6 Real-World Popup Examples that are Absolutely Crushing It


You’ve probably been seeing more and more popups or overlays around the web.

It seems like everywhere you go they’re already there. And you might be wondering why…

It’s because they work!

This article will show you six of the most successful Wishpond popups from the past couple months. These real-world popup examples are from businesses of all kinds – from beauty supplies to restaurants, travel companies, hotels, insurance and more.

Let’s get rolling!

Popup Example #1: Love Beauty? Save 20% Now

Type of Popup: 55% Scroll Popup**

The Stats:

Views: 33,656

Conversions: 2,027

Conversion Rate: 6.0%

Why This Popup Example Is Doing So Well:

  • Colors which both pop and match their website design (purple, black and white).
  • A large image showcasing their products.
  • The word “FREE” in large font – adding value to their popup pitch.
  • A question which their viewers can’t help but answer.
  • Desired exclusivity associated with “being on the list.”
  • A bright and clear CTA button which contrasts with the white of the popup around it.

Popup Example #2: Do you Love to Travel?

Type of Popup:** 3-Second Timed Popup

successful website popups

The Stats:

Views: 3,136

Conversions: 222

Conversion Rate: 7.1%

Why This Popup Example Is Doing So Well:

  • I love questions as popup headlines. Questions grab our eye and stop us more effectively than statements. Unconsciously, we want to answer them and that split second is all you need to communicate value in the sentence beneath.
  • The question as well, “Do you love travel?” is one which about 99% of the population will answer positively. This is best practice. Yes, ask questions, but don’t ask questions which someone might answer no to. For instance, “Are you planning a trip?” might be a tempting question, but if your visitor isn’t planning a trip, you’ll immediately alienate them.
  • Exclusivity: “Subscribe now and get Cruises & Tours available nowhere else.” – this kind of exclusivity or limited availability increases the subjective value of your offering.

Learn more about how you can increase the subjective value of your offers in my Ultimate Guide to the Psychology of Conversion.

Popup Example #3: Get $5 Off!

Type of Popup: 3-Second Timed Popup

The Stats:

Views on Original: 15,456

Conversions: 1,946

Conversion Rate: 12.6%

Views on Variation: 15,354

Conversions: 2,009

Conversion Rate: 13.1%

NYP Bar and Grill (a pizza and burger restaurant with locations in the Pacific Northwest) achieved a 3% conversion increase with a 90% confidence. Not much when you look at it quickly, but 60 leads is nothing to scoff at.

Why This Popup Example Is Doing So Well:

  • The high-quality and large image of the food you can get with your $5 voucher quickly and easily communicates the value of that $5. You want that burger, so you want to convert on this popup.
  • “Emailed to you Immediately” tells people in no uncertain terms about what happens when they convert: Provide your email address. We’ll send you a $5 voucher. No funny business.
  • The CTA copy “Get my voucher now” tells people exactly what to do and also frames it in their terms. It’s not “Get voucher” or “Submit,” but “get MY voucher.” This communicates the idea that it’s already yours, you just need to provide your email address and you’ll get access to it.
  • Simple incentives work well for subscriber lists: 10% discounts, free S&H, $5 vouchers – these things are valuable and clearly so. Bribing works.
  • The merchant is A/B testing, which is never a bad idea. Their original (losing) popup was a bit aggressively colored. Yes it grabbed the eye, but it also intimidated people who saw it. This one (despite the yellow CTA, which I would A/B test myself) is far more visually appealing.

Popup Example #4: Shh… Sign up for Private Sales

Type of Popup: 15-Second Timed Popup

successful website popups

The Stats:

Views: 52,546

Conversions: 3,253

Conversion Rate: 6.3%

Why This Popup Example Is Doing So Well:

  • The large orange call-to-action button stops you in your tracks and really grabs the eye.
  • The words “SPECIAL PROMOTIONS” leave no shadow of a doubt in the viewer’s mind about what they’ll get if they convert on this popup.
  • The “small print” creates trust between the popup viewer and the merchant. They assure viewers that “You will only receive email from Sanderling Resort, and you may change your email preferences at any time.”
  • “Shh” communicates a secret (which everybody wants to be in on). It’s an effective word to change the tone of the popup. Instead of interrupting the person’s expected travel around the site, that word “shh” suddenly means they’re being interrupted by someone who has something valuable, secret or exclusive, to give them.

Popup Example #5: Always Be There for your Family

Type of Popup: Javascript-Triggered Popup

The Stats:

Views: 9,877

Conversions: 1,400

Conversion Rate: 14.2%

Why This Popup Example Is Doing So Well:

  • The large red word “BONUS” grabs the eye. It (like “FREE,” and percentage/dollar signs) communicates value to the viewer clearly and immediately.
  • The javascript trigger shows this popup exclusively to people who have looked at family insurance. This kind of segmentation results in the conversion rates you see above. If they showed this “potty-training guide” to an 18-year old looking for car insurance it wouldn’t do so well…
  • The messaging in the body is emotive and well-written: “Isn’t it good to know that no matter what you can secure your family’s future with life insurance.”

Popup Example #6: Want to Hear More?

Type of Popup: Exit Popup

successful website popups

The Stats:

Views: 44,373

Conversions: 788

Conversion Rate: 1.8%

This is an excellent example of the power of popups.

Is this popup optimized? No. Did it take the merchant more than 5 minutes to create and add to their site? No.

And yet, they’ve generated 788 leads from it.

If they optimized it like the NYP Grill did in example 3 above (utilizing a/b testing imagine what they could achieve with the traffic their site has!

Why This Popup Example Is Doing So Well:

  • There’s nothing here to stop this popup from doing well, but nor is there anything here to make it do amazingly.
  • They’ve used the Wishpond popup/overlay template without changing anything. And that’s not a bad thing, as our popup templates are designed by professionals to stand out and work well without much work.
  • That said though, this popup has 788 leads primarily because the traffic to it is over 40,000 and they’re only asking for email address.
  • If they optimized it a bit (added color, an image, increased the size and value of their messaging) they could ask for more information and still get a higher conversion rate.

Wrapping it Up

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas as well as inspired you to find success with popups and overlays on your website.

The companies shown here aren’t any different than you. They don’t have bigger budgets or huge design teams. They just took advantage of a simple tool (the popup/overlay) and they’re seeing huge returns as a result.

If you’ve ever added popups to your website or campaigns I’d love to hear how they went for you! Let me hear it in the comment section below!

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