8 Best Productivity Apps To Get More Done in 2020


As a marketer or entrepreneur you always have a full plate. Endless tasks and projects that need to be finished before or at a certain deadline. Sometimes we miss the mark. If this sounds all too familiar it sounds like you need the right tools to help keep you on track.

Finding the right project management tools or productivity apps can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Instead of searching endlessly only to end up where you started we did the work for you.

Here are eight apps that will help get you started on crafting a perfectly productive tomorrow.

1. Serene

The Serene app was created to block you from doing anything that may distract you so you can complete your to-do list in peace. This is a paid app that has a free trial. When you download the app on your macOS, you will need to enter your email address to request an invitation.

  • Website
  • Available now on macOS and coming soon to Windows
  • Early access for free

Serene encourages you to set one goal each day. The app will then divide your day into sessions. It will track how productive you are and which apps are always making you lose your focus. Serene will block all apps and distract websites while you are in session. To help you keep your head in the game, you can listen to some music the app has to offer.

2. Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a timekeeping app. It will monitor how much time you spend on each task by using a mini timer. This helps to increase employee and personal productivity.

This is a paid app that comes with a 30-day free trial. As this app has a dashboard feature, it means that you will be able to watch your progress and find out what improvements you need to make. Focus Booster has a feature that will look into how much time you spend on your goals and will help you balance them out more evenly.

  • Website
  • Online, Windows, Mac and mobile
  • Free starter package, paid packages from $2.99/month

Some people use this app because it allows them to use the Pomodoro technique. The idea is that people work better at certain times of the day and within certain time frames.

You can almost budget your time in a way that allows you to exploit your productivity peaks, and then wind down a little before taking your next run at a goal. Plus, some people feel a sense of achievement when they log their working hours and collect the information into a pie chart.

3. Any.do

Any.do is an app that professionals use to stay on track and it will help you stay organized. It will help you with your work done in less time, and it will send you reminders that you can sync to all of your devices. This means you will never forget important tasks.

The app can color code all your tasks based on their importance. The Any.do app allows you to make one-off reminders, or you can put them on repeat so that they recur and appear again in the future.

  • Website
  • Online, Windows, Mac, All mobile, Apple Watch, Wear OS
  • Get started for free, paid Premium package from $5.99/month

In most cases, the touch screen is viewed as more of a problem to overcome. There are few apps that work better because of a touch screen; they often work in spite of a touch screen. Yet, this app was built for touch screens.

It actually works far better and more efficiently because of the touch-screen functions. For example, switching from one list, or making certain elements a priority, is as easy as swiping a button and dragging it.

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free app you can download from either the App Store or Google Play. The app lets you store any upcoming appointments. When using this app, you don’t need to stick to having just one calendar, you can have as many as you need.

  • Website
  • Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Free

Google Calendar has a feature that lets you choose color codes for all upcoming events. All events will be stored online so you won’t have to worry about losing them.

The app will also work alongside Google Tasks and Gmail. Since your calendar is stored online, you can access it at home or via your Smartphone.

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5. Evernote

With Evernote, you can take notes, save videos, save audio tracks, and so forth. This app is well known for being used for taking notes and can be used with a cellphone or computer.

You can download the basic plan if you want to just take notes, but if you want more out of the app, you will have to pay for a premium plan. Thanks to the app’s ability to save audio, you can use Evernote as both a note-taking app and a voice-memo app.

  • Website
  • Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Basic package for free. Paid packages from $7.99/month

The Evernote system takes some getting used to. In fact, it is more of an acquired taste. You may have to force yourself to keep using it if you want to feel the full benefit.

In a way, it is easier to use once you have carved out your own personalized version. For example, once you have made a few categories of your own, and you have started organizing your files, you start to feel more comfortable with its filing design and its interface.

6. HelloSign

HelloSign is an app for signing documents. It enables you to sign any documents online by using the e-signature service.

The app has a free trial for 30 days, but after the trial, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $13 for the pro plan or $40 for the business plan. You will need to contact HelloSign if you want to know more about the enterprise plan.

  • Website
  • Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Paid packages from $13/month

One of the reasons why fax machine services are still in business is because of people having to sign papers and send them out somewhere. Signing things with an online service means that paperwork can be completed faster, and it saves on having to buy faxing services.

7. The Pocket App

The Pocket app is free to use. You can utilize it to save articles, links, and videos to the app. By using the app you won’t miss out on anything you happen to be reading or watching on the Internet.

You will be able to read and watch anything you want whenever you want by saving it in your “pocket” for later. This app can be used on your mobile phone, Mac or PC.

  • Website
  • This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad
  • Free with Offers In-App Purchases

The developers have tried to keep the app simple, but a few extra features have crept in. For example, you can have your content read to you, there are dark and sepia themes to try, and you can pay for things like advanced searching, unlimited highlighting and so forth.

8. Resumeble

Wait a minute, how does a resume service turn out a productivity app? In short, this service will fill out some of life’s more annoying and labor-intensive elements. For example, they will cook up a fresh resume for you, they will fill out your LinkedIn profile, and they will even write cover letters for you.

If you are looking for a job or looking to change jobs, then this little productivity service is going to be top of your list.

  • Website
  • Online, Windows, Mac, and mobile
  • Free analysis and paid packages from $99

The Resumeble service is all about outsourcing. Unless you have been in a management or recruitment position, there is no way you would know what the recipient is thinking when he or she receives your resume.

The Resumeble team is made up of recruitment experts, ex-industry leaders, and HR professionals. You get a resume and cover letter that is written by professionals and that speaks to the recipient on a more personal and professional level.


The productivity apps in this article require a personal investment of your time, effort, and attention. Every one of them demands that you learn their functions, features, uses, and modes, and for some people, it is not worth the effort.

Which begs to say that sometimes you might not need more tools, just taking time to master the right tools to help your workflow profess. For instance taking too long to sign documents, then try HelloSign. Tired of getting rejected for jobs, then try the Resumeble tool. If you are willing to put the effort in, then any one of these tools will improve your productivity.

Now more than ever in this fast paced world, productivity is highly valued and is worth the time and personal investment.

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Ava Williams is an editor and career specialist at Resumeble.com. She is fond of traveling, guitar, biathlon, and snowboarding. Ava finds his inspiration in the success of her clients. Meet her on Twitter.

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