3 Instagram Video Ideas to Skyrocket Ecommerce Sales


If you’re looking for a social network to promote the products on your ecommerce store, Instagram is one of the best options. It has over a billion monthly active users and 60% of them discover new products on the social network.

The only drawback with Instagram is that the number of businesses using it to market themselves has risen rapidly. There are already 25 million+ business profiles on the network. And more are joining.

This is why if you want to stand out from this competition and sell more products with Instagram, you need to do something different. One way to do this is by creating more video posts.

Only 16.7% of all posts on Instagram are videos. But video posts on Instagram get 21.2% more interactions than images. So, if you post more videos on Instagram, you’ll not only standout, but you’ll also drive more sales.

Today I am going to show some great ideas on how to use videos to promote your ecommerce store on Instagram…

Create Engaging Video Content

If you want to get maximum sales from your promotional Instagram video posts, you must first take steps to boost your Instagram edge rank. Since Instagram’s newsfeed algorithm works similar to that of Facebook’s.
If your posts get more engagement, Instagram will display your current and future posts to more people.

So, before you begin sharing promotional posts, you should share more engaging and useful, non-promotional content, as this will draw more likes.

As mentioned earlier, videos get more interactions on Instagram, so it’s a good idea to create engaging video content that isn’t promotional at all. Once you post three or four engaging video posts and boost your clout with algorithms and people alike, you can publish a more sales-oriented one and drive up sales.

If you follow this plan. more people will see your promotional posts, as your engagement rate will be high.

You don’t have to create content that is too sophisticated for this. Something as simple as a quick video like this one from Lululemon will do.

The main aim should be to stick to your brand. For example, in the above video, Lululemon stuck to their brand by sharing a simple quote ‘Sweat It. And Forget It’ as they sell workout gear.

You can easily create simple videos like these by using a tool like Crello. It has several templates that make it easy to create video posts for both the regular Instagram feed and stories.

Instagram Video Ideas

All you have to do is choose a video format, then a template and edit it with their video editor. You can change the text, background, add new actions and more.

After you create it, you can download and share it on Instagram.

You can also create video content that requires a little more effort, like this video on how to make a chocolate pancake from My Protein.

To create a video like this, you will only need a good camera and an app that lets you edit your videos.

The best option is to experiment with different types of videos from the simple ones to more sophisticated ones, to see which one drives the best engagement. So, spend ample of time every month generating new engaging video ideas for Instagram.

Create Promotional Videos

After you share a few creative videos that aren’t promotional at all, you will notice that your Instagram page’s engagement rate will increase. When your engagement rate reaches above average, which is around 1.73%, you can publish your more promotional content.

instagram post engagement

If you want to be more accurate with tracking your average engagement rate as it can vary from account to account, you can use a tool like Tailwind.

instagram engagment

It will show you what your average engagement rate is and which of your content are driving the highest engagement.

The promotional video content you publish can be of two varieties. One of them is where you weave your products in educational or entertaining videos. An example of this is in the above video I shared from My Protein as they show you how to make pancakes with their pancake mix.

These types of videos will get more engagement and views, which can have a positive impact on sales.

Another option is to create videos that are only about the product itself. In these videos, you won’t be sharing anything that speaks to the benefits of your product. Check out this image-heavy product promotion example from Adidas.

The whole focus of the video is to promote their shoes. These types of videos might not drive as much engagement as the ones with useful content, but they can get you more sales as you are focusing on the product.

The best way to figure out which type of video works best for you is by experimenting with both of them. Regularly share both types of videos on your Instagram page to see which brings you more sales.

If you want to get the most out of these posts, you should tag your products in them. This is because unlike on most social networks Instagram doesn’t let your include links in your descriptions. Most businesses counter this by constantly changing their Instagram bio URL to the landing page of the product they want to promote. Then they add a call to action in the description that asks people to click on this link.

But getting to this link can be a trek for some of your followers and they might lose interest. Also, if there are multiple products in your videos, it can be hard for people to find what they’re looking for on your site.

So instead, tag products in your videos using Instagram’s shoppable posts feature. When you tag products in your videos, Instagram will display an icon saying ‘View products’ in the post.

Instagram shoppable feed

When followers tap it, the products will be displayed along with the price, and people can click them, visit the product page and buy them – all without leaving the Instagram mobile app.

Instagram shoppable post

After implementing Shoppable post brands like Natori (who shared the above video) saw an increase of 1,417% in traffic and sales from Instagram. This is because this feature makes it very convenient for your followers to find the products they just saw in your posts.

Like Natori, you too can easily add products to your Instagram posts by using a tool like BigCommerce. Once you set up your store with BigCommerce, you can connect your catalogue to Instagram and begin adding products with a few clicks.

Team Up With Influencers

After you have followed the above two steps and used your own Instagram account to promote your products, you can begin teaming up with influencers to reach a larger audience.

If executed properly, Instagram influencer marketing can provide huge results. As the below graph indicates, it generates the highest revenue from this method.

Instagram influencer

The key to getting the best results with influencer marketing is by only teaming up with influencers within your niche. So, use an outreach tool like Ninja Outreach and search for influencers by typing in terms relevant to your niche.

instagram outreach

Then begin making a list of best influencers. While doing this pay more attention to the engagement rate than the followers as this will actually determine how many people will see the video promoting your products.

To check if the engagement rate of the account is legit, you can compare it against this report.

Instagram engagement

If you like the engagement rate of the influencers’ Instagram account, you can visit their profile and decide if they would be a good fit.

If you are happy with everything, you can contact them, work out a price and then work on a promotional video together.

Here’s a good example of combining the power of Instagram video with influencer marketing to promote products from Society6.

They teamed up with Anastasia Ashley to create a video promoting their limited-edition artist skateboards. As you can see, the entire video mainly focuses on how the skateboards look and how they can be used.

Now Use The Above Ideas to Promote Your Ecommerce Store with Instagram

These are the three ways I recommend you use to promote your ecommerce store with Instagram. Start off by creating video content that boosts your Instagram page’s engagement. Next, create promotional videos that contain your products. These will help you get sales.

After you use your account to promote your products, you can team up with influencers and create new videos together.

How do you use videos to promote your ecommerce store on Instagram? Would you like to share some ideas with us? Please leave your comments below.

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