6 Game-Changing eCommerce Blog Examples and What You Can Learn From Them (2021)


Online store owners know that marketing is essential for success. When it comes to eCommerce marketing, running a captivating blog is crucial. Sure, you can have an online store that looks great and is packed with the right products, but you still need to find a way to get customers to your business. This is why eCommerce content marketing is key for success.

Grow your online business by offering an eCommerce blog that attracts customers and leads to more sales. Producing engaging blog content in your niche cannot be understated – especially in the highly competitive eCommerce industry.

If you want to run a better eCommerce blog to improve your online marketing, then looking towards other successful business strategies is always a good place to start. Let’s explore some of the best eCommerce blog examples you can learn from to achieve more marketing success.

ecommerce blog

Why an eCommerce Blog is Important

eCommerce blogs are not just there to look pretty. Your online store needs an engaging blog for a number of marketing reasons. With so much competition and opportunity in the eCommerce industry, businesses need a great marketing blog to stand out. Here are some of the main reasons why your eCommerce platform needs a blog to reach its sales goals.

  • Get better rankings: If you’re a small online business, chances are customers won’t be searching directly for you. Instead, they will be looking for specific products. Ecommerce blogs are an essential part of any SEO content strategy to help your online store rank higher. The best eCommerce blogs use posts that help businesses become more clearly recognized in their industry.
  • Attract the right audience: Entrepreneurs need to pay careful attention to who their customer is and how they are marketing to them. If you want to increase your conversion rates, you will need to get the right visitors to your eCommerce website. Blogs help entrepreneurs define their niche and attract a specific target audience. Successful platforms don’t necessarily aim for lots of customers, but they focus on attracting the right customer.
  • Become industry experts: The range of topics that your posts include should get your customer base to see you as an eCommerce industry leader. Blog posts can help your online business carve out its authority. Businesses that offer the right advice and buying tips will be seen as a better online store to trust. If you offer enough information as a business, then customers will build more trust and choose you first.
  • Increase your leads: eCommerce blogs offer a great platform to get more leads. Ecommerce marketing should include many calls to action in your blog posts. This will cause them to fill out their information, resulting in more leads for your online store. You can also tie your social media strategy into your blog posts to increase social media leads.
  • Tie it into your full marketing strategy: Any small business can grow much larger with email marketing campaigns. Use your blog to offer trends, news, and updates in your email marketing campaigns. This will help to increase website traffic and boost your sales.

6 Best eCommerce Blogs to Inspire Your Business

To make your eCommerce website stand out and achieve success, you will need to regularly post on your blog. If you want to learn some of the best practices and tips for your blog, then you should follow other eCommerce blogs that are doing it right. Here are some of the best eCommerce blogs right now that are helping to change up the industry and take their businesses to new heights.

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Vinebox puts a new spin on wine. They repackage wine in exciting formats, offering a totally unique online business experience. If you’re selling a wide range of wine varieties, you need to make sure that your audience understands wine and is inspired by it. This is where their eCommerce blog makes an impact.

This eCommerce business posts all about wine on their blog. They cover different wine styles, tips and tricks for drinking wine, how to choose the right wines for certain occasions, and so on. The posts on their blog go in-depth on wine to help the regular person develop the palette of a sommelier. So, why is this so helpful to their eCommerce business?

By spreading knowledge of wine, Vinebox is creating a very specific eCommerce community. They are able to target a specific customer (wine enthusiasts), and they are able to bring regular people into this eCommerce community by educating them. Vinebox is attracting their exact audience through their blog.

This eCommerce business also helps to get their customer excited to start shopping on their site. The blog provides plenty of resources, tips, trends, and inspiration on all things wine. By teaching customers more about wine, this eCommerce business is creating an increasing interest for the customer to buy wine.

Vinebox is also positioning itself as a brand that you can trust. By showing that they are industry experts on wine and that they really know what they are talking about, customers will trust Vinebox more when looking for the perfect wine. Vinebox is using their eCommerce blog to become recognized as an authority when it comes to all things wine.

