16 Best Paid & Free Social Media Video Maker Apps for Marketers


Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools to date. Maybe that’s why 92% of marketers say it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. An in-depth study by Wyzowl found:

  • 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI.
  • 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.
  • 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.
  • 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain video spend in 2020.
    With over one million users on every popular social media platform, video content allows you to grab your target audience’s attention far more than static images.

After all, people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos. But video isn’t just a magic pill that will make your brand go viral. It’s all about what kind of content is made and how it’s created, that’s why 48% of consumers want videos to reflect what they are interested in.

Today I’ll be showing you the best paid and free social media video maker apps for marketers.

1. Wave.Video

Wave.video app is a great online social media video maker that allows you to drag and drop elements to create high-quality videos. Wave.video allows you to resize your videos for any social media platform with just a few clicks.

Wave.video comes with a free app where you can create up to 10 videos, free audio files, images, and export them up to two-minute-long each in standard definition quality.

The only downside is that you’ll have to upgrade to remove the Wave.video watermark from your files and stock videos, images, and audio files, but they do come at an additional cost.

2. Lumen5

Our AI-powered technology helps you storyboard your ideas, fit your content to a layout, and find music and visuals that enhance your message and final video.

Lumen5 is a great social media video maker that allows you to stand out with its easy options and great automatic features.

Also, it’s a well-based video editing service with an impressive collection of royalty-free media. This tool comes with a free and paid version. You can edit and create up to 3 videos with the paid version. If you want to access more features and videos, you’ll have to upgrade.

3. Headliner

Headliner is mainly known for being a fantastic podcasting graphic and audiogram tool. However, did you know you can also create videos with Headliner as well?

Yup, that’s right!

Headliner is the perfect social media video maker for beginners or content marketers looking for a tool with a low to medium learning curve.

You can transcribe videos and add captions, add or mute the audio on your video. After all, when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, users can mute videos as they scroll past their feed.

You always want to make sure your video can convey your marketing message muted or exciting enough to encourage viewers to unmute their videos. Plus, you can also create long-form videos, GIF’s and more!

4. Movavi Video Editor Clips

Movavi Video Editor Clips is another social media video maker on our list. There’s a mobile app (for Android and iOS) and desktop version (for iOS), making the perfect video app on the go. You can edit the ratio of your videos to fit each social media platform perfectly.

There is a free version. However, it has the app’s logo watermarked on your video. The subscription, starting at $1.99 per month, lets you remove the watermark, add custom company logos to your videos, add animated stickers for Instagram Stories videos, and enjoy new features for free.

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5. Adobe Rush

What would a list of the best social media video maker be without listing Adobe products?

This app was designed for quick and easy video editing without all the technical features that come with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mainly for small businesses, influencers, and YouTubers. It is a comprehensive video editing program built to streamline the motion graphics, audio mixing, and video-editing to match your brand.

It’s powered by an Artificial Intelligence framework called Adobe Sensei to guide you and show you how to create stunning products from start to finish.

6. Clipchamp Create

Clipchamp is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to social media video apps. It’s an online editing tool that allows you to do basic editing and export your videos without a watermark (even if your account is free).

You can upgrade to a Premium account for access to Clipchamp’s stock library or to download your videos at higher resolutions, along with a video converter, video compressor, and webcam recorder.

7. VidLab

VidLab is a social media video maker strictly for mobile phones. This app allows you to add text, images, music, audio, and more!

Like all video apps, it comes with a watermark with the free version of its plan. If you want to remove this and access other features, you’ll have to upgrade. VidLab seems to be available only on iOS at the moment, so sorry Android users.

8. Quik by GoPro

GoPro has always made the list for the top social media video apps. GoPro has two free video editing apps to create and edit the content on your smartphone, not to mention connectivity with any of your GoPro devices.

Between the two free GoPro video editing apps, Quik is the best of the two. It minimally works as a great substitute to Adobe Rush. It automatically analyzes your footage and suggests the best moments, transitions, and effects and music that brings out your video content.

9. InShot

You shouldn’t be surprised to see the InShot Video Editor on our list of tools to use for Instagram stories. You’ve probably seen a few videos on social media with the watermark logo at the bottom right corner.

This app allows you to place your video in different ratios so you can easily resize, crop, or take your design further and use a colored background, built-in templates, or photo collages to make your video pop on Instagram.

10. FilmoraGo

Filmora has been around for a long time. It’s a veteran video editing app for people who want a less technical approach to editing video on their desktop. It’s available on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded on your desktop.

This app is better for beginners, allowing you to add text, transitions, trim/split, ratio/crop, speed control, reverse, voice-over, audio mixer, and picture-in-picture.

11. Animaker

If you prefer animation over video editing, then Animaker is the social media video maker of your next video.

This video maker helps you to created animated videos by clicking, dropping, and dragging elements in place. You can create explanatory videos with six unique video styles: 2D, infographics, handcraft, whiteboard, 2.5D, and typography.

When you upgrade, Animaker provides you with over 50 backing music tracks, 175 or more sound effects, 50 + languages, and captions!

12. .Filmmaker Pro

Available: for IOS

With Filmmaker Pro once you’ve uploaded your video to the app, you can edit videos in landscape (16:9), portrait (9:16) (Instagram story size), and square (1:1) (Instagram feed). You’re not limited to videos, you can also edit photos for your Instagram stories.

Add a color gradient to your video, replace green screens with new backgrounds, add transitions, text, and audio (music and narration) — with all these abilities, you have full control over your Instagram story’s final look. There is a monthly cost, but the features are worth it.

13. Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark is another social media video maker app that’s apart of the Adobe family. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

You can create the videos yourself or let Adobe Spark inspire you with in-app tutorials. You can change the music, edit the image and video clips, add titles and transitions, etc.

This app does come with a bit of a learning curve, so be prepared to go through a few tutorials first before you get started.

14. Biteable

Bitable is a great online social media video maker! You can create social media ads, slideshow, and more. Unlike more online video apps, you can export and share your video with multiple options such as via links, embedment, and more!

The only downside is that you can’t upload your own video clips, remove watermarks, or access images and audio with a free account. You can upgrade to their Premium plan, starting at $29 per month. So you won’t be paying a heavy price for one of the best apps around.

15. Typito

Unlike most social media video maker apps, Typito is forever free! They have an easy to use drag and drop online video editor to create branded content and resize videos for each social media platform. Typito also comes with free motion graphic templates, HD video quality, and stock images.

16. Videoshop

The Videoshop app is ranked in the top video editing apps for social media. Once you’ve finished editing your photos or videos and share it on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Whatsapp or by email.

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Social media marketing is competitive. Followers are used to brands vying for their attention. You’ll need to think outside the box to create content that stops followers on their track. Adding video to your marketing strategy goes beyond social media post but creating lead-generating content for:

Remember, creating the video is 10%, the creativity behind it is 90% of the impact it makes on your followers. Here’s a quick recap of the 16 best paid and free social media video maker apps for marketers:

  1. Wave.Video
  2. Lumen5
  3. Headliner
  4. Movavi Video Editor Clips
  5. Adobe Rush
  6. VidLab
  7. Quik by GoPro
  8. Clipchamp Create
  9. InShot
  10. FilmoraGo
  11. Animaker
  12. Filmmaker Pro
  13. Adobe Spark Video
  14. Biteable
  15. Typito
  16. Videoshop

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