Top 16 Marketing Trends You Need to Know This Year


When it comes to online marketing, the one thing you can be sure about is change.

If you want to experience marketing success this year, you’ll need to stay on top of all the latest marketing trends. Brands need to plan for the future of marketing and realize how to take complete advantage of the ever-changing digital space if they want to stand out.

Based on data and the directions marketing is shifting towards, we’ve put together a list of the most popular marketing trends we’ll see in 2023. If your business isn’t using these strategies, then it’s probably time to start.

1. Meta
2. Short Form Video
3. Social Media Shopping Experiences
4. Influencer Marketing
5. Podcasts and Audio Content
6. Purpose and Social responsibility
7. Inbound Marketing
8. Articifial Intelligence (AI)
9. Virtual Experiences
10. Data Privacy
11. Creating Own Audiences
12. SEO
13. Experiential Marketing
14. Native Advertising
15. Video
16. LinkedIn

1. Meta

Facebook changing their parent company’s name to Meta was big news in 2021, but it looks like this name change could be signaling something massive.

Facebook has high hopes for the Metaverse, which is what they think the future of the web will look like. In case you don’t know, the Metaverse is really just a term for augmented reality and virtual experiences on the internet.

Brands and marketers in 2023 should be thinking about the future possibilities of the Metaverse, and how they can find new opportunities in these virtual spaces.

2. Short Form Video

One of the biggest marketing trends that we will continue to see in 2023 is the rise of short-form video content.

First, we saw TikTok dominate the short-form video space, but other platforms are also getting in on the action. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are two examples of this. Although, TikTok still remains at the top, with the user base steadily increasing.

Video has been an essential part of content marketing for a while now, and short-form content will be leading the way in 2023. This is because these videos are so engaging and easy to digest.

The good news is that short-form video content offers an amazing ROI. According to HubSpot, short-form video content produced the second-highest ROI for B2C marketers in 2021, behind influencer marketing.

So, when planning your social media strategy for the year ahead, be sure to focus on short video content. This is one of the best ways for brands to generate awareness and boost engagement in 2023.

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3. Social Media Shopping Experiences

All of the major social media platforms are introducing in-app shopping experiences. This is something we’re going to see a lot of in 2023.

Social commerce is when a user can find a product on social media, and purchase that product directly on the social media platform without leaving the app. These social media shopping experiences are going to continue to be a major marketing trend in 2023.

Sure, we’ve seen social commerce for some time now. Facebook shops and marketplaces kicked off this trend, and now all of the other major social media players are joining in. There’s Instagram Shopping, the newly launched TikTok shopping experience, and even Twitter is joining the world of social media shopping. We shouldn’t forget about Snapchat as a shopping platform or even Pinterest.

With the rise of eCommerce, all of the big social media platforms are offering their own in-app eCommerce experiences. A major marketing trend will involve businesses focusing on advertising and selling their products directly through social media.

This marketing trend also ties into the previous section on short-form videos. Video and eCommerce work together perfectly, and we’ll certainly see a lot of brands promoting products through video, and then selling them directly on the same social media platform.

marketing trends 2022


4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will continue to be one of the hottest marketing trends in 2023. 61% of marketers said they were planning to leverage influencer marketing in 2023. Influencers also take third priority of the marketing trends that these marketers want to adopt.

And why is influencer marketing going to continue being a top trend? Because it offered B2C brands the best returns in 2021. According to the data, anyone who wants to reach consumers directly can get the best ROI with influencers.

And when we look at influencer marketing in 2023, things might be a little different from what we’ve seen in the past. Micro-influencers are becoming more popular among brands. Even B2B brands are making use of influencers.

If influencer marketing isn’t part of your digital strategy, this may be the year to start partnering up with the right people.

influencer marketing

5. Podcasts and Audio Content

Video may be on top when it comes to content, but that doesn’t mean podcasts are taking a back seat.

Even though many businesses were very slow to adopt podcasts in 2021, 43% of marketers plan on increasing their podcast investments in 2023. This is something that applies to both B2C and B2B.

