What is Landing Page Mobile Responsiveness, and Why is it Important?


Did you know that mobile web traffic now accounts for over 60% of all internet traffic online? And that number is only growing larger year after year.

Since that the way in which content is being consumed online is changing, naturally the format by which content is available should change as well.

This is where mobile responsive design comes in. Mobile responsive landing pages means that pages that are designed to display on desktops and laptops can also scale down to accommodate devices such as tablets and cell phones.

But this doesn’t just mean shrinking the overall size of the page to display on a smaller screen. Simply shrinking the size of the page would result in illegible text, compressed layouts, and a bad user experience.

Instead, mobile responsive design refers to taking elements of the page, and re-arranging them to comfortably fit within the confines of a smaller screen.

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Take a look at this example to see what I mean:

Notice how rather than squishing all three columns on the left into the mobile screen side by side, they’re instead stacked to create a new mobile experience?

This is the essence of mobile responsive design. Layouts and content that are able to change based on the size of the viewing screen.

So why does this matter for a landing page?

Opposed to other pages on your website, your landing page likely has one core conversion goal. Everything on the page such as copy, images, and layout should all be helping to achieve that goal.

If your landing pages aren’t able to be viewed properly on mobile, which now makes up a significant portion of web traffic, then you’re risking a low conversion rate and a bad user experience by not creating mobile responsive landing pages.

In order to fix this, always ensure that your landing pages are mobile responsive and optimized for a variety of devices.

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