What is a Lead, and How Are They Relevant to Landing Pages?


If you’ve dabbled in marketing at all, chances are you’ve heard of the term “lead”. But what exactly is a lead?

In a nutshell, leads are described as potential customers that have expressed an interest in one of your products or services.

Leads come in all different shapes and sizes, some are almost ready to buy, and others need some more time and attention before getting to the stage where they’re ready to purchase.

This process of collecting contact information from a prospective customer (a lead), and engaging with them until they’re ready to make a purchase is a process referred to as “lead nurturing”.

In many businesses, especially ones that involve longer sales cycles, generating leads is a necessary component of any successful customer acquisition strategy.

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So how do I collect leads?

Once you understand the importance of generating leads in order to nurture them into customers, you’ll probably be wondering how you can start collecting leads.

One effective strategy is to create landing pages which provide users information regarding an offer, as well as an opportunity to submit their contact details. This can be done by giving away what we call lead magnets, which is essentially things like ebooks, white papers, guides, videos, etc.

A landing page therefore acts as the gatekeeper between an offer and a prospective customer.

Used this way, businesses are able to utilize landing pages to generate a ton of targeted leads to any industry or niche simply by changing their offer (or lead magnet) to correspond with the desires of a target audience.

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