Vinebox blog

What You Can Learn

  • Use your blog to educate and inspire. Offer insights into your niche that help to keep your customer base engaged and excited about your product.
  • The more you can teach a customer about your industry, the more reason they will have to support you. This offers plenty of room for growth in your customer base.
  • Use your blog to become recognized as an expert in your industry.
  • Offer useful advice on topics that many people do not know a lot about. This advice can be used to help create a new customer base by targeting newbies on the topic.

Dollar Shave Club

This eCommerce business offers a simple product, and their blog posts reflect this perfectly. Dollar Shave Club seeks to attract men that want an easy, cost-effective solution to grooming. To achieve this, they position themselves as industry experts by offering plenty of helpful tips and best practices for male grooming.

Their blog covers topics like hair, bodily functions, relationships, money, and hygiene. The eCommerce business opens up the importance of looking after yourself to help their visitors see the value of their product. Their platform helps readers to realize why they need to spend time grooming and to learn how to do it better. This inspires them to buy more products from Dollar Shave Club.

This merchant’s content strategies are all focused on selling more of their shave products to a wider audience. They make it more accessible for regular men to learn about grooming, and they position themselves as an authority on the topic.

Dollar Shave Club blog

What You Can Learn

  • Use your articles to offer a solution that readers can actually use in their daily lives. This solution should be related to your business and products, inspiring readers to support your business.
  • Don’t just target existing customers, create a new customer base by highlighting issues that apply to a wide range of people. Use your blog to appeal to the masses.
  • Create blog content that is easy to relate to which increases the power of sharing. Dollar Shave Club offers blog articles that can be applied to all men.

Vuori Clothing

Vuori Clothing is a premium apparel brand specializing in activewear. They try to put activewear into a new perspective, positioning their brand as more than just clothing for sports but clothing for life. Their eCommerce blog fully supports this idea and helps the company achieve the right kind of growth.

The articles on their online shopping blog help set the scene for why people should choose to buy their clothing. This is not done through directly promoting their products, but by promoting the kind of lifestyle that their activewear brings.

This includes an article series called The Rise. The Shine. featuring some inspiring people who wear their clothes. They also promote articles with topics on exercise, healthy eating, and sustainability. The goal is to capture the appeal of the entire lifestyle that you get from Vuori. Their blog also maintains a very specific aesthetic, much like social media would. This helps readers to visualize themselves wearing Vuori clothing.

When it comes to eCommerce businesses, there are infinite clothing and activewear brands. This business uses its blog as an essential online marketing tool to stand out. They inspire readers to wear their clothes by understanding the importance of the overall lifestyle that they offer. They educate customers on lifestyle trends and how to live a better life with Vuori.

Vuori’s blog posts also increase online shopping sales by showing customers just how inspired and passionate they are about their industry – something that helps readers see them as being more reputable.

Vuori blog

What You Can Learn

  • Your blog is not just about promoting your products, it is also there to promote a lifestyle.
  • Use your eCommerce blog to relate to people through real-life stories.
  • You can use your blog to promote a very specific aesthetic. Ecommerce blogs should inspire.
  • Stand out from your competition by tying your product into a range of different lifestyle areas. This can help eCommerce platforms attract a wider audience.


This eCommerce platform sells one simple product – an app. To increase downloads, Headspace uses a powerful eCommerce blog that publishes articles focused on all things meditation, mindfulness, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Their blog posts cover wide-ranging topics, like sport, health, work, living, birth, and death. In fact, these blog post categories cover the entire life of your average human. This is done to promote the idea that Headspace relates to your life, no matter who you are.

This business uses its blog to show how mindfulness can help you in all areas of life. Readers will relate to these various areas, thinking of their own personal problems in each one. This will help inspire them to download Headspace.

So, how does this online business use its blog posts to increase its eCommerce marketing strategy? Firstly, they attract a massive audience because all of their topics can relate to basically anyone. They position their company as an expert on mindfulness through all of the insights and tips that they offer. They keep readers inspired by offering actionable tips that can be used in everyday life. Most importantly, they get people thinking about how mindfulness can improve their life – which leads to more sales of their app.

Headspace blog

What You Can Learn

  • Your eCommerce business should offer various solutions that can be applied to everyday life. Make your customers realize that there might be an area in their life that they can improve, even if they never knew it first.
  • Ecommerce marketing should be used to increase your customer base as widely as you can. Use your blog to show as many people as possible how your product can help them.
  • Build trust through your blog. Show your readers why they should trust you and your product by offering helpful tips and solutions for their life.

