14 Easy Gym Intro Offers to Get More Customers Today


As the Godfather once said, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

One of the best ways to attract new gym members, and keep them hooked is to offer an incredible gym introductory offer.

Gym introductory offers allow new clients to experience a gym before making a financial commitment. An intro offer should always save customers money, allowing them to simultaneously invest in your gym and sample services, making it a win-win for you both.

So today, we’ll be covering 14 easy gym intro offers you can use to get more clients today!

1. Offer 50% Off When You Bring a Friend

Ask new gym members to bring a friend and get 50% off the first month’s gym membership. Some people are shy about going to a new gym. Bringing a friend can encourage people to show up, work out, and have fun.

In a study led by Dr. Paul J. Zak, professor of Neuroeconomics at Claremont Graduate University, found that discounts actually make people happy. Today shoppers expect to receive discounts from businesses.

Entice a new wave of customers with a 50% discount and double down on sign-ups when they bring referrals. You can make this a weekly, seasonal, or monthly promotion.

Here’s a great article on how you can offer discounts and specials while still making a profit.

2. Offer Discounts on Class Bundles

Choosing a class or activity to specialize in when joining a gym can feel a bit overwhelming to newcomers.

Fitness center Class Pass offers new members a free pass for all their classes, so why not do the same.

Funny enough, the more choices people have, the less likely they’ll make a purchase. It’s called The paradox of choice and analysis paralysis, where limiting choices for buyers can increase sales.

Instead of having customers pick and choose, and commit to one class that they’ve never taken before. You can help to make it easier by offering new gym members discounted packages on bundled classes or workout sessions.

They can have the flexibility to attend classes for the month. This allows them to have a wide range of options while limiting their choices, skillfully avoiding choice the paradox.

3. Offer Free Personalized Healthy Meals With Each Sign-Up

Not all new gym members are inexperienced; some are looking for a new gym to call home. Instead of giving them gym focused offers, you can take a healthy approach instead.

Note that I said, “personalized.”

I know that it would be easier to give a generic meal plan, but if you want customers to feel special and go for your offer, you’ll have to make it personalized. Today’s consumers expect personalization; they want things tailored to their experience, especially when it comes to their health.

In fact, here are 15 times marketers won with personalization, and how you can win too by adding personalization to your gym’s marketing.

4. Set Up a Selfie Station

Let’s not beat around the bush; you take selfies, I take selfies… we all take selfies.

Harness those selfies to promote your gym and attract new customers. It’s easy to do, and it works as UGC (User Generated Content).

Create a selfie station outside or inside of your gym, and ask members to take selfies in exchange for a 5-10% discount on their next gym membership.

About 85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos, and 51% of millennials say that user-generated content from strangers are more likely to influence their purchase decisions than recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues.

5. Offer a Summer Body Promotion

Before and during the summer, people want to look their best for vacations, fashion trends, and lounging on the beach. Offer them a summer package, including a personal trainer for their first week to help them to meet their fitness goals.

6. Offer Free Personal Trainers In Exchange for Good Online Reviews

Most people have a fitness goal in mind before they sign up for gyms, but they’re unsure how to get there or what equipment they need once they join the gym.

Offer a free trainer in exchange for online reviews. Allow people to get 2-3 free personal trainer sessions, to get the full effect of the trainer’s guidance in the gym. During or after the sessions, the person should post positive reviews on your website, yelp, or social media.

This offer works in your favor because 90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions, while 86% said negative online reviews influence buying decisions.

Be sure to collect emails or contact numbers to follow up with new members to leave a review and continue their gym membership.

7. Offer a Spa & Workout Bundle

There’s a saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

When people think about the gym, they think of sweat, weights, and gains. For a few gym members, that’s all they need, but for new gym members, you might have to sweeten the deal with spa promotion.

Offer gym members a workout package with a spa service when they sign up for a gym membership. After a workout, they can feel rejuvenated at the spa to hit the gym next week. Find and partner with a local spa business and help to drive traffic for both your businesses.

8. Offer a Free Bootcamp for New Gym Members

Offer a bootcamp for new gym members who want to start taking their fitness seriously. Host a free one-day bootcamp for new gym members and offer class bundles, products, and service upgrades so that they can continue working out at your gym.

A bootcamp is never out of budget, click here to learn How to Start a Bootcamp with $0 and Blow it Up.

9. Offer Free Workout Programs

A free workout will always rope in new gym members. Create workouts that target certain areas or fitness goals. Advise what equipment in your gym they should use once they get started.

