A New Ebook Template You Can Rely On


Not all landing pages are created equal. And our brand new Ebook Showcase template can attest to that.

Built using industry best practices for design, layout, and conversion principles, the Ebook Showcase template has everything you need to effectively promote your new ebook launch and more.

But rather than telling you how amazing this new template is, let me show you the 5 elements that make it a high converting page:

landing page template

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  • Above the Fold CTA featuring a dedicated Ebook display – What users see when they immediately arrive on your landing page is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a high converting landing page. The new Ebook Showcase template features a prominent CTA in clear view upon arrival, along with space for both an ebook description, headline, and book cover.
  • Key Features Section – Landing pages that quickly communicate a message are more likely to convert than a landing page that beats around the bush. That’s why the Ebook Showcase template has a built in feature section making it easy to quickly and visually describe your key benefits and ebook features.
  • Testimonials – Adding a simple testimonial can increase your landing page conversion rate by up to 25%? That’s because we humans are social creatures and we look to others to determine the worthiness of a product prior to buying. That’s why the new Ebook Showcase template features built in sections for customer reviews to help increase your ebook’s social credibility, and therefore the likelihood of a conversion.
  • Sample Pages – People love to try before they buy. Give them the option to read a couple pages of your ebook in order to stimulate their interest. The Ebook Showcase template comes pre-built with a sample pages section to help you do just that.
  • About the Author – This section is all about you! Let your readers know who you are, what you stand for and how your expertise can give credit to your work. Simply plug in a photo and a brief description of yourself into the “About the Author” section to let readers know what you’re all about.

But that’s not all. Each and everyone of our landing page templates (not just this one) is built with a mobile responsive design, equipped with fast and free hosting, and are search engine optimized.

Whether you’re an online pro with years of experience, or a first time author looking to get your feet wet online, Wishpond’s easy to use landing page builder has everything you need to create, host, and promote your next ebook.

So what are your waiting for?

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