How to Use Facebook and Instagram Stories to Drive Engagement


Instagram and Facebook is a progressive platform that has earned the attention of marketers and entrepreneurs around the world. There are no reasons to surprise this state of affairs because these social networks are very popular among users.

Today we’ll dwell on a tool like Stories. This is a great option to gain audience engagement and trust. Why? Statistics speak for themselves:

  • More than 500 million accounts use Instagram stories daily.
  • Instagram has more than 1 billion active accounts per month worldwide.
  • Moreover, 90% follow at least one company on Instagram.
  • According to studies, for the 1st quarter of 2020, the number of active users worldwide on Facebook amounted to more than 2500 million.
  • 300 million use Facebook Stories every day.

If you still don’t use stories as a tool to increase engagement on social networks, you’re losing out. They allow you to attract the attention of users and hold it. Here are a few examples of how you can effectively use Instagram or Facebook stories to achieve business goals.

1. Create Direct Interaction With Chat Stickers

One of the best ways to increase the engagement of subscribers is to communicate with them. Instagram provided a special feature for this case, offering its users a chat sticker. Now you can create a quick chat in seconds that allows up to 32 participants.

At first glance, a limited number of chat users may seem like a flaw, but you can benefit from it. Focus, the attention of followers on the fact that only 32 people can start correspondence with you.

Test new products, do contests and provide advice. The tool is perfect for almost any business, from the beauty industry to the sale of cars.

For example, your business is the services of a cosmetologist. You can provide free advice to a limited number of people and report it. Such a move will help to stimulate demand and increase engagement.

Some users will receive answers to questions of interest for free, and some will want to use the services. Thus, you will increase the loyalty of the audience, create a positive image and you can grow from the followers of customers.

2. Use Question Stickers to Get Instant Answers and Feedback

This is probably one of the most used Instagram story features. It’s quite logical, because question stickers are endless possibilities.

Do you believe?

We will prove it.

Firstly, this is a great way to get feedback. Ask users to share their opinions on your product. Secondly, it is a powerful tool for marketing research. Track demand by asking users directly about their preferences. People like it when their opinion matters, so most are happy to give answers.

Ask questions in the story and give answers there or write to the user in private messages. Such an approach will help to get closer to consumers and increase activity.

3. Use Quiz Stickers to Increase the Product Visibility

Nothing involves as much as interactive forms of interaction. Use Quiz stickers to connect with your followers.

Find out how closely they follow your brand and you will get an understanding of how loyal the audience is. Create Quiz polls and reward them for the right answers. There are many options, depending on the goals.

For example, you are still the same practicing cosmetologist. Ahead is a training marathon and you want to attract more attention to this event. Add Quiz with questions about previous profile activities.

Only truly active followers will be able to answer this correctly. Play a discount among the participants for the upcoming marathon or give one lesson as a gift. This will help to stimulate demand and increase engagement.

4. Use Emoji Slider to Spice Up Interaction

Emoji Slider is the surest way to get an engagement from the audience. It is so simple and relaxed that it provides an excellent response. You can use them to find out the opinions of users about a particular issue.

It is enough for them to drag the slider to the right. The variety of emoji is so great that it allows you to conduct a wide variety of polls. Creative use is also possible, providing several answer options.

5. Use Voting Stickers to Get Feedback

A great way to create audience engagement. Allows you to conduct a survey and find out the opinions of users. Companies often practice this in order to ask what users think about new products and events before entering the market. This is also a great option if you want to create new content or enter categories and are not sure whether to do it.

Just ask your followers and you will know for sure. Voting stickers provide an opportunity to save time, develop effective strategies and get better results.

Ideas for Increasing Instagram and Facebook Stories Engagement

Use a call to action

You can increase engagement with simple tips. It is enough to supplement the image with arrows and the inscription “Click to see / find out more” or something similar. The user will understand that something valuable is waiting for him and is more likely to search all your stories.

Some may think that this is unnecessary action, because the stories are switched automatically. This is partly true, but people are so used to a huge amount of content that they absorb it without involvement.

In order to reach the user, you need to attract his attention with atypical content and a call to action. Do this with the standard tools that Instagram and Facebook offer or use professional design.

Create Viral content

In order to gain popularity among users, you need to create content that you are willing to share. It can be funny, interactive or useful images. For example, you can make a branded schedule for the day, trekking books you read or wallpapers with inspirational quotes.

Having benefits encourages the use and sharing of content. You don’t have to be a designer to do this. It is absolutely suitable for any business.

Let’s go back to the same example of a cosmetologist. Create trekking good habits for skin or skin care guidelines. Be sure it will be appreciated.

Add Custom Content

People love this type of content and actively distribute it among friends and acquaintances. In addition, this is a great way to get closer to the audience, gain loyalty, and increase trust.

Each time users share photos with your product, repost them in your story. People are extremely pleased to receive approval, especially when it comes from their favorite brands.
This one works like a chain reaction.

Other users see reviews from other customers and become more focused on your business. Next time, some of these people will also share user content. The more such recommendations the better.

Firstly, your brand gets more coverage, and secondly, you can save time on creating content. Encourage users to share photos with your product in stories, offering all kinds of promotions, discounts, bonuses.

Remember, to create the image of a reliable company, you need to monitor the quality of the content carefully, including the literacy of the texts.

The presence of typos can negatively affect the impression of your brand. Therefore, each time using special tools for checking like Grammarly.This will help to avoid mistakes and make the content professional.

Instagram / Facebook stories are a great way to get closer to your audience. Proper use of tools and a well-thought-out strategy will help you achieve impressive results.

Combine the above options and never stop there. Always be inspired by new ideas, follow the market experts and you will be surprised at the received an engagement from the audience.

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