Landing Page FAQ: What are Landing Page Best Practices?


Landing best practices are an amalgamation of tried and true landing page elements that have been proven to convert well under a number of different conditions.

They act as a good starting point for any landing page especially for marketers looking to leverage the power of past design tests to help drive their own conversions.

You’re likely to be familiar with a number of landing page best practices, even if not consciously aware that they exist.

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To give you a sense of what I’m referring to, here’s a couple of landing page best practices popularly employed by marketers today:

CTA above the fold:

Keeping your CTA above the fold is a commonly used best practice that has been proven to increase conversions by allowing visitors of the page to quickly and easily determine what is the most important element of the page in order to take action.

Single purpose / single objective:

Landing pages are most effective when they have only one main conversion objective. This could be signing up for an email list, purchasing a product, etc.

Action oriented call to action

It’s recommended to keep your CTA’s action oriented in order to encourage users to take action towards your primary conversion goal. This can include statements like “Get Started” or “Join Now”.

Simplify copy using bullet points:

Simplifying your landing page content using bullet points is one of the best ways to ensure that new visitors of your site can quickly and easily determine what your unique value proposition is, and how it can best benefit them.

Can you picture any of these best practices in action on some of the landing pages you’ve seen in the past? Chances are you recognize a couple of these since they are so frequently used (primarily based on how effective they are at driving conversions).

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