20 Best Must-Have Slack Apps (Paid & Free)


I’ve worked both remotely and in a cluttered office space. One thing I learned in both places is that team communication tools either help you to successfully execute your projects, or leave your entire department in disarray.

Slack is one of the best tools to communicate and organize your team and projects all in one place. Since it was released in 2013, it’s grown to be one of the most trusted team collaboration tools, with massive brands like AirBnB, Shopify, Target, and Lyft on its client roster.

What makes Slack so easy to work with is the freedom to integrate other tools and software focused on improving project management, customer service, coding, and more.

Instead of searching through Slack’s App Directory and experimenting with app after app, only to go through endless trial and error, I’ve listed 20 of the best Slack apps to boost productivity for you and your team.

1. nTask

Site: nTask

Free: Free basic account

Price: Upgrade at $2.99/monthly per user.

Background: nTask is a task management tool that’s designed for tracking issues, giving feedback, and managing various teams and projects along with added features like:

  • Time Tracking & Timesheets
  • Meeting Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Risk Management

Pros & Cons:
nTask, like most Slack apps, provides a seamless integration so you can start working on your projects right away. nTask support provides you with online tutorials so you can find your way around its user-friendly platform. You can create a checklist, schedule meetings, share files, and give feedback on individual projects.

However, nTask doesn’t have a timer for its time management features. Sometimes you’ll have to switch platforms between Slack and nTask’s desktop platform to make updates or assign multiple or complex tasks.

2. Time Doctor

Site: Time Doctor

Free: Free trial available

Price: Starting at $9.99/month

Background: Time Doctor is one of the most optimized Slack management tools out there. Unlike most management apps made for small or large teams, Time Doctor offers features that can work for single freelancers and sizeable organizations alike.

Pros & Cons:
At first glance, the Time Doctor App looks like a simple time management app. On closer examination, it proves to be a project manager’s swiss army knife. Capabilities include:

  • Real-time tracking (with a timer)
  • Assigning and receiving updates on task
  • Chat monitoring and screenshots
  • Detailed client reporting
  • Payroll management
  • Attendance and break tracking

Combine Time Doctor with other add-ons like Salesforce, Google Drive, and Dropbox for extra horsepower.

The only cons to this app are the time-consuming and complex processes required to merge your current business account and HR information with the Time Doctor, and then slow integration with Slack.

Reviews on the mobile app haven’t been all that great either, which means it might not be a fan favorite. Nonetheless, you should still try it out for yourself before making a decision.

3. Wonder

Site: Wonder

Free: Free Forever

Background: If you’re tired of placing sticky notes and staring every single item in your Slack chat, Wonder is the perfect app for you.

Pros & Cons:
Wonder is a hybrid of post-its and voice notes to help remember passwords, terms, and anything else. The only con I’ve found so far with this app is that installing it requires a wait time. You’ll have send a request through Wonder’s home page and then wait for Slack to approve it.

4. Dropbox

Site: Dropbox

Free: Free trial available

Price: Starting at $12.50/month

Background: Dropbox has always been rival to Google Drive, and after its brand and user interface refresh in May 2019, it added a few features to make your Slack and Dropbox integration flow better than ever before.

Pros & Cons:
You can easily share files straight from Slack to Dropbox and vice versa without switching from platform to platform. You’ll receive updates on changes or documents shared with your teammates. There are not many cons to Dropbox, as the features are limited to saving, editing and sharing documents.

5. Tettra

Site: Tettra

Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $39/month

Background: If you run a customer service or technical support agency, Tettra is the perfect Slack app for managing your knowledge base and finding every FAQ answer in record time.

Pros & Cons:
If you have an information driven team then Tettra, previously known as Tettra Wiki, is made for you. It’s your very own Wikipedia, tailored to your company’s policies, procedures and more.

Tettra gives you the option to make individual pages public or private, give read-only or editing access, and provides content analytics for each page, question or document, so you can improve along the way.

You can also search and share answers from Tettra in Slack without leaving the platform. Tettra goes a step further to provide your team with automated content suggestions so you can optimize your knowledge base.

