6 Powerful Ways to Add Value to Your Lagging Landing Pages


Do you use dedicated landing pages for all of your digital advertisements?

Are they performing as well as you would like?

The process of optimizing your landing pages for maximum conversions can be a tricky one. It is a long journey fraught with bumpy roads and speed bumps without much of an endpoint in sight.

Luckily, as long as you’re sending enough traffic to your landing pages then there is nowhere to go but up!

If visitors are arriving on your landing page day after day but not converting into customers then there must be something stopping them.

Stop spending unnecessary amounts of money on advertising without converting your traffic.

In this article I’ll show you 6 powerful ways to add value to your lagging landing pages.

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Adding video to your landing page can take your conversion rate from good to great.

A video presenting your product or service is the next best thing to having it right in your customer’s hand. Would you rather read a long list of features or watch an entertaining one minute video?

A well-produced video can also go a long way to legitimize your company if you’re talking to traffic right at the top of your sales funnel (the “getting to know you” stage). Tight production and great acting in a video that clearly explains your business goes a long way to convincing visitors you know what you’re doing.

Fiverr, the $5 freelancer-for-hire website, uses a landing page video for their intro video service landing page. Aside from the attention-grabbing video, this landing page does several things right:

  • It outlines the following steps to get your own intro video created.
  • It presents other popular intro video examples.
  • It has a simple single field form to collect emails.
  • It clearly and concisely presents all the information in a simple design.

landing page video

Form Optimization

Is a one-step or two-step form better? Five or six fields? Address or no address? First name or first and last?

These are the type of questions you’ll need to ask yourself if you want to make the form on your landing page convert at its highest level.

Perform A/B tests on your form to optimize it for conversions. Your goal should be to get as many people converting while collecting the most amount of information as possible.

There are two things to keep in mind when optimizing your forms:

1) “Ask vs. Offer Ratio”. The amount of information you’re asking for should directly relate to what you’re offering in return.

2) “Offer vs. Segmentation Ratio”. Sometimes including more entries fields can increase the level of segmentation for your leads. If your offer is compelling enough, adding more forms to complete will increase the amount you know about your leads resulting in a higher amount of closing sales.

Eliminate all the unnecessary form fields and play around with all the elements that comprise your form. Something that is easy to fill out and understand should not stand in the way of your landing page converting your visitors.

How can you determine what works best?

Best practices state that the fewer form fields you have the more likely the form is to be completed BUT that’s at the risk of less information from your leads. Ultimately there’s a tradeoff and proper A/B testing is the only solution.

Social Proof and Rewards

How likely are you to purchase something the first time you come across it?

And how likely are you to make a purchase when referred by a friend?

Social proof and rewards for social sharing can do plenty to increase the credibility of your landing page.

Social proof can be added to a landing page in multiple ways:

  • Social share buttons. Seeing a legitimate following on social media is a massive confidence booster for your visitors and will make them more likely to convert as they know that people like them have trusted you in the past.
  • Testimonials and reviews. Turn positive reviews from past customers into value additions for your landing pages. Testimonials are another huge trust indicator for your visitors that can push them towards conversion.
  • Bonus rewards. Reward your landing page visitors with extra incentives for sharing your landing page (particularly if it’s a promotion) with their network. This could be bonus content or extra entries in a social contest.

Autopilot uses client testimonials on their landing page to display their past successes to their visitors. Like a resume with significant work experience, Autopilot is able to leverage its past successes to build new relationships.

Exclusive Offer

Having all of your headlines, copy, images, and forms optimized is great but if your offer lags behind so will your conversions. In other words, make sure whatever you’re offering on your landing page is irresistible.

In this day and age it’s no longer easy to rely on a basic 9-page ebook that provides generic advice. You must offer a more valuable lead magnet.

Neil Patel offers up truckloads of value with his webinars that will teach you how to grow your business. A webinar and a 24-step framework goes beyond the value of a simple ebook and generates leads day after day for Neil.

Free Tool

A free tool accessible by all your landing page visitors is the ultimate value addition for a landing page.

A free tool, like CoSchedule’s headline tester, allows landing page visitors to experience a portion of your product without any restraints before they decide to make a purchase.

Although a free tool will take some development investment, it can improve your conversions by:

  • Keeping your visitors on-page longer and with more engagement.
  • Instantly demonstrating your product’s value.
  • Generating more thorough lead information.

Contact Information

If your landing page visitors wish to contact you for more information on your business, is it easy to do so?

This value-added tactic is small and often forgotten but can make a huge difference in your conversion rate.

It’s so easy for modern marketers to forget more “retro” forms of communication like the simple phone number but it could be the difference between a new or missed opportunity.

If someone has their wallet in hand, ready to purchase, BUT has one last question, what better way is there to answer it than through an immediate phone call?

A simple value added tactic is to place your phone number and email in the top right hand corner (above the fold) so that it’s easy to see and read. Visitors not too familiar with email or forms will appreciate speaking to a real person.

GoDaddy deals with thousands of customers a day and they pride themselves on having outstanding customer support. It makes sense that they would include their toll-free customer support number on all of their landing pages.

Putting It All Into Action

A landing page that is steadily converting visitors is like a reliable car that simply gets the job done. If the conversion rate of your landing pages have plateaued or worse, declined, you need to incorporate proven elements on the page to provide more value.

To take your landing pages from Honda to Ferrari, you can start by adding some of these landing page value drivers:

  • Video
  • Form Optimization
  • Social Proof and Rewards
  • Exclusive Offer
  • Free Tool
  • Contact Information

These 6 value added elements are aimed at improving your business’ credibility online and the conversion rates of your landing pages.

Building a landing page that converts is all and well but to have it converting at a high rate takes much more. Experiment with these 6 powerful ways to turn your landing pages into conversion machines.

What massive value drivers do you use on your landing pages?
What are you looking to improve?

Share your comments with me below!


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