These 6 Shopify Apps Will Help You Be Fully Prepared for Black Friday


Black Friday is around the corner, and all e-commerce merchants are invested in its preparation. One of the most significant sales of the year is followed by multiple areas of focus.

Stores must ensure every area remains attended, including a smooth journey, customer support service, discount management, social proof nudges, personalized email marketing, etc. If not, it leads to a frustrating experience for both the customers and the people working for the online stores.

Many Shopify apps contribute to an excellent experience. We have picked the six best from the pool of Shopify apps to deliver a wonderful sales experience this Black Friday.

1. Increase Sales Using AI: Dialogue AI Personalization

Online stores generally lack a personal touch when compared to physical stores. In a physical store, the salesman guides the customers towards the end decision. However, some online stores confuse people who end up leaving.

Dialogue AI Personalization aims at giving customers the personal touch they need to make better and quicker decisions.

Here’s how it makes the customer journey easier:

  • Collecting and analyzing a large amount of data
  • Generating branded, personalized messages based on the analyzed data
  • Offering hyper-relevant products to users at the right time using machine learning

Dialogue targets e-commerce SMBs store owners that experience a hard time engaging customers. They are often caught up in the myth that the process is time-consuming and highly expensive. This app ensures every small and mid-sized business ends up improving its conversion rate once integrated with a quick click.

How Dialogue leads to a comforting buyer journey?

  • The advanced personalization algorithm ensures improved session timing
  • AI-powered product recommendations create tons of personalized upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing conversion rates
  • Extremely easy-to-use interface consisting of advanced technologies
  • Highly creative personalized messages boost customer engagement
  • Adapting to customers’ preferences leads to an improved buyer experience
  • Five-star ratings and happy reviews from customers are proof of its excellence


2. Run Sales with Ease: Bold Discounts

Bold Discounts is the most preferred app for running a smooth black Friday sale. Data has shown that more than 10,000 store owners rely on Bold Discounts during the biggest sale of the year, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Running a storewide sale with Big Discounts ensures every product in your store appears at the discounted price followed by the actual price to compare.

Why should you use Bold Discounts?

  • Set up hassle-free discounts, apply them to your products, and get started with a click
  • Create urgency using the live sale countdown timer
  • Create flash sales based on product type, brand, collection, certain specific products, or a storewide sale
  • Schedule sales in advance and keep nudging your current customer base about their arrival

It is preferred explicitly for the Black Friday Sale as you can create a collection called “Black Friday Sale,” and the auto-tagging feature will assist you in tagging products in the collection.

Coupon codes are indeed effective, but when it comes to a sale, instant recognition is crucial. Coupons can be confusing, and sometimes your customers are unaware of the codes. They rush out of the store by noticing heavy pricing. Discounts are instantly visible, thereby ensuring customers take relevant actions.

Bold Discounts

3. Best Choice for Social Proof: Nudgify

Nudgify is one of the most reliable Shopify apps for turning real-time data into social proof. The popularity of a product amongst people drives curiosity. Vital information, including live visitors count, total sign-ups, recent sales, etc., is displayed.

No one likes FOMO. Sometimes users purchase something they didn’t plan to just because it came forward or because others are buying. Due to this, the moment the app nudges visitors, they are likely to take action resulting in an improved conversion rate.

How does Nudgify provide proof of authenticity?

  • Instant information regarding a product going out of stock creates a sense of urgency.
  • The appearance of positive reviews and excellent experiences develop a sense of trust and understanding.
  • It displays nudges in 28 different languages, thereby being suitable for different target groups.

An increased number of scammers and poor past experience becomes a hurdle in developing trust. The second thoughts in the minds of first-time visitors are minimized after seeing social proof. This gives a sense of security that other people have tried it and had a great experience.

But what if Nudgify ends up giving minimal to no returns?

Nudgify’s algorithm is consistently monitoring the performance of every nudge. Based on this, the nudges are used again or modified for improved results. They keep a close check on the highly well-performing nudges at every stage in the buyer journey. After using this app for a sufficient period, you are likely to see results.


4. Create Beautiful Popups: Wishpond Popup Builder

As soon as the visitors land on your Shopify store, popups can be a great way to engage with them. However, finding a popup builder that allows you to create inexpensively customized popups can be daunting. This is where Wishpond popup builder comes into the game.

With over 100 mobile-responsive popup templates designed for multiple industries, Wishpond popup builder makes it easier to create interactive popups and add them to your website—without any design or programming knowledge.

In addition to standard popups, you can create many different types of popups, such as:

  • Welcome mat: A full-screen popup when the visitors first enter your website.
  • Exit-intent: A popup is shown to the visitors when they are about to exit your website.
  • Newsletter signup: Invite visitors to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Click popup: This shows a popup when the visitor clicks on a link or button.
  • Scroll popup: Displays a popup when the visitor scrolls your store.

Why should you choose the Wishpond popup builder?