It does take some time to connect to Slack, and you have to be very careful with how you structure your knowledge base over time, page permissions and access.

6. Statsbot

Site: Statsbot

Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $45/month

Background: With the help of SQL and Javascript, Statsbot turns your raw data sources into data your team can analyze, monitor, and track.

Pros & Cons:
This is one of the best data analytics tools, next to Google Analytics, except that it easily allows you to streamline, share, and access reports in Slack. Statsbot provides reports like

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Profit Analysis
  • Trend Indicators
  • Financial Forecast/Budget

You can schedule what time you’d like to get your reports or export them as you need them. Statsbot also allows you to set up notifications or alerts you automatically when there’s a spike or unusual activity in data for specific reports, so you’re ahead of the curve.

You can get reports as detailed as they can be, or you can simplify them to share with teammates who might not be as keen on reading through massive data sets.

The main drawback is that set up may be a bit complex if you’re not used to inputting or driving aggregate data through an analytic system. The cost to access features, reports and adding teammates is also pretty pricey.

7. Donut

Site: Donut

Free: Free account available

Price: 10 user minimum for $49/month

Background: Donut is a Slack app that’s centered around providing a smooth onboarding process and features to help build company culture.

Pros & Cons:
Donut provides custom onboarding services and features for new hires and stakeholders in HR, sales, and engineering right in Slack.

A significant pro that attracts most people to Donut is their team building features. For example, Donut will randomly pair employees from other teams that don’t know each other well and let them schedule a coffee break with them, or collaborate for light projects using Slack commands like #coffee-buddies, #lunch-pals, or #donut-friends-forever.

Small, in-app nudges like this help to make team building and growing company culture more engaging and fun rather than obligatory meet and greets for medium and large organizations.

The only con is that you’ll have to pay to play with Donut. To get access to most, if not all, of its best features, you’ll have to upgrade your account.

8. Quip

Site: Quip

Free: Free trial available

Price: Starting at $10/month (with $12 per user)

Background: Quip, known for being Salesforce’s partner in crime, is also a great Slack app for project collaboration and sales management.

Pros & Cons:
You can use Quip to organize, edit, and share documents, sheets, or client projects to get work done as a team with Slack’s direct messaging feature. You can also share workspaces, feedback, or communicate on the document as your team works alongside each other.

The only con is that Quip is mainly another version of Google Docs, except for its detailed user dashboard and more engaging project collaborations. The only advantage is that you can integrate more apps with Quip + Slack to streamline your workflow.

9. Asana

Site: Asana

Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $9.99/month

Background: Asana is a Wishpond favorite, so our review may be a bit biased. But you can’t blame us; Asana is one of the best work management platforms out there. It helps our team stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks to start and finish the month organized and on a high note.

Pros & Cons: Asana allows you to set deadlines, assign projects to team members and add comments, updates, or remarks so you can track each project progress. You’ll also get email updates if any changes or projects are submitted.

Asana offers a “Workload” feature where you can view what projects your coworkers are working on, and what their workload for the day, week or month looks like so you can reassign or reschedule tasks accordingly.

The only con is that Asana on its own isn’t that great, you’re just left with a workflow and project management app. With its integration with Slack, you’ll get to experience the full wonders it has to offer your team.

10. Kyber

Site: Kyber

Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $3/monthly + 14-day free trial

Background: Kyber is an affordable team management app that helps you to keep track of your project in Slack.

Pros & Cons:
Kyber is similar to Asana, but with team polls and surveys, and gives you the option to plan meetings right in Slack. You also have access to a Kyber dashboard where you can monitor and add tasks for your teammates.

Kyber gives you the option to send yourself a morning task list, task reminders (plus recurring reminders) and project status so you can see what’s on your plate when you start and end your day.

Kyber does offer team collaboration, but its strong suit is really in personal productivity more than anything else.