Sole Bicycles

When it comes to eCommerce blogs, not many are as exciting as this brand. Sole Bicycles focuses on the visual element of their blogs, enticing new customers through the beauty of their products and the kind of adventure that they offer. The look of their blog posts is reminiscent of a social media feed. This makes it easy for visitors to digest the content and what they are offering.

Sole Bicycles still knows how to write a great story to engage customers. Their blog is a real driving force behind their eCommerce business and eCommerce marketing campaign. This is achieved by the use of various media to promote exactly what kind of excitement their bicycles can offer.

The blog posts cover a range of categories, from news to inspirational places. Sole Bicycles use their blog posts to create a community of specific customers. They create the kind of content that a keen bicycle rider wants to read. This is one of the most important marketing tips that we can take away from the brand.

The blog posts on this online business platform include plenty of videos, Spotify playlists, and more. Their blog posts help to inspire customers by generating a strong feeling of excitement to grab a bicycle and start riding. Being able to promote a feeling is a difficult but vital part of running an online business. This is something that Sole Bicycles manage to get just right with their blog.

Sole Bicycles blog

What You Can Learn

  • Ecommerce businesses can use their blog for so much more than just written content. You can also make a major visual impact.
  • Ecommerce blogs should focus on creating and attracting a relevant community of customers.
  • Include various forms of content in your marketing blog, such as videos.
  • Your blog should help define a clear voice for your business online. Ecommerce businesses need to maintain this voice across all of their blog’s content.

Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us knows their customer, and they use simple strategies to get them to buy more toys. Many eCommerce blogs promote their products directly through their posts, but not many do this better than Toys “R” Us.

Their eCommerce marketing strategy targets parents and gets them thinking about toy trends with expert advice. The toy business tells parents exactly what their kids should be playing with, and points them in the direction of their products. Their blog posts solve the common problem that parents are searching for.

For example, Toys “R” Us did a post on toy ideas for Easter. They offered helpful tips for parents struggling to find Easter-friendly toys, pointing them in the direction of their online store to solve their problem. A post like this also makes their customer realize that they should be buying Easter toys – something that they may not have thought about before.

This eCommerce marketing strategy is simple but effective. It targets a clear customer base and helps them find solutions to toy ideas by shopping on their website.


What You Can Learn

  • Know your customer and what they are looking for. Address them directly and provide helpful insights for them.
  • Use your blog to directly promote your products. Many blogs are not very clear about this. Your blog is one of the best tools for selling more products to your community by including straightforward links in your post.

Starting an eCommerce Blog

Now that you have some top tips and inspiration, it’s time to improve your eCommerce marketing with blogging. Before you start typing away, it’s essential to develop a clear online marketing strategy with your blog posts. From our examples above, here are some key takeaways to help boost the success of your own eCommerce blogs.

Give Your Audience What They Want

Your blog should offer a platform online that adds value to your customers’ lives. Use your eCommerce marketing resources to post about things that your customers want to consume. Whether this is inspirational visual material, practical advice, or trends for them to follow, make sure the content gives something helpful to your readers.

Use Your Blog to Grow

The online space offers infinite opportunities. Your blog shouldn’t just be there to keep your existing customers happy, but it should help you to take your business to new heights. Use your blog to find a bigger customer base online, and to relate to a wider audience.

Focus Your Goals

Don’t post just to post. Have clear goals and strategies to drive your sales. Understand why your blog exists, why it’s different, and what you want to achieve with your strategies.

Create a Clear Voice

Your blog posts need to be consistent. You need to create a clear voice for your brand online that is recognized across all of your posts. This builds an online presence that customers will get to know and understand on a stronger level.

ecommerce blogging

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Final Thoughts

When running an online business, your blog serves a vital role in your online marketing campaign. Your business should use its blog to stand out, create more customers, and inspire more people to visit your store.

Whether this is through tips, news, insights, helpful solutions, or just entertainment, entrepreneurs need to use their blogs to boost their sales. Follow the successful online platforms above, find your voice, and use your blog to take over the world! Blogs are an easy way for any eCommerce business to grow their store to unlimited potential.


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