7 Landing Page Growth Hacks To Skyrocket Conversions

Creating a high converting landing page can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating tasks assigned to any marketer.

And that’s because there’s an unlimited number of variables that go into why a page converts or not.

At any given time there can be issues with your traffic, page design, copy, images - the list goes on and on.

But instead of focusing on the particular reasons why your page isn't converting, let's focus on a couple of tricks you can implement to make it convert even better.

In this article I've compiled 7 landing page growth hacks to help skyrocket your conversion rates into outer space.

Let’s begin!

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Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #1: Auto-Select Form Fields

I remember when I was first getting started with conversion rate optimization, one of my mentors told me “the easier you can make it for people to convert, the more likely they will be to do so.”

Well this first hack is an extension of that theory. Take a look at these two signup forms below:

Can you see any difference?

On the surface they look identical. And they are, visually. However, the signup form on the right is pre-selected when visitor arrive on the page. This means that users can simply begin typing rather than having to click on the form in order to select that field.

We ran this test on our product signup page and saw a 45% conversion increase with a 95% confidence level.

Adding this feature to a landing page is simple. If you’re using a Wishpond landing page, you can simply select “auto focus on the first form field” within your form field settings.

Key Takeaway: Make converting easy, and people will be more likely to convert.

Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #2: Countdown Timers

As sophisticated as we’d like to think we’ve become, at our core we still have primal emotions and psychological triggers which guide our behavior.

That’s why tools like a countdown timers are so effective. They tap into our fear of missing out by instilling a sense of scarcity into an offer.

Countdown timers are also super simple to use. A quick Google search will reveal lists of Javascript-powered countdown timers, all of which can be easily pasted into the HTML of your landing page to get it up and running.

Of course, if you’re using a landing page builder like Wishpond, countdown clocks come pre-installed and can be just dragged and dropped into any page you're creating.

Key Takeaway: Use a countdown timer to create scarcity and push more users to conversion.

Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #3: Click Popups

Let’s be real, people are lazy. Because of this people can be reluctant to fill out a form since they know in advance how many form fields there are, and what the potential time investment might be (no matter how small).

One trick is to babystep users into conversion by adding a click popup button instead of a form. This makes it easy for users to convert in stages: 50% of the way by clicking on your CTA then another 50 by actually filling out your popup's form.

Key Takeaway: Ease users into a conversion using click popups instead of forms.

Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #4: Pre-Filled Form Fields

Knowing that making it easier for people to convert will make it more likely for them to do so, means we can assume that filling out parts of the form for them would be the ultimate conversion tactic.

And it is!

Take a look at an example of pre-filled formfields, which Kissmetrics saw drive a 30% increase in their landing page conversions.

By passing data through parameters in a link based on what you already know about your users, you’ll be able to simplify the conversion process and increase the total number of people converting.

To set up pre-filled formfields on a Wishpond landing page, popup or form, check out this quick walkthrough here.

Key Takeaway: Reduce the number of actions in a conversion process by pre-filling your landing page's form.

Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #5: Retargeting

No matter how much you optimize your landing page, at the end of the day some people just won’t be ready to convert.

And that’s OK.

You can capitalize on these missed opportunities by adding a retargeting pixel to your landing page. Retargeting will allow you to show targeted ads specifically to users who visited your page but didn’t convert.

Retargeted content can include discounts, blog content related to your landing page, or social promotions.

Studies have shown that retargeted users convert 70% better than non retargeted users. Not too shabby!

For more information on retargeting, check out our article What is Ad Retargeting and How Does it Benefit My Business.

Key Takeaway: Use retargeting ads to nurture user who aren’t ready to convert.

Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #6: Dynamic Text Replacement

Personalizing a landing page is one of the best ways to help increase conversion rates. And aside from personalizing based on your lead's traffic source and the contents of an ad, you can also add personalization based on characteristics you already know about your leads.

Personalization can include (but is not limited to):

  • Name
  • Location
  • Interests

To add personalization using dynamic text replacement, simply insert merge tags into the area of your page that you’d like to customize. This text will then change depending on which user loads the page, and remain empty for users you know nothing about.

For more on this, see our article How to use dynamic text replacement.

Key Takeaway: Use merge tags to personalize your landing pages for the visitor.

Landing Page Growth Hacking Tip #7 Exit Popup

Popups aren’t exactly a new tool, but they can be used in a new way to help increase the number of conversions on your landing page.

One example of this is an exit popup, a popup that uses javascript to detect when a user is attempting to exit your page and displays them a popup with a last minute offer.

Offers can include discounts, free e-downloads, newsletter subscriptions, and others.

Take a look at this exit popup example on an e commerce store offering a 10% discount:

Key Takeaway: Increase your page's overall conversion rate by adding another opportunity.

That’s a Wrap

There you have it, 7 tips to help growth hack your landing page’s conversion rate.

We went over the key takeaways which you can apply to any of your marketing campaigns:

  • Make converting easy and people will be more likely to do so.
  • Use scarcity to push more users to conversion.
  • Ease users into a conversion using buttons instead of forms.
  • Reduce the number of actions in a conversion process for maximum conversions.
  • Use retargeting ads to nurture user who aren’t ready to convert.
  • Get personal with merge tags to help increase conversions.
  • Increase your page's overall conversion rate by adding another conversion opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to share your comments below.

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Written by Kevin Ho

Kevin is the VP of Marketing at Wishpond. Follow him on Twitter @mayoshrimp.