  • The drag-and-drop feature makes it possible to customize your popups within minutes. You can have as many fields as you want.
  • You even get the option to pass additional features, such as CTA, forms, checkboxes, multiple-choice questions, and dropdown menus.
  • You can add the CAPTCHA field to your popup to prevent spammers from submitting their details.
  • A/B test your popups to check which version performs better.
  • Set up page-level targeting to enable your popups to trigger on specific pages only.
  • See weekly statistics of your campaigns with detailed and timely reports.

Wishpond Popups

5. Effective In Retaining Customers With Retargeting: Shoelace

Remember that a person can be highly interested in specific products but still leave. Despite the multiple FOMO notifications, your customers will flee.

Due to this, retailers rely on ad retargeting to initiate sales. Shoelace is one of the best Shopify apps for automated ad retargeting to increase sales. It’s crucial to win back the lost interest to improve conversion rates.

How Shoelace helps in effective ad retargeting?

Here is how Shoelace helps you in running successful retargeting campaigns:

  • Once you integrate it with your store, it analyzes the current ads and allows easy editing. You can’t imagine the excellent results appearing with minor edits in your current ads.
  • The live reporting feature ensures you receive adequate information regarding the campaign up and running. Their team of experts with years of experience provides valuable insights for improving campaigns.
  • After analyzing the extracted data, you will likely understand your customer base better than you ever did.

Do the same ads run through the entire customer journey?

As the customer moves further, the ads must get highly personalized. This app ensures the most relevant ads are shown based on every step of the buyer’s journey, thereby increasing the chances of taking action.

Overall, it’s the best app for re-engaging your otherwise lost customers.


6. The Best Customer Support Service: Re:Amaze

The biggest sales of the year are often hectic, leading to a poor customer experience. An app that provides adequate customer service ensures a top-notch experience during this time. Customer engagement highly improves when they have a safe space to discuss their issues on live chat and helpdesk.

Re:Amaze helps in combining email, live chat, video call, social media, mobile SMS, VoIP, and push notification conversations in one place to ensure your customer support executives deliver the desired service.

Why should you choose Re:Amaze for customer support service?

  • Extremely helpful in case of multiple stores
  • Unlike traditional calling, the modern chat feature ensures customers put forward their queries without thinking twice. No one will call you up for minor details, but they will always text you.
  • Sending automated targeted messages helps you in developing relationships with your potential customers.
  • Chatbots efficiently help you tackle frequently asked questions.

One highly useful feature of this app is that you can preview customer messages as they type. This ensures you are well-prepared in advance and quick to answer. As customers hate waiting, they will be highly impressed with your prompt reply.

Without a proper app supporting communication, your executives are likely to get frustrated at times of sales. This customer support app will ensure your buyers remain calm and content to make their final purchase.


7. Grow your Shopify store: Wishpond’s Shopify Marketing Platform

Wishpond’s all-in-one Shopify marketing platform allows Shopify business owners to get more customers, grow their email list, and track revenue in real-time. It includes a plethora of marketing tools, such as landing pages, marketing automation, and email marketing, allowing you to nurture your store visitors and convert them into paying customers.

How can you grow your Shopify store with Wishpond’s marketing platform?

  • Use Wishpond’s email editor to create newsletters, signup forms, drip campaigns, and shopping cart abandonment emails.
  • Automatically add Shopify coupons, discount codes, and more to your emails.
  • Send emails, text messages, and notifications based on the customers’ behavior and past purchases.
  • Segment customers and leads based on average order value, products browsed, products added to the cart, purchase history, and total revenue.
  • Track website page views, email engagement, Shopify purchases, and revenue using Wishpond’s lead database.
  • Create different types of campaigns, such as cart abandonment emails, shipping reminders, product review campaigns, VIP customer emails, welcome or onboarding emails, and upsell emails.

Other key features include:

  • Access to Canvas, a drag-and-drop campaign builder
  • Advanced lead tracking and management
  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Shopify revenue tracking in real-time

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Summing Up

Let’s take a final look at how each app can contribute towards a better customer experience.

  • Dialogue AI Personalization will help improve buyer journeys by showcasing the most relevant products based on their needs.
  • Bold discounts help run sales effectively by providing discounts on specific or all products without relying on coupon codes.
  • Nudgify acts as the best app for providing social proof to the customers, thereby developing trust and increasing conversions.
  • Wishpond popup builder helps in creating customized popups for increased user engagement.
  • Shoelace runs effect ad retargeting campaigns to regain the interest of visitors.
  • Re:Amaze will help run effective sales by providing timely responses to users’ queries and confusion.
  • Wishpond’s Shopify marketing platform offers you various email marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation tools to make your Shopify store a success.

Every Shopify app mentioned above comes with a free trial. Go through with it and see if it works well for your e-business.

Written by our guest writer Gaurav Belani, a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Growfusely, a content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO.

He has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing. He likes sharing his knowledge in a wide range of domains ranging from marketing to human capital management. His work is featured in several authoritative business publications.


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