3 Quick Strategies To Boost Stagnant Sales


Struggling to boost stagnant sales?

Customers in your sales funnel not converting?

Thinking about running a site-wide sale?

Hold it right there cowboy.

There’s no need for that yet. The fact that your sales are slowing down could be due to a variety of things. It could be an issue with your…

  • Website navigation
  • User experience
  • Pricing strategy
  • Communication
  • SEO
  • Product/Service quality

But Jordan, those are all huge long-term investments!” you say.

What if I told you that there are 3 strategies — quicker strategies — that you can use to boost your sales. Offering discounts can be a great temporary fix but using these 3 quick strategies can easily boost stagnant sales now and also a year from now.

Employ a popup for opt-ins

If you’re not using a popup on your website already, you’re missing out on valuable leads that can convert into sales. By simply employing a popup the amount of email opt-ins you receive can oftentimes double.

You may not like popups but the fact is — they work. The benefit of using popups — entry, exit, click, timed, or scroll popups — is that they command attention from your visitors.

A simple way to use a popup is with a benefit-driven offer. You’ve probably seen this thousands of times: “enter your email in exchange for [life-changing free product].”

I bet your email inbox is filled up with email newsletters as we speak.

Popups can be powerful but it is important to manage how intrusive your popup is. Popus that are difficult to close or are unrelenting can do more harm than good. Be sure to split test every element to see what works best for your visitors.

You can test so many different things on a popup:

  • The number of form fields
  • The choice of form fields
  • What colours you’re using
  • What you’re using to trigger the popup (entry, exit, click, scroll, timed)
  • What lead magnet you’re offering
  • What call to action you’re using

Once you’ve gathered more email opt-ins, they should be added to the appropriate email lists to be alerted about relevant…

  • New sales
  • New products
  • Awesome content
  • Promotions
  • Partnerships

Remember that email is still the number one converting tool for digital marketing. Building a large email list that has already shown interest in your product/service is a surefire way to boost stagnant sales.

Facebook remarketing

Once a visitor leaves your website, your interaction with them doesn’t have to end there. A Facebook remarketing strategy can be an easy way to continue the conversation and make the sale.

What is Facebook remarketing?

If a visitor is browsing your e-commerce store, for example, and leaves with a shopping cart full of items. You can have ads for those abandoned items “remarketed” to them on Facebook.

Kissmetrics studied the rates of shopping cart abandonment and saw that 49% of individuals visit a website 2-4 times before they buy. 70% of shopping carts are abandoned while 56% of companies online use remarketing to gain customers.

Simply create your ads with the Facebook Ad Tool and insert the tracking pixel they give you onto your website. This way Facebook will know when they leave your website without converting and remarket your ads to them on their Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s an Amazon ad that was following me around Facebook for a pair of bluetooth headphones I was shopping for:

amazon facebook ad

After showing an interest for this exact pair of headphones on Amazon I left the site and was quickly remarketed the product. Efficient right?

Facebook remarketing can do a number of things like:

  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Re-engage lost shopping carts
  • Upsell to existing customers

If you’re looking to boost stagnant sales then the main issue you’d address is shopping cart abandonment. This is for people who were right on the edge of purchasing from your website and left without buying.

To remarket to someone who abandoned their shopping cart you could…

  • Use an ad with a fantastic image of your product
  • Present a new promotion that wasn’t available initially
  • Present a similar but different product suited for their needs

The idea of remarketing is to stay present in the mind of your customer until they are ready to take out their wallet and buy.

Further reading on Facebook ad remarketing:

Test your call to action

Testing your call to action on all of your landing pages, emails, and content can be a quick and easy process to boost stagnant sales. You can split test several things about your call to action to see what really makes your visitors convert.

Begin by deciding what about your call to action you’d like to test.

  • Location on the page — Is your call to action below or above the page fold? Can your visitors see the call to action? How many call to action buttons are on the page?
  • Communication — Does the communication of the call to action incite action? Is your language strong enough to make a visitor want to claim your offer?
  • Colour — Is the colour strong enough to stand out on the page? Or does it blend into the page?
  • Size — Is the button large enough to see? Can it be seen clearly on mobile?

Take some time to test your pricing page as well. Since your call to action is to buy, your pricing strategy should be optimized to make sales as efficiently as possible.

Some areas of your pricing page that you can test are

  • New pricing tiers
  • A helpful frequently asked questions (FAQ) page
  • A tiny popup with helpful explanations for features
  • A “featured” product, plan, or service that stands out from the rest
  • Limited time pricing/offers

Split test your changes on your audience and see what is more likely to lead to a conversion. If your call to action has not been clear or effective enough, by split testing elements, you will see a sharp increase in conversions.

Further reading on split testing:

Wrapping it Up

Now that you’re locked and loaded with these three high-impact strategies to boost stagnant sales it’s time to take action. Before you go ahead and begin a sitewide sale, it would be smart to try using a popup, remarket on Facebook, or test your call to actions first.

Have you had success with any of these strategies? Do you have any you can add? Leave a comment below.


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