11. Maker.io

Site: Marker.io

Free: Free trial available

Price: Starting at $49/month

Background: Marker.io is a troubleshooting app that helps you to solve any issues, catch bugs and technical issues with Slack

Pros & Cons:
You can use Marker.io to find issues your team may be having with Slack without going straight to your developer.

This app also gives you the option to share or take partial screenshots. Marker.io also sends you detailed troubleshooting reports and resolutions so you can see if you can resolve the issue on your own before passing it along to your technical team.

One of Marker.io’s best features is that you can integrate Marker.io + Slack + other apps for a 360 approach to project management, using Trello, Asana, GitHub and Jira Software, to name a few.

12. Lever

Site: Lever

Price: Request a custom quote

Background: Lever is a popular recruiting platform that helps you to find the right candidate with the help of Slack, allowing you to recommend or list requirements for potential hires. Lever is essentially HR meets Slack.

Pros & Cons:
Used by top brands like Shopify, Netflix, and Lowes, it’s become one of the most trusted recruiting software names to date. Don’t just take our word for it: Lever was awarded as a G2 Leader in Spring 2018, along with taking home Capettera’s Best App for Ease of Use 2018 award, showing that Lever put its money where its mouth is.

Lever provides features to ensure that you recruit the best of the best, allowing interviewers to provide direct feedback to each candidate, transition the onboarding process and allowing team members to give input on candidates to see who’ll be the best fit for their team.

Lever also offers advanced recruiting features like an interview kit, integration with LinkedIn Recruiter, and caps your candidate headcount so you can limit offers. You can also boost employee referrals with trackable social links just like LinkedIn.

The main drawback is that you’ll need additional accounts like LinkedIn and apps/software to optimize Lever, along with its high prices. But depending on what you’re recruiting needs are, it might just fit the bill.

13. Stripe

Site: Stripe

Price: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card transaction

Background: Stripe is a payment app that allows you to accept, track or refund payments through Slack.

Pros & Cons:
Stripe offers ecommerce and online payment integrations and free API to build a custom ecommerce experience. You can also set up a recurring subscription and invoicing with the option to connect your Quickbooks account.

A major con is that the more you integrate Stripe with other payment options (for both local and international) the more fees you attract. Stripe also doesn’t accept PayPal payments, which can put you at a disadvantage since many global shoppers use PayPal to make purchases.

It also isn’t fitting for business looking for a single processor for online and offline payments. Think of it as an extension, like Mastercard, Apple Pay, or Visa.

14. Timebot

Site: Timebot

Free: Free account available

Background: Time bot is time management app you and your team can use in Slack to track your work, projects, and days off.

Pros & Cons:
Timebot is an HR friendly tool for Slack, allowing you to know who’s on sick leave or vacation. You can also request time off, call in sick, or track your project time – all without leaving Slack.

A major pro for Timebot is that you don’t need any extra programs to track your time, which makes it perfect for team managers, supervisors and your HR team so that communication and management can be requested and accepted effortlessly.

15. Monkey Test It

Site: Monkey Test It

Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $9/month

Background: Monkey Test is an app that looks for bugs, broken links, missing images, and any other issues you might be having with your Slack or website.

Pros & Cons:
Monkey Test It allows you to easily schedule tests and get notified for bugs or issues that need to be resolved. It also provides API integration

If your business needs high volume testing, checking and monitoring your Firewall/Intranet access or white labeling, you can request a custom plan from Monkey Test It.

16. Google Calendar

Site: Google Calendar

Free: Free account available

Background: Manage your meeting, work hours, projects, and plan team collaborations with Google Calendar through Slack.

Pros & Cons:
If you live on Google Calendar, then you’re in luck! You can integrate your current Google Calendar with Slack without switching back and forth between the two platforms. You can book your Google calendar events and Hangout meetings in Slack. When the time is approaching, Slack will send you a notification to let you know.

17. Voicea

Site: Voicea

Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $7.99/month

Background: Voicea is an enterprise voice assistant (EVA) bot that helps to record your notes, meetings and saves your most important information through Slack.

