sweepstakes and include “spring” in your campaign name.

Spring Contest Example #15: Coastal Pet Products: Spring Selfie Sweepstakes

spring contests

Coastal Pet Products ran a spring selfie contest where they asked users to upload a selfie with their pet in order to win a personalized product of their choice. They split the contest into two categories: dogs and cats.

Key Takeaway: People love pets, and people love selfies. Combine the two for an easy spring contest that can help fill up your Facebook page or website with new user generated content.

Spring Contest Example #16: Nerdoggy’s Spring Sweepstakes

spring contests

Nerdogy ran a spring sweepstakes giving away a free iPad Mini to anyone who both entered and shared the contest with their friends. To ensure that the entrants were real, Nerdogy requested that users submit their Facebook profile URL along with the answer to a simple math question.

Key Takeaway: Depending on the value of your prize, you can request more information from your users. Generally for a prize under $10, we’d suggest requiring as few form fields as possible. For a more substantial prize such as an iPad, you can afford to request a little more information.

Spring Contest Example #17: Fido4Ever Photo Contest

spring contests

Fido ran a spring promotion asking users to submit photos of their dog for a chance to win dog collars and discounts from Fido4Ever. While there’s no emphasis of spring on this contest landing page, the contest itself was run in the spring and is a great example of how versatile photo contests can be any time of year.

Key Takeaway: Everyone with a dog knows that their phone is probably packed with pictures of their furry little friend. Engage your audience with a spring pet photo contest that gives users a chance to share these photos and possibly win something in the process.

Spring Contest Example #18: SeedsNow Seed Bank Sweepstakes

spring contests

Seeds Now ran a spring sweepstakes giving away seeds for people looking to plant herbs, fruits and vegetables in time for summer. Running this promotion in the spring was a great way to give away seeds during planting season, but also raise awareness about Seeds Now for any prospective customers interested in gardening.

Also, can we give a huge round of applause to SeedNow for generating almost 1000 leads from a couple bags of seeds? Nice!

Key Takeaway: Spring is a great time to run gardening giveaways with summer right around the corner.

Spring Contest Example #19: Camera Canada’s Spring into Action Photo Contest

spring contests

Camera Canada ran a “spring into action photo vote contest” giving away a GoPro camera kit to user with the most votes on their spring photo entry. By enabling voting on the photos, they were able to collect additional leads and stimulate even more engagement around each entry.

Key Takeaway: If running a photo contest, enable a voting option to encourage users to share the contest page with their family and friends.

Need a hand running a contest this spring? Get started by talking with a marketing expert today!

Spring Contest Example #20: Jewelry Candle Sweepstakes

spring contests

Jackpot candles ran a spring sweepstakes promotion giving away 3 of their premium candles. By using a sweepstakes, they were able to make it super easy for participants to enter, and as a result were able to generate 786 leads in the process.

Key Takeaway: You don’t need to overthink your promotion in order to make your contest successful. Simply give away one of your products and use spring colours to set the tone. You might be surprised at the result.

Spring Contest Example #21: Carrabelle Beach: Spring Photo Contest

spring contests

Carrabelle Beach ran a spring photo contest giving away a free 2 night stay at Carrabelle Beach. In order to win, users simply had to upload a photo of their favorite memory at Carrabelle beach and a contest winner would be chosen at random.

Key Takeaway: Use photo contests to run a “share your favorite moment” contest as they’re a great way to collect some of the best personal photos originating from your location. This type of contest is not only great for collecting leads, but also creating a gallery of people who have had enjoyable experiences with your business.

That’s a Wrap!

There you have it, 21 awesome competition ideas and examples for spring. Get creative and design your own contest or take some inspiration from the examples above.

Spring promotions don’t have to be hard. If in doubt refer to #20 and just run a basic sweepstakes giving away one of your products or some of your services.

With summer right around the corner time is ticking, so start your own spring contest today!

Take a look at these free contest templates to help you get started. Need a hand running a contest this spring? Get started by talking with a marketing expert today!

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