Clearly, podcasts and audio content will form an increasingly important role in many 2023 marketing campaigns.

This has a lot to do with the fact that podcasts can offer a great ROI. Consumers want to consume content in different forms, and it seems audio will be an increasingly popular format.

marketing podcast

6. Purpose and Social Responsibility

The goal of a business should extend further than just profits in 2023. Today’s customers want to see organizations and brands integrate a clear purpose into what they do.

This should be visible throughout everything from product delivery to employee and community engagement.

In 2020, a report showed that many consumers saw trust as one of the leading factors in making a purchase decision. And over the last two years since then, with all of the major world events that have taken place, consumers now hold brands more accountable.

2023 will see more brands taking a clear social responsibility stand and using this as part of their marketing strategy. It’s what customers want to see, and being purpose-driven can add a strong competitive advantage to many brands.

marketing trends 2022

7. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has been one of the biggest marketing trends in 2021, and we will continue to experience its popularity in 2023.

80% of marketers say they’re either keeping the same inbound marketing budget or increasing it, going forward.

Basically, inbound marketing is when a business finds customers where they are. The idea is to draw customers in with content that the customer finds and is interested in. This differs from the approach of reaching out to potential customers with marketing messages.

Inbound marketing is a broad term that includes a couple of different functions and strategies. These are SEO, content marketing, social media, marketing automation, and more. The idea is to create quality content that potential customers want to see to organically attract them to your business.

Content marketing has always been a key strategy in marketing, but it looks slightly different each year. Some content marketing trends to look out for in 2023 include creating more specialized content, focusing on video, and podcasts, and using TikTok as an important social media platform.

inbound marketing

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve been hearing about artificial intelligence for years, but now it’s being utilized in many different ways.

AI developments are reshaping the way we run marketing campaigns. There are all kinds of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools out there to perform all kinds of functions.

This includes AI-powered writing tools for content marketing, AI tools to access advanced analytics, AI tools to automate decisions based on data collected, and way more.

AI can be used in marketing to speed up many different processes while enhancing accuracy. Data-driven marketers are placing greater focus on artificial intelligence, something that will only continue to develop in 2023 and beyond.

9. Virtual Experiences

2020 saw the world shift to remote work and living virtually. Well, these virtual experiences haven’t disappeared. In fact, we will continue to see brands focus on the virtual world when it comes to marketing trends.

Webinars, virtual conferences, virtual open houses, and any other kinds of online events are important to include in any marketing strategy.

These are awesome ways to generate leads, spread brand awareness, and build up trust. They can also help brands to easily reach a global audience.

While physical events are back in full swing, virtual events are more popular than ever. The best part is that any business can create and run virtual events and achieve great results.

virtual experiences

10. Data Privacy

This isn’t a marketing trend as much as a challenge. New data privacy regulations, like third-party cookies being removed and the iOS update, are reducing the amount of data that you can use in digital advertising.

With less data available, creating data-driven decisions might become tricky in 2023. Marketers should understand the impact that new data privacy might have on their current strategy and look for new ways to get around this.

This means we will probably see more contextual advertising and people-based targeting, and seeing marketers will place more value on first-party data to gather information about consumers.

With cookie data disappearing, businesses will also be placing more emphasis on CRM tools. Focusing on CRM software and enhancing customer relationships will certainly be one of the major marketing trends we will see in 2023.

11. Creating Own Audiences

Social media is a highly saturated place. Brands focus on different social media platforms but forget that these audiences are owned by the individual social media networks, and not by the brands.

With so many factors that go into today’s social media algorithms, it can be really tough to get your content seen by your followers. Paid advertising is also incredibly competitive, and even running paid ads doesn’t always ensure you get enough visibility and engagement.

So, one of the marketing trends we should see is brands focusing on creating their own audiences instead of trying to get their content seen on already saturated platforms.

Sure, this isn’t a quick marketing strategy, but it will add plenty of long-term value. It will help you to attract an audience who is actively looking for your content and your brand.

