Landing Page FAQ: Why Should I Use a Third-Party Landing Page Builder?


If you pay to advertise your product or service online, then using a third-party landing page builder simplifies the construction process. Landing pages can be easily built with zero coding and customized to meet your needs.

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A third party landing page builder, like Wishpond, comes with several features that can smooth out the lead generation process and make a marketer’s job easier:

  1. No coding required: Often times marketing teams need to work with developers in order to modify and publish their landing pages. This back and forth process is both time consuming and inefficient. Using a third party landing page builder puts the control back in the marketers hands by allowing them to actively make changes on the fly without the assistance of a developer.
  2. A/B Testing: Testing each and every element on your page is an essential part of creating a high converting landing page. Using built in A/B testing features provided by many third party landing page builders can help simplify the process of testing and help you arrive at conclusive definitions of what and what isn’t positively impacting your page.
  3. Leads Management: Once your landing pages collect information from your leads, they then must be managed properly. This means segmenting leads based on the demographics, personal details, and user behavior.
  4. Marketing Automation: An email marketing automation tool allows marketers to automatically send out emails to lead segments. Depending on how your leads are segmented, emails can be automatically sent out to move your leads down your sales funnel and make the sale.
  5. Built in Integrations: The modern marketer has many tools in their toolbox so the more they integrate with each other the better. Being able to export your leads to other marketing tools, like Mailchimp for email marketing or Zapier for automation, can be a huge time-saver.

These are just a few of the reason why third party applications are useful for landing page creation. To find out more about how third party landing page builders work, check out our article 6 Essential Things to look for in a Landing Page Builder..

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