Email Marketing Automation: Increase Your ROI in 2020 [Infographic]

Email Marketing Automation: Increase Your ROI in 2020 [Infographic]

Devising an email campaign is a time-consuming effort. Crafting and designing individual emails or even a set of them is neither reasonable, nor desirable. Still there are many marketers who are performing the repetitive, mundane task that is not only time consuming, but also susceptible to human error.

Email marketing automation is the answer to all of the undesirability faced by marketers in creating robust campaigns. Automated emailing lets you create engaging and relevant content that reaches your prospects at the right time. Organizations that adopted the right email automation tool have enhanced their ROI drastically.

Let us now explore some of the advantages of automated email marketing over the traditional strategy in the following infographic:

Infographic Content

  • 52% of companies most effectively use email marketing automation tools.
  • 25% are planning to start in the coming year.

Companies use email marketing automation tools to:

  • Mass personalize the messages
  • Create an email from scratch
  • Use different templates
  • Run A/B tests
  • Schedule emails
  • Monitor success

Businesses achieve a variety of goals from email automation software

  • Reply rate increases by 250% by automating follow-up emails.
  • 10% or a more significant increase in ROI by automating lead generation with well-timed emails.
  • It gives 152% higher click rates and 70.5% higher open rates than any broadcast message.
  • 64% of marketers witnessed the benefits of marketing automation within the 6 months of its implementation.
  • Companies using email automation are 133% more likely to send relevant content.
  • It helps marketers in repurposing 61% content that would have been wasted otherwise.

Boost your ROI with Email Marketing Automation

  • Relevant emails generate 18X more ROI than general ones. Segment your customer's list and create automated engaging content.
  • Personalized emails drive 6X higher revenue than non-personalized content. Use automation to personalize the content and the timing of your email.
  • Transactional email increases ROI by 1-3% in the long run. Create automated emails in motion and provide an option to buy from you.
  • Birthday emails increase conversion rates by 60% than promotional emails. Utilize email automation tools to delight customers with birthday greetings.
  • Welcome emails are 86% more effective than newsletters. Start welcoming your subscribers using email automation tools.
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than any non-nurtured ones.
  • Build a series of automated emails to engage your audience until they buy from you.

Email marketing automation isn't just a trend. It's a robust set of tools that are capable of boosting your company's ROI rapidly.


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