Landing Page FAQ: What is Email Gating and How Can I Use It?


What is email gating, and how is it relevant to landing pages?

Email gating is a top lead generation strategy in which a valuable content incentive is placed behind a form which requires site visitors to provide lead information before they can access it.

A simple way for you to understand email gating is to click on the link below… (you don’t have to download the ebook, though it’s awesome, but just check out how it works):

To get the complete picture of where email gating fits into your marketing funnel, check out my newest ebook, “The Complete Guide to Holistic Content Marketing.”

The popup which appears when you click that link is an email gate. We call it an email-gate even though you could ask for any lead information you like, from name and phone number to the color of their cat. So don’t get hung up on the “email” aspect of gating.

For the complete answer to “What is email gating?” check out our article The Complete Guide to Gating your Content.

3 Examples of Proven Gated Content

Below are three examples of email gated content pages: a webinar, a content upgrade and a case study from Impact.

Just click on the thumbnails below to see the full email-gated example:

How does Email Gating Work?

Email-gating is about incentivization: eliciting a desired response by holding a carrot in front of your site traffic.

It’s a trade. Your possible lead gives their personal information in exchange for a valuable piece of content. So the design of your landing page needs to communicate the value of your half of the trade. Your email-gated content needs to be so valuable that an email address seems the least they can do to get it.

Some of that value will be communicated prior to your visitor’s arrival on the landing page. Your blog, webinar or website will already have worked to convince them you’re worth listening to or have good things to say.

Why Should I be Using it?

Email gating is up there with the best ways to generate lead information.

Not only does it generate information, but it easily enables segmentation: If your business has created a dozen ebooks related to your business, you know that a lead who downloads one of them specifically is interested most in that element of what you do. This allows you to easily target them with segmented email, sales calls and other communication.

For example…

email gating

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