How to Create High-Converting Ecommerce Product Pages (Infographic)


Depending on who you ask, and what industry you’re in, only about 2-2.5% of your visitors navigate from your homepage to your product pages.

That’s not a lot, is it?

However, if the visitor lands directly on your product page, the conversion rate is relatively higher, around 7% (about 300% better than from your homepage).

We also know that about 55% of your website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a page, which further emphasizes on the need for you to create a fantastic, conversion-centric product page that not only grabs your visitors’ attention but retains it, too.

Every second matters in the consumer journey across your sales funnel, and your product page must make sure that people come to your website as a visitor but leave as a customer.

This infographic, from our friends at PNC Digital, breaks down exactly how you can create high-converting ecommerce product pages:

how to create high converting ecommerce product pages infographic

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