Email newsletters are a great way to achieve this. This allows you to target your subscribers directly, and send them customized content straight to their inboxes. Platforms like YouTube are also great places to create an audience and build up a stronger base of interest around your brand.

12. SEO

While SEO itself is not new, search algorithms are always changing. These algorithms are becoming more contextual and are more focused on the user experience.

Brands should focus more on providing a meaningful experience for today’s consumers. SEO hacks and tricks are becoming less important, and a high-quality experience for the user is taking preference.

84% of marketers will continue to invest the same amount, if not more, into SEO. It’s a vital part of content marketing and gaining visibility and traffic online.

And as SEO strategies increase, search optimization evolves. Google’s algorithms are always growing, and a greater level of SEO expertise is needed if you want to claim the top spots in 2023.

SEO and content marketing aren’t just about providing simple answers to users’ questions online. Today, there’s a lot more that goes into it. Brands are focusing more on working with SEO experts to deliver search insights and reports, multimedia optimization, and more.

So SEO may not be one of the newest marketing trends, but it’s certainly evolving and gaining a new level of importance in 2023.

13. Experiential Marketing

We might be seeing a comeback with experiential marketing. Experiential marketing campaigns use technology like virtual and augmented reality to allow people to step into a fully immersive experience.

These types of experiential marketing strategies were loads of fun and provided some excellent social media content. However, with the pandemic and the global shutdown of physical gatherings and spaces, experiential marketing hit the breaks.

Well, this could change. The world is coming back to physical gatherings, and VR and augmented reality technology are more advanced than ever before. This could give businesses a great opportunity for an unforgettable customer experience.

Whether this plays out as a major marketing trend we can’t be sure, but the stage is set, and the opportunities are there.

14 Native Advertising

There’s a growing interest in native advertising. According to a study, 24% of global marketers were using native advertising in 2021. 23% of those who weren’t using it plan to in 2023. And according to those who use native advertising, 36% of them say it’s a highly effective marketing strategy.

Native ads work really well. They don’t feel like traditional advertising that interrupts website visitors, and they’re a great way to reach a new audience. Native ads are also affordable, and they can produce an excellent ROI.

There’s a good chance that we will see a rise in native advertising in 2023 digital marketing.

native advertising


15. Video

When it comes to content marketing, video remains the top format. Video is incredibly powerful, and more and more brands are utilizing it in their content marketing strategies.

One out of every four marketers who use video says it’s the marketing source that offers the best ROI. It’s the perfect way to build an audience, engage with customers, and get your brand noticed.

As businesses become more comfortable with video, and video plays an increasingly important role online and on social media, we will continue to see a rise in video marketing strategies in the year ahead.

16. LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to grow in 2023. The platform has been gaining considerable amounts of new active users and levels of engagement, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

LinkedIn is also constantly developing new features to help businesses and pages. If you’re looking to expand your social media strategy in 2023, then LinkedIn might be one of the best channels to focus on.

Don’t Forget About Your Marketing Foundations

New digital marketing trends are important but don’t lose your focus on them.

While you might see some great returns on this year’s marketing trends, never forget about the foundational tools you’ve already got in place.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about Facebook losing popularity, but the fact is the platform still has almost 3 billion users (and growing). Content marketing through your blog should remain a top priority, and the social media channels you’ve already established will probably continue to bring you the best results.

Explore new marketing trends, but don’t forget about the basics. In many cases, optimizing your existing marketing efforts will deliver a better ROI than starting something new. So be strategic about how you approach these trends, and only use the ones that match your brand and customers.

Finally, keep your digital strategy simple. Just because there are so many options for a versatile digital strategy, it doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. Focus on what your customers like, and rather master a few channels than attempt all of them.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the biggest trends that we will see in marketing in 2023. Brands need to stay on top of the competition and make sure they keep ahead of today’s consumers.

With so much happening in the digital marketing world, it can be easy for companies to focus on the wrong channels. This could really impact your bottom line.

Follow the marketing trends listed above, and your business should be on a good path to success in the year ahead.

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