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Time management is essential for any busy business owner. We all know about the hassle of back and forth emails and time-consuming phone calls to make appointments. This is why we’ve developed a smarter solution.

We’re seriously excited to have just released our brand new feature… Wishpond Appointments! Scheduling appointments, bookings, and meetings just got a whole lot more efficient.

This is the easiest way to let your customers and coworkers schedule a time with you. Say hello to a smarter calendar that does all the work for you.

Let’s see how you can use our new appointments feature to add more value to the way you run your business.

Make it Easy to Schedule Appointments

Setting up appointments with clients takes a lot of time and energy. When you’re running a business, you’ve got better things to do than check up on long email threads or rely on phone call bookings.

Now you can publish a calendar that creates and manages your appointments for you. Your customers can just choose a day and time, and schedule their appointment when it’s convenient for them. You will be notified about this appointment, and your own personal calendar will be updated.

All you need to do is check your calendar, and you will have a clear picture of how your day will look. Any appointments or cancellations will be automatically updated.


Accept Bookings Directly From Your Website

You already know how easy our landing page builder is. It’s now integrated with our appointments tool so that you can create calendars for your website.

You can publish a calendar directly to your landing page, and your website visitors can use it to fill in a time with you. There’s no need to send out calendars with them or confirm bookings.

If you offer consultations or services, this is the easiest way to get more guaranteed bookings. These calendars make it simple for clients to schedule their time with you. This improves the customer experience, and it gets you more appointments.

Setting up a calendar is easy to do, there’s no coding or technical experience required. Once your calendar is live and on your website, you will soon see a rise in your business’s scheduled appointments.

Use Your Calendar to Grow Your Mailing List

When a potential customer schedules an appointment with you on your calendar, you don’t just get a new booking. You can also use the calendar to capture this person’s name and contact information. This allows you to add them to your leads database, and send them newsletters and marketing promotions.

This is the perfect way to build up your email marketing list with interested customers, and stay connected with them. You could create a dedicated list of people who scheduled appointments through your calendar and send out special marketing content just to them.

So, not only are you maximizing your time and getting more organized, but you’re also getting more clients in the process.

appointments feature

Accept Payments Directly With Your Bookings

Our appointments feature isn’t just for scheduling times in your calendar, it can also be used to accept payments directly with your booking. You could get paid in advance when someone schedules their appointment with you. No more worrying about following up with time-consuming invoices.

This can be achieved by combining the appointments feature with our payments tool. The payments tool is integrated with Stripe, so it allows you to directly accept secure payments.

Your clients can choose a time on your calendar, pay for your services, and then have their booking confirmed. This makes it so much much easier for you to manage your business, and it takes the hassle out of payment collection.

Do you offer fitness classes, contractor services, consultation sessions, or anything else that requires getting paid for your time? Then accepting payments in advance with your appointment will be a huge bonus for your business.

appointments feature

Connect Your Calendar to Save Time

The calendar that you publish on your website can be fully connected to the personal calendar that you’re already using. We give you one easy platform to manage all of your appointments.

You can sync up your appointments with your Google calendar. This integration makes it so much easier to keep track of your daily schedule without having to switch between platforms and calendars.

Connect your calendar, save time, and don’t worry about changing your existing tools. Our appointments feature is fully integrated for easier use.

appointments feature

Stay Ahead of Every Single Appointment

Your appointments tool can be used for just one, or many, calendars. This means you can set up different calendars for different providers for a far greater level of efficiency.

Set up dedicated calendars for clients and coworkers to make it easier for them to set a time with you. Forget about the time-consuming admin of managing all of your different appointments and meetings.

appointments feature

Send Out Notification Emails

When your customers have scheduled an appointment with you, you can use our integrated automated marketing tools to follow up with notification emails. Just set your message, and let it send out with each new appointment.

This takes the time out of following up with every appointment and new customer, while still allowing you to build positive relationships with them. You can also personalize the notifications depending on which appointments they schedule.

Now your appointment is booked, your calendar is filled in and updated, you’ve reached out to the new customer, and you didn’t have to lift a finger doing it.

Our Marketing Team Can Manage it For You

Even though we offer you the easiest tools for managing your marketing, you might still not have the time to do it all yourself. Running a business can be tough, and you don’t want to be spending all of your time on marketing when you’ve got other important things to do.

So if you don’t have time to set your appointments feature up, we can do it for you. Not to mention the fact that we can cover all other areas of your campaigns too. Interested in working with your own dedicated SEO specialists, ads experts, designers, and more? We can connect you with a team of experts dedicated to hitting your marketing goals.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help your business achieve the success you’re after.

It’s Time to Start Scheduling Appointments the Smart Way

If you’re still trying to manage all of your appointments manually, then you’re living in the past. Think about how much time you could be saving with a calendar that automatically does all the work for you. Not to mention the added benefits of being able to accept direct payments with your bookings, as well as gathering more leads.

So there you have it, our impressive new Appointments feature. This is such a handy tool for any business owner. It can completely maximize your time for a more organized and up-to-date business.

Let us know how you’re going to use this new tool to grow your business. We hope you find it useful!



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