30 Best FAQ eCommerce Examples & Tips that Helps to Boost Sales


One of the most underrated features of your eCommerce store is your FAQ page. We know that an important aspect of eCommerce sales is to build trust and help customers to feel at ease when buying for the first time.

So what makes an FAQ so valued. Customers expect a response from brands within 2 hours, more than this, and customers will get agitated. Your eCommerce site FAQ is your next line of defense.

It’s where you can transparently answer burning questions your potential customers might have or are concerned about before making a purchase.

Unlike chat that has to be live or emails that need replies, FAQ’s on your eCommerce site are static and easy to access 24/7, not to mention all the answers are already there (well, most of them).

What is a FAQ page?

Simply put, an FAQ page is a landing page. Still, there’s a twist, instead of mainly focusing on converting buyers, your Frequently Asked Questions section is focused on addressing common concerns or questions customers might have.

Your FAQ page is used to help improve your eCommerce customer service.

It’s different from your “About” page where it uses an element of storytelling; instead, it provides details and steps for customers to review. It should be your worried customer’s north start and your customer representatives go-to when resolving issues.

This is why it’s important to spend time on your eCommerce store’s FAQ page. It should be included in your eCommerce marketing strategy because without a proper FAQ page you can lose sales and loyal customers to frustration and lack of information.

Let’s dive in on the 30 best FAQ eCommerce examples and seven tips to help you boost sales and build trust with your potential customers.

FAQ eCommerce Tip #1: Create Uncomplicated FAQ page.

Keep things simple. This doesn’t mean you should give one-worded answers for your FAQ. Rather you should try to keep your FAQ page from seeming cluttered.

A seamless and easy to navigate FAQ page assures customers that they can find what they need without going straight to chat.

Keep your FAQ layout or design with easy to use tabs, colors, text, or navigation. Don’t go overboard with the design, remember it’s all about informing customers not keeping them entertained.

FAQ eCommerce Tip #2: Regularly Update Your Questions & Answers

As your company grows or as policies change, be sure to regularly update your FAQ page so that customers can keep informed. If you have outdated information on your website, this can lead to bad customer experience or loss in sales. This can also put your customer service representative in a bad space because now they might have to rectify the situation or go through with the old policies to keep the customer happy.

It’s essential to set up to update your FAQ page every six months and ensure it’s aligned with your internal policies and customer service services and operations.

FAQ eCommerce Tip #3: Organize FAQ questions by Category

If your FAQ requires long detailed paragraphs or instructions, add a drop-down feature to hide the answer, so your eCommerce FAQ page isn’t overwhelmed with content. As a plus, include a useful prompt to ask if the information was useful and gather user feedback to improve the resource.

If your FAQ covers many eCommerce topics that go beyond the “Returns,” put your questions in major categories such as:

  • Shipping
  • Product Ingredients
  • Orders
  • International
  • Products

FAQ eCommerce Tip #4: Put Your Most Asked Questions First

Cut down your customer’s search time by putting the most sought after questions at the very top. For example, most people search for “where is my order?” or want details on how fast they can get their order, so have “Shipping” as your first FAQ category. But this can be different for every eCommerce brand.

The best way to organize your eCommerce FAQ is to look at the most asked questions that customers send in your email, dm’s, and chat support.

Based on that information, you can figure out your FAQ’s layout from the most valued questions to the least. Doing this takes work, but it improves your customer experience.

FAQ eCommerce Tip #5: Link Answers & Pages in Your FAQ

Your FAQ isn’t one dimensional. It is also great for interlinking answers, pages, and products. This works in your brand’s favor in two ways:

  • It helps build your website’s SEO feature as you can interlink with your product pages, videos, and blog post to build your ranking.
  • It allows customers to find related information or keywords without searching, allowing the FAQ to be the main source of information.

FAQ eCommerce Tip #6: Add Images or Videos to Your FAQ

Think of your FAQ page as the opportunity to expand upon helpful content that your site consistently provides, as well as another avenue for people to discover that great content.

However, people have short attention spans, and if your FAQ has very detailed answers or steps, then you’ll need to keep them engaged with visuals or videos.

Skyword found that if your content includes compelling images, you can average 94% more views than your boring counterparts.

Adding video also helps to cut down your customer’s reading time, keep them engaged, and push product sales. Around 72% of customers would instead learn about a product or service by way of video. Video also helps with your SEO ranking as video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%.

FAQ eCommerce Tip #7: Always Give Customers Options to Escalate Issues

Don’t be the brand that says “It’s on the FAQ” when customers reach out to you. After one negative experience, 61% of customers will never do business with that company again.

Regardless of how detailed your FAQ may be, customers may still have unanswered questions or need a human being to guide them through the steps. Your eCommerce FAQ is not the end all be all. It’s simply a tool to filter customers that can help themselves and others that still need help.

Help Scout found that of all self-service channels, customers make the most frequent use of knowledge bases, yet chat is the preferred support channel of Millennials. It boils down to “different strokes for different folks,” some customers are okay with reading an FAQ while others need a human being for customer support.

The 29 Best FAQ eCommerce Examples You’ll Ever See

1.YouTube FAQ

2. Bio Lite Energy FAQ

3.Luca + Danni FAQ

4.Skull Candy FAQ

5.Sierra Designs FAQ

6.Zwift FAQ

7.Baskits FAQ

8.Bon Bon Bon FAQ

9.Muse FAQ

10. Umbra FAQ

11.Holstee FAQ

12.Display Rabbit FAQ

13.Kyie Jenner FAQ

14.Training Mask FAQ

15.Nintendo FAQ

16.Store Your Board FAQ


18.Woolrich FAQ

19.Clarks FAQ

20.The Speak Collective FAQ

21.Essie FAQ

22.Airbnb FAQ

23.Jumbu FAQ

24.Negative Underwear FAQ

25.Blue Bella FAQ

26.Abel & Cole FAQ

27.Box Hill FAQ

28.Argent FAQ

29.She Thinx FAQ


Crafting your FAQ page should be an important task on your website to-do list. Without it, you’ll have to double down on your customer service.

Save yourself the time, energy, and cost by crafting an optimized FAQ page that will educate and assist your customers from start to finish of their buying process.

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