How to Write the Perfect Influencer Outreach Email Template


Statistics say that the ROI from influencer marketing is 11X bigger than ROI from traditional marketing.

So if you want to boost your marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to collaborate with influencers who can present your brand in the most favorable light.

The only problem is that the top influencers are picky so it can be difficult to grab their attention.

In this article, you’ll find tips on how to craft a perfect outreach email and start a partnership with the most influential digital celebrities in your niche.

Know Your Goals

Before you start writing an email, answer the following questions:

  • What do I expect from the collaboration? Do I want to increase reach and engagement, raise brand exposure, boost sales, etc.?
  • Why do I want to partner with this influencer? Is he/she a perfect fit for our brand?
  • How do I want to collaborate with an influencer? Should I ask them to post a photo of my product, a detailed product review, or a giveaway?

Once you know the answers to these questions, it will be easier for you to articulate your ideas. It will help you to craft an ideal influencer outreach email template and make an influencer want to work with you.

Write a Catchy Subject Line

Do you know how many emails influencers receive every day? Influencers receive dozens of emails daily. And since digital celebrities are busy people, they do not read every email they get.

If you want to make sure that an influencer will open your email, come up with a good subject line. Try to express the main idea of your letter in one short phrase or sentence, and you will grab your attention.

Here are a few examples of subject lines applicable to different situations:

  • Inviting an influencer to collaborate: “Melanie, you are the only fashion blogger, who knows how to wear this outfit with skinny jeans.”
  • Asking an influencer to promote a giveaway: Hi Sarah, your 350K followers will be happy to get these products for free.
  • Requesting advice: “Hey Michael, I wanted to ask you a question about the recent marketing trend.”

If you want to boost the open rate, try to use a shorter subject line. According to the research conducted by Campaign Monitor, the perfect length of email subject is 41 characters or 7 words.

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Personalize Your Message

With emails, personalization is everything. And when you write an influencer outreach email, you should take each and every opportunity to personalize your message.

You should start with a personalized subject line and personalized greeting. You know the name of the influencer, so you should use it to your advantage.
Besides, you can send more personalized emails in the following ways:

Show that you really like the content created by the influencer:

Quigley, I’ve enjoyed reading your recent post, where you encourage your followers “to start” and “to create”. I really like the way you communicate with your target audience! And it would be great if you use the same approach to deliver our brand message to our customers.

If you’ve participated in an event hosted by an influencer, mention this fact in your letter:

Quigley, I participated in your Instagram workshop yesterday, and I was amazed by your bright personality. Now I’m 100% sure that you are a perfect fit for our brand.

If you have ever met an influencer in person, mention it in your email:

Hi Quigley, I’m Carla. We have met once in Libreria Acqua Alta Di Frizzo Luigi in Venice. Now I work at X Company, and I wonder whether you want to become an ambassador of our X brand.

Be a Giver, Not a Taker

Keep in mind that the influencer does not really care about what you will get from the partnership. Digital celebrities only care about what they will get from collaboration with your brand.

So avoid adding such information to your influencer outreach email:
You can help us to increase reach by 10% and sales by 15%.

This information adds no value to an influencer.
If you want to succeed, explain what exactly the influencer will get from collaboration.

You should craft a compelling offer like this instead:

You will get any dress from our site for free. And you will receive a referral code, that will allow you to earn 10% of every item sold

Don’t Use Standard Email Templates

There are plenty of influencers outreach email templates on the web. And most of them are free to use.

It might be tempting for you to use one of those standard templates. But resist that temptation. If you use the same templates that other companies use, you won’t be able to draw attention to your brand.

“Your company, your product, and your brand are 100% unique. And those emails that work well for your competitors may not work for you.

So if you want to achieve the desired results, write your influencer outreach email from scratch,” says Marie Fincher, writer at GrabMyEssay.

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Speak Their Language

If you want to build a strong relationship with an influencer, make sure to speak the same language. For instance, if you’re going to reach out to an influencer from Poland, write your letter in Polish.

It will help you to grab the influencer’s attention quickly and it shows the effort you used to personalize your offer.

If you don’t speak a foreign language, it’s not a problem. You can always get help from professionals translators. Visit IsAccurate and find the translation service you can trust. Or visit Upwork and hire a freelance translator.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that it’s unnecessary to translate the whole email.

You can translate only the subject line, greeting, and the first two sentences. It will be enough to personalize your message and make the influencer read your email.

Use Jargon & Slangs

Let’s say you want to collaborate with a young, hip-hop influencer.

How do you start a conversation, you speak their language. So your influencer outreach email looks like this:

Dear Mrs. Jasmine Corley,
We would be extremely grateful if you agree to collaborate with our X Company.

Well, it’s highly unlikely that this email will resonate with the 18-year-old hip-hop influencer. Instead, create an instant connection by professionally yet playfully using jargon.

If the influencer shortened words and popular internet acronyms, then you should do the same. So, your influencer outreach email can start like this:

Hi Jassy Fresh!
Your IG account is lit?!
Here’s a special offer. Check it out!

Keep Your Email Short

As I mentioned above, most influencers are very busy people. And they do not want to spend 20 minutes reviewing every letter they get.

So if you want to make a good first impression on influencers, keep your emails short and concise:

  • Outline your ideas clearly
  • Explain everything in simple words
  • Get rid of wordy sentences

Proofread Your Emails

One of the common email marketing mistakes people make is that they never proofread their emails. Whether your influencer outreach email is short or long, formal or informal, you’ll need to proofread it.

Did you know that one typo can change the meaning of your message and cause misunderstanding between you and an influencer?

Fortunately, we live in a digital era, you can check your emails for grammar mistakes using such services as Grammarly

Wrapping Up

Remember emails are just one of the six growth strategies to maximize your influencer marketing efforts.

Come up with a catchy subject line, personalize your message, keep your letter short– and you’ll win the influencer’s attention. Take advantage of influencer marketing today, and see your business grow tomorrow.

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