How Landing Page Videos Create Massive Value and Drive Conversions


Sometime in 2011 two men named Mark Levine and Michael Dubin met at a party and bonded over their mutual dissatisfaction with the razor blade industry. They shared a similar distaste for the greedy razor companies and their overpriced razor blade offerings.

For as long as anyone has known, the razor industry had been dominated by 2 or 3 companies. These companies dictated the price and had complete control over shaving market.

“Why do high quality razor blades have to be so damn expensive?!” the duo wondered.

The two men soon realized that the pain of buying overpriced razors at the drugstore was a common one shared amongst most men. They saw an opportunity to disrupt a massive industry. Michael Dubin launched a beta website to validate the idea from his apartment and called it Dollar Shave Club.

After a small initial investment Michael decided to write and produce a promotional video for his new business. This video’s purpose was to generate some hype for the company and explain how the business worked.

After the video was filmed and released on the website in March 2012, Michael went back home to Philadelphia.

In no time at all the video spread like wildfire and went completely viral. Dollar Shave Club ran out of inventory 6 hours after launch and the swarm of unexpected traffic crashed the website.

Today that video has been seen over 22.5 million times on YouTube alone and Dollar Shave Club is valued at $615 million.

What made this video so successful?

Was it just because the video was funny?

During a Fortune Magazine interview Michael said that “It was funny, and it told the story really well. There’s a lot of funny videos on the Internet. And this one had a real purpose and a real story. And the reason it hit emotional pay-dirt for people was because there was an enormous amount of frustration. And finally here’s something that somebody’s doing about this really big problem. And we also created this piece of social content that was very sharable.”

If used correctly, videos are a powerful marketing tool that have become an ever more accessible vehicle for promoting your business. Dollar Shave Club showed that videos are a perfect way to tell your business’ story and increase your potential for virality.

For a little bit of cash, you can easily have a landing page video produced for your business.

This begs the question, is a landing page video right for your business?

Studies have shown that a video on your landing page can increase your rate of conversion by up to 86%.

Videos are effective for a few reasons:

  • People are inherently lazy. Watching a video is an easier to digest information than reading a long piece of content.
  • They’re entertaining. People have been watching TV for ages for a reason and this makes it a comfortable format to consume.
  • High quality production raises the authenticity and legitimacy of your company.
  • They make your business easier to understand. Videos are the closest you can get to having the actual product in the consumer’s hand.

It all comes down to the communication of your brand message. Is a video the absolute best way to explain and show off your business to your audience? If the use of your product can be explained in video format, then your answer is likely yes.

Check out a video Wishpond produced for one of our many landing pages:

What is a good example of a landing page video?

A great place to see landing page videos in action is on successfully funded Kickstarter project pages. Each product on Kickstarter has its own promotional video that explains the product story and the value proposition to encourage visitors to “back” the product.

Products on Kickstarter are often new inventions in need of a thorough explanation and campaigns with excellent videos are 50% more likely to be successfully funded.

How can I make an effective video for my landing page?

Andrew Follett outlines 10 simple tips for creating a winning video for your brand in a Moz blog post. He offers excellent advice if you’re having trouble figuring out what content you should include in your video.

Andrew says a great place to start is, “your FAQ page or customer service department. Figure out what questions customers are asking most, and turn the answers into a video. Or run a report on your most popular blog posts and make a video for each one.”

If you know that your landing page and business can benefit from a video then these are the six elements it needs to have:

1. A direct and defined CTA. Literally state at the end of your video what you would like the viewer to accomplish: Sign-up for your newsletter, download your ebook, or register for a free trial. Try adding a directional cue in your video by pointing to what or where you want your viewer to go on your landing page. If you were able to create a desire for your product then the CTA will tell your viewer what to do to satisfy it.

2. A story. Time and time again you’ll hear marketers tell you that your marketing efforts need to have a story to be effective. It works. There is something to be said about the power of a great story and its ability to create action. Find out what your audience connects with, maybe a pain point or problem, and incorporate it into your story to develop an emotional connection.

3. An answer to why. Why should this person invest in your business? What problems are you solving? What value are you offering? Imagine you are explaining your business to a good friend. How would you get them to invest their money?

4. Clean and clear audio. Audio is said to be as important, if not more, than the visuals. Make sure the audio of your video is clear and crisp to avoid a poor user experience. This can be accomplished easily with the use of any external audio recording device.

5. A proper length. People value brevity when it comes to online video. Get to the point quickly but be sure to elaborate on the problem you are trying to solve and the value you’re offering. If possible, make two videos, one short and one long. Split test each video and see which one is receiving a more positive response.

6. A prepared script. Don’t just jump into your video willy nilly and try to wing it. Take the time to write out a script and outline the points you’d like to cover. This will help everything run smoothly and lend a more professional flow to your video.

Wistia also has several great introductory walkthroughs for creating high-quality videos.

Putting it all together

Landing page videos create massive value and drive conversions if used properly. Videos have the advantage of being a format that is able to tell a story efficiently and in an entertaining way.

Remember to include the six elements above to create a video that is optimized to convert.

1. Have a direct and defined CTA.
2. Have a compelling story.
3. Answer the big question: why?
4. Have clean and clear audio.
5. Have the proper length.
6. Have a prepared script.

Is a landing page video right for my business? Hopefully this post answered your question and gave you an outline as to whether or not a video would be a sound investment.

Are any of you using landing page videos? What sort of ROI are you seeing from it? Do you have any tips for producing a great video? Comment below and chime in with your tips!


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