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We’re excited to add to the Wishpond family. At the end of 2021, Wishpond acquired Winback, an SMS marketing platform for Shopify users.

The platform offers huge opportunities for online stores to recover abandoned carts, maximize their ROI, and increase sales. It’s one of the most effective ways to turn lost sales into profits.

And Shopify store owners can use Winback for free.

Winback is a valuable tool for any kind of eCommerce business. Combined with Wishpond’s powerful marketing suite, stores that use this software will be unstoppable.

What is Winback?

Winback is an abandoned cart recovery tool for Shopify users. The tool uses powerful SMS marketing technology to convert lost checkouts into sales.

Shopify users can integrate Winback into their store and set up the platform with one click.

When a shopper browses a store but doesn’t add anything to their cart, Winback’s technology is triggered.

The platform can then target the “lost” customer with strategic SMS messages. Not only is it incredibly effective, but the product is also extremely intuitive and user-friendly. This makes it a great fit with Wishpond’s target customer base.

Thanks to the low cost of SMS marketing, Winback customers have been able to achieve a 35x return on their investment. Winback users can see just how much additional revenue their business gains from the platform through the user-friendly dashboard.

If you want to sell more on your online store, Winback might be the exact solution you need.

Using Winback to Maximize Your Sales

Abandoned carts are something that keeps many online store owners up at night. Think about all the potential customers that come so close, then disappear.

It’s frustrating, but there is a way to beat it.

Winback offers Shopify store owners an effective solution to turning these lost sales into profits. The app imports all of your subscribers and automatically removes bad phone numbers. This is done to make sure your SMS marketing results and ROI improve over time.

Each time a potential customer leaves their cart, you can hit them with a strategic SMS at the perfect time. Send them a discount code on the product they abandoned, or deliver marketing content that brings them back to your store.

They’ve already shown an interest in your business, so turning abandoned carts into customers shouldn’t take too much effort.

SMS marketing is the perfect way to do this because it delivers messages straight to your prospects’ phones. Expect much higher open rates and engagement levels than other types of messaging.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, the Winback platform is super simple to set up. No complicated automation is needed to configure it. Just use the apps templates for abandons, and access Winback messages to help you make sales immediately.

With Winback, you can either blast an SMS campaign to your entire customer base, or you can send personalized campaigns to a narrow audience segment to achieve a better ROI.

Each SMS you send costs barely a penny, and you’ll likely see more engagement from your abandoned cart SMS campaigns than you would from email.

Any Shopify store can use Winback to maximize their sales with minimal effort.
Above: Winback dashboard showing how many extra sales the platform generates.

Try Winback for Free

To make it easier for you to get started, Winback is offering a free plan.

Shopify store owners can access 50 free credits per month with Winback. This roughly means you can send out 50 SMS marketing campaigns each month without spending a cent.

Think about all the abandoned carts you can win back with that, and all completely for free. The ROI will be massive.

Try it out if you want to see just how much of an impact this platform will have on your sales.

Now you can get this Shopify SMS marketing app for free.

What Does Winback Mean for Wishpond?

Winback marks Wishpond’s fourth major acquisition over the course of a year – and it’s a big one.

The platform will help Wishpond enter the SMS marketing space, which means the company can offer even more to small businesses. Winback is designed for small-medium-sized businesses, and its easy-to-use software is a perfect fit for Wishpond.

On the business side, WinBack will continue to maintain its own brand and will maintain existing client relationships, while Wishpond will provide operational support.

WinBack’s offerings are expected to enhance Wishpond’s current product offerings and add more value to Wishpond customers.

Optimize Your Shopify Marketing With Winback

If you’re a Shopify store owner, then Winback could be just the tool you need to get more customers and make more sales. The SMS marketing platform is easy to use and offers an excellent return on investment.

If you’re worried about high cart abandonment rates, then this might just be the best solution. It’s an easy way to add SMS marketing to your online store – something that can add a great deal of value to your marketing efforts.

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