How to Write The Best Abandoned Cart Emails


E-Commerce is growing and advancing constantly. However, one thing stays the same – abandoned shopping carts. This is something that stores always have to deal with. And it’s not always their fault.

People get cold feet for many reasons.

Sometimes it’s about the store. For example, if the buyer found the product cheaper somewhere else, or if they doesn’t feel secure enough.

However, how you handle that is completely up to you.

Abandoned cart emails can bring the customer back to your store easily, if done well. But these emails can be tricky to write.

This article gives you 8 essential tips to follow in order to reduce cart abandonment.


One of the most important elements of writing an abandoned cart email is the feel of it.

If the email feels as if it has been written by a computer and not a real person, the recipient is likely to dismiss it. On the other hand, if you add just enough personalization, the recipient will get back to the cart.

There are a few simple ways to do this:

  • Use their first name,
  • Sign the email as yourself
  • Don’t use a @noreply email address.
  • Write in a simple tone
  • Invite the recipient to give you some feedback on why he didn’t complete the purchase or if there is a problem.

However, personalization also means that you should write in the tone of your brand. If you are usually funny in your messages, there is no reason why the same humor wouldn’t work in this case. If classy and simple is more to your style, implement it.

Time it properly

As with most things, timing is everything.

If you want to increase your chances of making a sale, follow this timeline:

  • Send the first email within the first few hours – in the first 15-20 minutes after cart abandonment if possible.
  • The second abandonment email should come within 24 hours and it should optimally involve a discount or an interesting offer.
  • The third email should be sent within 72 hours of cart abandonment. Remind the customer about the discount and create a sense of urgency.

This spacing and timing is optimal because it’s not overwhelming the customer but it’s still reminding them of what they left behind and offering useful info.

Make an offer

This is one of the best ways to get your customers back to the cart. The primary thing that stops people from completing purchases is the price.

As a result, there are a few offers you can make to bring them back:

1. Free shipping

Shipping sometimes costs more than the product does which is frustrating. Offering free shipping in this case is an amazing idea and definitely something that can entice the user to complete the purchase.

2. A discount

Discounts work just as well. Give them a code that they could enter to receive a discount.

You should usually make these offers in your second abandonment email.

Create a sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the ways to entice the user to make the purchase. It usually goes hand in hand with making an offer of some sort.

For instance, if you offer a discount, you can make it valid in the next 48 hours. This creates that sense of urgency – they have to make a purchase soon or buy it later for a much bigger price.

Another thing you can do is inform your recipient that the item or items are not reserved and that they will be out of stock soon. If they don’t want to lose their chance to buy the product, they’ll have to act fast.

“Sense of urgency puts your customer in that unique situation where they can understand the benefits of buying your product right away. With a good offer, they will act fast and within the very first few hours after you have made that offer,” says Audrey Williams, an e-commerce specialist from Academized.

Include a prominent CTA

Your cart abandonment emails are all about bringing your customers back to their carts. This means that you’ll have to include a link that will lead them to your site, ideally the checkout page – this adds simplicity to the process.

It should be a prominent button in your email – use bright, bold colors that work well with your overall email design.

Use online resources for help

There are many small details in your email that could either help you or deteriorate your chances of making a conversion.

Some of those things are good grammar and spelling as well as formatting. These things are usually hard to notice and take a lot of time to read, especially if your copy is long.

Here is a list of online tools that could help you with that:

  • SimpleGrad and Let’sGoAndLearn – Great grammar is one of the staples of a quality brand. It makes your customers trust you more. If you are looking for good resources, these are the sites for you.
  • Online Assignment Help and OXEssays – Removing redundancies and repetition is very important. You don’t want your copy full of stuff that will only irritate your readers. Use these editors to fix these mistakes with ease.
  • WritingPopulist and StudentWritingServices – Writing with style and readability is hard to do. It takes some real experts to write in a way that entices the readers to buy. However, you’ll be able to do it on your own after reading these guides.
  • Revieweal and Essay Services – Spelling plays a major role in your emails. If mistakes are not a part of your humor, it’s best to safely remove them with tools like these.

Include social proof

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is social proof. People love reading or hearing about other people’s experience with your store. It gives them reassurance and a sense of safety when making a purchase. Include:

  • A few testimonials,
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Awards that you have received

This way your customers will know that they can trust you.

“We have found that including testimonials or reviews from third party websites is a great tool when it comes to getting customers to make a purchase. They trust you more and believe that if other people were satisfied, they will be too,” says Michael Franklin, a content writer from EliteAssignmentHelp.


When creating any type of email, you have to be aware of how your recipients are reading it. Most users nowadays receive and read their emails on mobile devices. This means that your emails should be optimized for this way of reading. Users also dislike your emails spending a lot of their data so using as little images and visuals as possible is a good idea.

Some users read their emails in plain text. Your emails should be optimized for this as well – write alt text and optimize your links so that they say exactly where they are taking the user.

Over To You

Abandoned carts are a universal problem. E-commerce stores all over the world are trying to deal with it all the time. However, you can be on top of that situation by simply writing great cart abandonment emails. Make a good offer, create a sense of urgency and follow the timing schedule. You can also add a bit of flair to your emails to make them even more compelling.

About the Author:

Grace Carter is an email marketer at AustralianReviewer and Essay Services. There she helps manage content, write perfect emails and suggests new marketing ideas.


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