You can offer these free workout programs on your website, email newsletters, and printed material (i.e., brochures).

If the workout routines goes viral, you can offer it as a bundled package with a free meal plan to current gym members.

10. Offer a 15% Discount For Referrals

Referral marketing is one of the most efficient marketing techniques in the fitness industry. And with more than 50% of people are likely to give a referral if offered a direct incentive, social recognition, or access to an exclusive loyalty program, you can attract new gym members with this offer.

You can host your referral program on your website, a fitness landing page or social media.

69% of consumers say that they’re more likely to try a brand if it rewards them. Offer a 15% discount for referrals to increase brand awareness and new customers at the same time.

You can also extend your referral program to personal trainers and gym employees, as well. They can act as brand ambassadors, inviting and signing up new gym members for an added monetary incentive.

Ready to start your gym’s referral program?

Click here to learn how Wishpond’s referral contest builder can jumpstart your referral program and leads.

11. Offer a 2-4-1 Special For First Month

During slow periods or the holidays, you can host a free 2-4-1 special where two new gym members can sign up for the price of one. After the special you can charge gym members at full price. And with two sign-ups instead of one, the odds of more members renewing their membership is higher.

12. Host a Giveaway with a Popular Fitness Influencer

Influencers are no strangers to gyms and fitness brands; influencer marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Gyms like Soulcycle, Fit Body Boot Camp, and Budo Canada.

Reach out to a popular fitness influencer to help you to host a sweepstakes or contest. Ask customers to enter for a chance to train the day with their favorite fitness influencer.

If you’re new to influencer marketing, you can start with these three detailed guides:

13. Offer Free Online Workout or Training Courses

Accessibility is one of the most critical features when customers are selecting their gym or fitness expert of choice. If new gym members can’t come to you, you should go to them.

Offer free online workout or training videos for new gym members.

By offering a free online class giving access to new gym members, you can expand your gym’s reach outside of your local community.

Fitness Business coach Elle Kealy shows you how it’s done with a detailed guide on How to Create an Online Fitness Program (For Non-Techies!)

14. Offer a Free Seven Day Pass

Free day passes are still great for attracting new gym members. Ditch the enrollment and give members free access to experience your gym for 7-free days.

Gym members can abuse-free passes, so to keep track of sign-ups, and try to have an online system in place to track how many free throws are attached to a name/email. Ask staff to be vigilant and keep a lookout for anyone who might try to use a free pass twice.

Four Ways to Master Your Gym Intro Offer

1. Set an expiration date:
Good gym offers have mastered FOMO (the fear of missing out), if an offer doesn’t have an end date, then there’s no sense of urgency to drive people. When people don’t feel a sense of urgency, even if it means saving money, they won’t use an offer because it’ll always be there.

2. Give Clear and Concise Instruction:
Customers want to know precisely what their buying into, including terms and conditions. Provide as many details as you can when promoting a gym intro offer. Be sure to make it accessible off and online, and keep your staff informed so they can be ready to advise new members.

3. Track Everything:
For you to see how successful your gym’s intro offer tracking and measuring your results is vital. Start tracking how many sign-ups come your way, and what channels did members learn about your offer and create an email list for new members. From there you can learn what’s working and what isn’t so your next offer is far more productive.

4. Follow up:
Intro offers fall flat if you don’t follow up with new members to close the deal. Assign a staff member to be your customer relations manager to follow up with customers who purchased your offer. They can reach out to clients via phone or email and upgrade their memberships or receive feedback about why they don’t want to continue with your gym.


So let’s recap at these 14 easy gym intro offers you can use to get more clients:

  1. Offer 50% Off When You Bring a Friend
  2. Offer Discounts on Class Bundles
  3. Offer Free Healthy Meals for A Week with Sign-Up
  4. Set Up a Selfie Station & Discount
  5. Offer a Summer Body Promotion
  6. Host a Giveaway with a Popular Fitness Influencer
  7. Offer a Spa & Workout Bundle
  8. Offer a Free Bootcamp for New Gym Members
  9. Offer Free Workout Programs
  10. Offer a 15% Discount For Referrals
  11. Offer 2-4-1 Special For First Month
  12. Offer Free Personal Trainer In Exchange for Good Online Reviews
  13. Offer Free Online Workout or Training Courses
  14. Offer a Free Seven Day Pass

Attracting new gym members takes work, but the real challenge comes with keeping them. Try to avoid getting so caught up with getting new members that you forget to maintain a good relationship with your current members.

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