6 Easy Marketing Campaign Templates for the Tour and Travel Industry


Do you own or market a tour or travel business? Are you running whitewater rafting trips or getting people onto a horse for a ride to the Grand Canyon?

I’m jealous.

Your industry is awesome. It’s exciting, and people love it.

For a marketer, there’s few better: the value of your product is clear; your industry is photogenic; your sales funnel is simple.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

And that’s where marketing campaign templates come into the picture. Imagine you could change a few lines of text, maybe drop in a new image, and be able to launch a complete marketing campaign in minutes?

That’s the idea behind Wishpond’s campaign templates: offer something which allows tour and travel marketers to get the contact details of prospective customers (or drive final sales) with a few clicks.

This article will break down 6 of our new tours and travel marketing campaigns, showing you examples and walking you through how to use each one.

Did you Know?

All of the marketing campaign examples in this article are real-world Wishpond templates built specifically for the tours and travel industry. To learn more about how you can build these templates yourself, check out Wishpond’s industry-specific marketing campaign templates.

Tours and Travel Campaign Use Case #1: Contest or Giveaway

The Tour Giveaway Campaign is a reliable way to increase social media followers and get the contact details of prospective customers.

Visitors enter for a chance to win a free tour by submitting their contact info, then earn bonus entries by sharing, Following you and referring your giveaway to their network.

Giving away a tour acts as preliminary sales validation: only people who are interested in your tour will enter. So even if they don’t win, you know they want to go on the tour. Offer a discount to all entrants to turn them into customers after the contest is over.

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