Pros & Cons:
When you add Voicea as a meeting attendee, it syncs with your Google Calendar, so it’s in the meeting ready to record notes when you are. It also comes with a mobile app you can use for on-the-go meetings.

You can track internal, interviews, research, and customer meetings all at once or over several online meeting platforms, which gives you the flexibility to keep track of your sessions no matter what platform you use. It also comes with a simple interface and integration so you can get started right away.

The drawback of Voicea is that it doesn’t work very well if you’re in a room with multiple people talking via one device. Not everyone likes having their meetings recorded, so you’ll have to ask for permission ahead of time.

18. Paymo

Site: Paymo

Free: Free 15-day trial available

Price: Starting at $9.56 /user/month

Background: Paymo is a great app for businesses or freelancers for invoicing, task management, and more.

Pros & Cons:
You can create a to-do list, time tracking, detailed reports, and invoices with Paymo, all through Slack. Paymo also gives you the option to develop milestone tracking and customizable templates to share with your team or clients.

New to Paymo? They have responsive customer service and an online academy to help you with common FAQs you might have. The con is that you’ll have upgrade to access the best features Paymo has to offer.

19. Standuply

Site: Standuply

Free: Free account avaiable

Price: Starting $7/month

Background: Standuply is a team management app that helps your team to keep updates on who’s doing what with daily updates.

Pros & Cons:
Standuply is made for remote workers or busy team members who want better communication, less meetings, and an active company culture. Standuply sends scheduled meeting messages to each team member asking them what they did yesterday and what they’ll do today. You can also track team performance through Standuply through Slack.

You can also set meetings and reminders based on your team members’ time zones. You can also integrate Standuply and Slack with other apps like Giphy, Product Hunt, Medium, and more.

The only con Standuply has is that it’s not as customizable as you would like it to be, but it gets the job done.

20. Harvest


Free: Free account available

Price: Starting at $12/month

Background: Harvest acts as a time management tool that allows you to track time and invoices so you can manage your logged hours.

Pros & Cons:
If you’re a freelancing company or service that gets paid by the hour, Harvest can help you to get paid, manage your hours, and bill your clients seamlessly. You can also integrate payment apps like Quickbooks, Paypal, and more, so you can sync and invoice payments in Slack without leaving.

Once you’ve integrated Harvest with Slack, all you need are a few Slack commands to get started. You can also view your hours and payments in Slack.

There have been some comments about the user interface on Harvest online platform when compared to using the app on Slack, but I think that’s more of personal preference.

Bonus Apps

Site: Geckoboard

Free: Free account available

Price: Pro plans starting at $47/month

Background: Geckoboard allows you to bring metrics from 60+ data sources together into easy-to-read dashboards that people actually look at. Schedule daily screenshots of your dashboards to Slack channels and spark conversations around your most important numbers. Our marketing team at Wishpond share their dashboards via Slack and love it.

Pros & Cons: Geckoboard is easy to use – it’s possible to build and share a dashboard within minutes. A huge range of data sources are supported from Zendesk and Spreadsheets, to Google Analytics and Salesforce.

There’s also a database integration and API for connecting to your own inhouse data. On top of that, Geckoboard offers additional help to get you set up with any unsupported data sources if you can’t find what you need.

The free version of Geckoboard allows you to build one dashboard with data from a spreadsheet. This is a great option for those primarily using Google Sheets for reporting.

Sharing your dashboards is possible in a number of ways; via Slack, with a sharing link, on a TV screen or you can add multiple users to your account. It is possible to customize your dashboard with your brand logo and with the Advanced Dashboard Theming (changing colors to suit your needs).

It’s a great tool for any team and is particularly popular for sharing Customer Support, Marketing, Product, Sales, and high level company metrics.

The visualizations are clear and you can add alerts to metrics you’d like to highlight. If working towards goals it’s possible to visualize an end target to make clear from the dashboard what everyone is working towards.

The only con would be that you will need developer help to get your internal database connected but this is to be expected.


Have any other apps in Slack that you’ve loved using? Comment below! We’d love to hear them!

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