10 Amazing Summer Contest Ideas To Inspire You


Ask any marketer: nothing beats summer sales.

For some people, summer is officially considered from June to August. After that, you’ll have to wait another three months before holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas offer a seasonal boost to your outreach.

One way to get the ball rolling is to run a summer contest on social media. In this article, I’ll show you ten amazing summer contest ideas you can use for inspiration today!

Whitewater Brewing is a beer and brewing company, a brand that’s the perfect complement to a sunny day outdoors. They decided to host a summer contest where they teamed up with water paddling company Level Six to give one lucky winner a gift pack consisting of:

  • Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Carbon Paddle
  • Inflatable PFD
  • Leash
  • Level Six Hat
  • Whitewater Brewing Co.
  • Iconic WBC Plaid
  • Tin Sign
  • 20 oz Pop Can Glass
  • Camper Mug

Summer Contest Idea: Giveaway Summer Gear

What qualifies as summer gear for your contest?

Any equipment for a sport or leisure activity that’s popular during the summer. Think water and short sleeves! From jet skis to surfboards, kiddie water paddles, and more. It can even be as simple as giving away a bicycle or a skateboard.

Not sure what to pick for your prize? Here are 101 Best Prize Ideas to Give Away in Online Contests & Competitions.

2. Metropole SouthBeach

Metropole SouthBeach is a hotel located in the famous South Beach, Miami.

They hosted a contest giving one lucky winner a free 4 night, all-expense paid stay at their hotel. After all, who doesn’t want a free room in South Beach in the summer?

Summer Contest Idea: Win a Summer Vacation at a Hotel

Summer is all about making the most of the weather, and that often includes traveling to new places.

Since hotels are more in demand during the summer, a hotel package is one giveaway that’s sure not to go unnoticed.

If you’re in charge of a hotel, running a contest could be an excellent way to remind people that it’s the ideal vacation base. It can also drive some sales your way by reminding people who might be considering a visit to hurry and book their stay before spaces run out.

If you don’t own a hotel, you can get in touch with hotels in your area and collaborate with them for your summer contest, offering the hotel great online exposure and advertising on your social media pages and website.

3. Walmart #UpgradeYourSummer Contest

For this summer contest, Walmart offered its buyers the chance to enter for the ultimate backyard makeover so they can upgrade their summer. After signing up on their homepage, the winners are selected at random and given $25,000.

Summer Contest Idea: Win The Ultimate Backyard Makeover

Between summer barbeques and swimming pool parties, the backyard is the most iconic summertime space. Who wouldn’t want the chance for a free upgrade?

If backyard renovations are way out of your summer contest budget, choose must-have backyard items like grills, inflatable pools, and even gardening tools.You can start by choosing from Business Insiders:10 best grilling tools to buy.

4. London Stansted Airport

Summer Contest Idea: Win a Limited Edition Summer Product

Every year London Stansted Airport hosts a giveaway. This summer, they gave six winners one of six limited edition summer fragrances from brands like Givenchy.

Since airports get frequent flyers during holiday seasons, this giveaway works for both men and women, who might want to win them for themselves or as a gift for a significant other. Think of summer products like T-shirts, perfumes, and beauty products that anyone would want to win.

5. Parissa Natural Wax

Parissa Natural Wax hosts giveaway each month. For summer, the winner gets a free Parissa Bikini Wax Pack, including hot wax and waxing strips.

Summer Contest Idea: Win Free Summer Waxing Services & Products

Summer is swimsuit season, and brings in huge sales for body waxing and laser hair removal services. You can cater to this crowd by offering waxing products or services for your summer contest.

The Beauty Experts is an online brand that showcases the world’s best beauty products and luxury brands. For summer they ran a contest, giving one of their beauty fans a chance to win a Glow Edition beauty box, worth over £275.

Summer Contest Idea: Win Summer Beauty Products

Between the summer sun sending down UV light and the summer events filling calendars, skincare is a priority for both women and men.

In 2018, the skin care product industry held the largest share when compared to other beauty products. With skin care routines and Korean skincare influencing buyers to maintain an even skin tone and youthful look to drive sales, skincare products are a perfect candidate for your summer giveaway.

Here’s a list of summer beauty products you can offer for your summer contest:
1. Sunscreen Sprays & Lotions
2. Primer & BB Creams
3. Face Serums
4. Brightening Cream
5. Body Moisturizer

Nothing like a frozen treat on a sweltering summer day to cool you down. Foodie Influencer Kerry Lee and Always Aloha Shave Ice hosted a summer contest where two winners would each win two free bowls of shaved ice.

Summer Contest Idea: Win Summer Treats

Few people can resist a sweet treat. From frozen yogurt to ice cream to popsicle treats, you can offer a variety for your next summer contest. Give your winner a gift card or free treats for several times or days.

Summer treats aren’t limited to frozen food; it can also be jams, sauces, and snacks. If your brand doesn’t sell snacks, find a complementing brand that does. If you do sell snacks or sweets, find a food influencer to help increase your summer contest reach.

New Image Barbershop took it a step further and ran a summer contest where the winner didn’t win just one free haircut, but free haircuts for the entire summer!

Summer Contest Idea: Win Free Haircuts or Hair Products for Summer

If we’re talking about looking your best for summer, a haircut is one way to do it. Give a “manly makeover” to boost your summer contest for a male audience, offer a shaving package or a product prizes like:

  1. Beard Oils
  2. Shaving Kit
  3. Facials
  4. After Shave Kit/Products
  5. Hair Products

Voice of Health believes in living a healthy life by providing health tips and content online. For summer, they asked followers to post a picture or a video, sharing their tips and tricks to beat the heat and in doing so, stand a chance to win a hamper.

Summer Contest Idea: Share Tips To Beat The Heat

What makes this contest fun is that it’s a great way to drive engagement because several followers have a trick or two that they’re willing to share. Check out the comments on the post to see the fun tips people shared.

10. Bar-Be-Quick Summer Giveaway

For many, summer isn’t summer without a good barbeque and grill. Bar-Be-Quick is an outdoor living supplier and manufacturer of the original instant barbecue. They are hosting a Father’s day contest for the winner to get their very own personalized Bar-Be-Quick instant barbecue. To enter, all followers have to do is share a picture of their dad and write why he is #KingOfTheGrill.

Summer Contest Idea: Host a BBQ-themed Contest

An estimated 62% of most households own a gas grill while 53% own a traditional charcoal grill. Not to mention Independence Day (4th of July) is the most popular day that people barbeque.

Add that to the fact that most barbeque contests are held in summer, hosting a BBQ themed contest doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Here are ten summer BBQ themed contests and prizes you can choose from today:

  1. Sharing images of your best BBQ meal
  2. State why you’re the master of the BBQ Grill
  3. Share your best BBQ tips and secrets
  4. List your favorite BBQ sauces
  5. BBQ costume contest
  6. Share your best BBQ apron
  7. Share best BBQ recipes and food prep
  8. Giveaway free BBQ meat and products
  9. Giveaway free grills, grill accessories, and tools
  10. Share fun BBQ stories


There you have it, 10 Amazing Summer Contest Ideas To Inspire You!

  1. Giveaway Summer Gear
  2. Win a Summer Vacation at a Hotel
  3. Win The Ultimate Backyard Makeover
  4. Win a Limited Edition Summer Product
  5. Win Free Summer Waxing Services & Products
  6. Win Summer Beauty Products
  7. Win Summer Treats
  8. Win a Free Haircut for Summer
  9. Share Tips To Beat The Heat
  10. Host a BBQ-themed Contest

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