Introducing Wishpond’s Canvas. The Most Powerful Web Page Builder on the Planet


Wishpond is proud to bring you our biggest product release ever.

We just released Canvas, a brand new landing page builder which allows you to quickly and easily build professional-grade campaign pages in minutes.

With Canvas, you get more flexibility, creative control, and best of all, there’s zero coding required.

Let me show you how Canvas is about to make your life 10X easier.

A True Drag-and-Drop Campaign Builder

Unlike traditional landing page builders that force you to create landing pages in fixed grids, templates, and boxes. With Canvas, you’re no longer boxed in!

Canvas allows you to move objects and text where you want on a page! Simply select an element and drag it wherever you’d like.

We’ve thrown out stuffy grid layouts so you can add content without restrictions. No grids, no predefined layouts. Use a template only if you want to, not because you have to.

One Click Mobile Optimization

Now you can choose how your landing pages should be optimized for desktop, mobile, or tablet. Canvas allows you to automatically optimize your landing page for any device to keep your landing page looking sleek and organized, every time.

Quickly Group Objects for Fast Changes

Instead of moving one object at a time, move them all at once!

Canvas allows you to select groups of objects and move them anywhere on the page for maximum flexibility. Try advanced features like copying, aligning groups of objects, and more.

Detailed Analytics Every Step of the Way

Each campaign comes with real-time analytics. Including easy access to one-click A/B testing so you can see what’s working and what’s not every step of the way.

View data like conversion rates, improvements, probability of winning, leads generated, and more! Allowing you to pause, edit, and adjust to get the most out of your landing page campaigns, saving you time and money.

100+ Fonts to Match Your Brand

Unlike traditional landing page builders that only give you access to 10 or less fonts, Canvas comes with over 100 font options for your landing page. More styles and fonts so you can design your landing page just the way you like, your design team will thank you!

Easy Publishing Options

Did we forget to mention you now have more landing page publishing options? Yup, Now you can publish your landing on a custom domain, Facebook page, as a Wishpond subdomain, or embedded anywhere on the web.

Canvas gives you the ability to publish your campaign pages wherever you need it.

Try the Most Powerful Landing Page Builder on Planet Earth

Our mission is to give marketers and business owners the easiest experience creating the highest quality landing pages on the market.

If you’ve ever dabbled in creating your own pages in the past, this is one editor you won’t want to miss.

So what are you waiting for, experience design like never before with Canvas?


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