Landing Page FAQ: Why Can’t I Just Direct People to My Website?


If you’re paying for ads to be spread across Google then you should be using dedicated landing pages. Clicks on ads, especially for competitive keywords, can get really really expensive. So your goal should be to get the most conversions for the least amount of clicks.

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The goal of a landing page is to make the visitor perform a single call to action or objective. This action could be to download a free e-book to capture visitor emails, sign up for a free trial, buy a product, enter a contest, or something along those lines. But above all, we’re talking about one call to action – one single objective.

If your ads are competing for high-cost clicks then directing people to the homepage of your website can be dicey. Your homepage is meant to represent your entire business. So when visitors arrive on it they should get a sense of what your business is and what it does. But that is not where you want to send someone who clicks on your ad.

Let’s look at an example.

I searched Google for a new camera, the “Sony a7ii”…

sony a7ii ad

An ad for the Sony a7ii at B&H Photo came up.

This lead me to their product landing page to buy the camera here:

If this ad lead me to their home page I would have arrived at this:

The B&H homepage would be a terrible landing page for the ad because it has no single call to action. It has too many possible avenues to lead visitors down. Those looking for something, like a Sony a7ii, would be forced to search the website for it themselves.

Directing someone to a landing page will put them right into your sales funnel ready to be converted into a paying customer. This means more return for your ad dollars.

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