7 Instagram Marketing Techniques to Foster Your Sales


Running your business online and trying to market your products and services on social media can be a tough job. Using social media platforms such as Instagram can truly make your marketing techniques a lot more effective and draw more clients and followers your way.

This happens mainly because of the popularity of Instagram in our day and time. It is a place which allows you to make the right connections and attract the right people to your page without much effort. In order to help you boost your sales, here are some of the most successful Instagram marketing techniques for you to start using now.

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1. Making your posts more personal

One of the marketing techniques that always help businesses grow online and attract a bigger audience is showing a more personal side of their brand. Oftentimes, brands can seem distant and the followers might not get a chance to speak to the people who represent them.

In order to avoid this and to start building a more personal relationship with your followers, you will have to change a few things about the type of posts you upload. First of all, you can start by giving your employees access to your Instagram page where they can take turns and post pictures of their offices, of them using the company’s products and even information about their personal lives and goals.

By letting them take over and post on the whole company’s behalf, you are giving your followers an inside view of the facilities, the working conditions, the employees and the relationships between the people who work for you. This is a great marketing technique which will help you create loyal followers who will look forward to seeing their favorite representative from your brand post on your Instagram page.

2. Collaborating with influencers

A technique which is used more and more each day is organized collaborations with influencers. Brands that are either smaller or just simply wish to boost their sales reach out to influencers and offer them a chance to collaborate.

Out of this, the influencer will gain some free products to review as well as a monetary reward for their help. On the other end, the brand will work with someone who is well-known and loved online by thousands of people and who will be willing to trust their judgment.

Having good relationships with online influencers and working with them regularly will help you bring more exposure to your brand and will also help you build a better reputation. Influencers are loved and followed religiously by many people and being on good terms with them will help you gain a more trusting following as well.

3. Making use of the shopping feature on posts

Instagram benefits greatly from the businesses that use its platform for their social media marketing needs. This is exactly the reason why this platform makes business transactions so easy for those who use it.

Some great options you can go for are the “See more” option on your pictures, which presents the user with pop-ups showcasing the name and price of a product as well as a direct link to your website for purchasing it.

The “Shop now” option is also another great way to encourage your followers to follow a link you provide them with on the lower part of your picture, which will once again send them to your website. Promoting your products either through sponsored posts or simply to your current followers through such means can really help boost your sales.

Such options aim towards catching the consumer off guard and help them make a spontaneous decision towards purchasing one or more of your products. The less thought that goes into making a purchase, the more beneficial it will be for your brand.

4. Hosting giveaways and contests

Instagram contests and giveaways are all the hype on the platform right now. With more and more influencers working with brands online, contests take place simply to attract more followers to the pages of both parties and to also get more people to be tempted to try the products and services a company has to offer.

The rules for hosting such an event are simple. You will have to use some well-known tactics which will help attract more people to your giveaway such as tagging a few friends, following all the pages participating in the giveaway and reposting the post about the giveaway on their social media pages.

The more people get to see the post about your giveaway, the more followers you will gain and the more people will be interested in giving your products a try. On your side, giving away a few products for free won’t really affect your financial situation and it will actually help boost your sales in a very short amount of time.

5. Updating your Instagram stories often

Instagram stories can offer a number of benefits to the companies who use them regularly. First of all, they will help you show your audience that you are active and that most importantly that you are a real person running the page.

Instagram stories can help you show your audience more about your company, the way that you work and the relationship between you and your customers. You can use your Instagram stories in order to promote your products and even provide your audience with interesting informational content about the ingredients you use and the way you manufacture your products.

You can also host Instagram lives whenever you have the time, and use them as a chance to talk straight to your followers, answer questions people might have and get to know the people who support your brand online a little better.

6. Communicating with your audience

Apart from showing your audience, you are present through your posts and Instagram stories, it is also important to take the time to get to know them better and show them your appreciation. There are many different ways through which you can get to develop a better relationship with your audience.

First of all, you have probably seen many YouTubers follow their fans on social media. This might not seem important to some influencers and companies but in fact, this is a very simple act that can make a person’s day and help them see your company from a different, much friendlier perspective.

Along with that, it is also a good idea to frequently reply to their comments and direct messages. For example, when you post a new picture on Instagram and the first people start leaving positive comments on your content, you can simply get back to them with a like on their comment or a simple reply with an emoji of your choice.

These seemingly unimportant interactions can mean a lot to the fans and can help you build stronger and lost lasting relationships with them. The happier your customers and followers are with the interaction they have with you, the more likely they are to put their trust into your brand and not only make a purchase but also share their positive experience on their social media, for the world to see.

7. Choosing and creating the right hashtags

Last but not least, another marketing technique you can use to your advantage are hashtags. For Instagram and even Twitter, hashtags are a big part of why certain topics become trends overnight. Hashtags on Instagram can help bring more publicity to your posts and you can easily find which ones to use through a simple Google search.

Creating a hashtag might not seem like the easiest thing in the world but there are plenty of ways for you to achieve making one that will be popular. Apart from using hashtag generating websites such as AllHashtag, you can also seek the help of a professional writing service such as TrustMyPaper, where professional writers fully experienced in SEO can help you create a hashtag that will definitely be a hit with your fans.

On top of that, you can also go ahead and create your very own hashtag which can represent your next product campaign, the name of your brand or anything else you consider important at the time. You can use your hashtag in order to get more people involved in your product launches or get helpful reviews without much trouble.

Increasing your sales has never been easier

Whether you are a relatively new or more experienced business owner, you know how important social media platforms are for companies. The followers you have and the relationships you build with customers, other brands and influencers will help shape your online presence and will affect your sales directly.

These marketing techniques aim towards helping you achieve the right kind of online reputation which will help make every marketing campaign successful. Great sales might not come overnight, but with the right tactics, you will be able to set the right foundations in order to make your brand popular and successful online.

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