5 Email Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales by 90% This Black Friday


Email is one of the biggest drivers of sales around Black Friday.

Do you have your Black Friday email strategy in place?

This article will focus on five major email marketing tactics, specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The tactics in this post have increased purchase rates by 90%, on average, so pay attention.

So if you want to skyrocket your sales this Black Friday and stand out from the competition, then you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right Black Friday email strategy.

Let’s get into it.

Black Friday Email Strategy #1. Ask for More Lead Information

The reason for this is simple, personalized Black Friday emails outperform non-personalized emails in a big way.

Depending on who you ask, personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates, improve click-through rates by an average of 14%, conversions by 10%, and open rates by 26%. This could be huge for your Black Friday email campaigns and sales.

My recommendation is to collect different things, depending on your industry. Here are some lead requirements you should collect for better Black Friday email marketing:

If you’re in B2C:

  • Email address: Goes without saying…
  • Name: The most impactful piece of personalization is the ability to address your recipients by their name.
  • Gender: Automatically allows you to halve the products you offer to someone, which doubles the personalization.

If you’re in B2B:

  • Email address: Goes without saying…
  • Name: See above.
  • Business name/website: This allows you to go to their website and see what they do, who they are, etc. Putting personalized snippets like “I love that you’re raising money for the homeless this quarter!” is hugely influential on reply rates.
  • Phone number: It’s far harder to say no to someone on the phone than it is over email.

Here’s what Omnisend found when they analyzed signups per form fill-out:

Black Friday Email

In short, the sacrifice you make with the total number of people signing up (because you’re asking a lot of info) is more than made up by the increase in sales.

So if you want to create powerful Black Friday email marketing campaigns, you’ve got to start by optimizing your lead information.

Black Friday Email Strategy #2. Send a Series Of Emails

Sending a series of 3 emails will perform better than a single email. This is especially true for Black Friday email campaigns when you need to build trust and motivate your audience to make a purchase. Black Friday email campaigns that consist of multiple emails help you increase more awareness around your products. So when it comes o Black Friday and Cyber Monday, sending multiple emails always performs better.

A lot better…

  • 90% more orders for a welcome series (thus the title of this post)
  • 63% more orders for a cart recovery series
  • 75% more orders for customer reactivation

If you run any kind of sales email strategy, you’ll already know that a follow-up email, and a follow-up email after your follow-up email, is going to increase your chances at a conversation or a deal.

It’s just as true for Black Friday email marketing as it is within your sales funnel.

If you’re just getting into email automation, my recommendation is to start simple. Write your welcome email, cart abandonment email, or customer reactivation email exactly as you normally would.

Then, write two follow-ups. Something simple like…

Hey [First_name],

Just wanted to check in to make sure you received my last email?

Our 50% discount on [product] only lasts for another 24 hours, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Let me know if you have any questions,


Honestly, you don’t need anything fancy, just a few lines which bring your original Black Friday email back up to the top of their inbox.


Speak to a Wishpond email marketing specialist today and launch your Black Friday email campaign before Black Friday now.

Black Friday Email Strategy #3. Create a Win-Back Campaign

This is a big one.

Win-back campaigns are a series of automated emails sent to previous customers enticing them to buy again.

They’re especially powerful around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When marketers created win-back email campaigns for Black Friday, they earn 106% more orders compared to the rest of the year, with a 1.3% order rate.

Win-back Email Open Rates around Black Friday/Cyber Monday vs Rest of the Year:

Black Friday email strategy

Win-back Order Rates around Black Friday/Cyber Monday vs rest of the Year:

Black Friday email strategy

If you have an email list of 25,000 previous customers, sending a 3-email series promoting your Black Friday deals will result in more than 300 sales. 1.3% doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

There’s a reason for this:

Win-back campaigns are all about recurring value: “You’ve already bought from us once. Here’s a reason you should by from us again.” Black Friday is a holiday made of value. And think about it, if someone bought from you last Black Friday, they’ve likely worn through or want an updated version of whatever you sell. 12 months is the perfect amount of time to try to recapture previous customers.

And it’s much easier to convince someone who already trusts your brand to buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday than it is to convert new customers with your Black Friday email blasts. So, make sure you send customized Black Friday deals to your list of existing customers.


Speak to a Wishpond email marketing specialist today and launch your Black Friday email win-back campaign now.

Black Friday Email Tip #4. Send at the Right Times

This one is a bit tricky, because your prospective customers may be in different timezones than you, but keep it in mind nonetheless.

When Omnisend analyzed 128,000 newsletter and automated email campaigns sent by more than 7,200 brands over the Black Friday weekend and holiday period, this is what they found:

Black Friday email campaigns

If you can’t quite see that, let me break it down.

The best times to send Black Friday email content is:

  • 6 am
  • 8 am
  • 1 pm
  • 4 pm

This may seem like a small Black Friday email hack, but getting your send times right can make a massive difference.

Black Friday Email Tip #5. Implement a Cart Recovery Strategy

This is a no-brainer, but many early-stage eCommerce companies still miss it. And when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday email, having this in place will make a massive difference to your sales.

Here’s how an abandoned cart recovery strategy works:

  • Use popups or a welcome mat as soon as people arrive on your website (or account creation during checkout) to get the contact information of your website visitors.
  • Use the Wishpond tracking pixel to track your website visitors as they navigate your site.
  • When someone views URLs that contain “/cart” but not “/confirmation,” add them to a List (or segment).
  • Automatically trigger an abandoned cart email as soon as someone meets the above conditions.

Here’s how cart abandonment emails do around Black Friday:

Now, you might not think that 1 or 2% of your website visitors coming back to complete a sale is all that big a deal. But think of it this way, before cart abandonment emails, you were losing everybody who didn’t complete a purchase. With them, you have a shot.

So having Black Friday emails focused on cart abandonment can have a direct impact on your sales. These Black Friday emails are easy to put together, and they’re essential for any Black Friday marketing plan.

For a complete guide to cart recovery emails, check out “How to Write Abandoned Cart Emails.

Final Thoughts

You can’t argue with stats – especially when those stats come from 128,000 Black Friday email campaigns from more than 7,000 brands.

The Black Friday email tactics in this article can have a huge impact on your bottom-line sales this Black Friday, but you need to get rolling soon. You need to have them set up now, or your competitors will have the edge on you.

What are your thoughts? What do you have planned for your Black Friday email campaigns this year?


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