15 Best Business Channels On YouTube You Need to Watch


If you’re looking for helpful resources to grow your business, then the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs offer some of the most useful information.

YouTube is loaded full of interesting and entertaining content, and it can be an excellent place to learn how to grow your business.

Whether you want to find out certain tips and strategies to grow your business or are simply looking for inspiration and motivation, then YouTube is the place to go. The only problem is finding the right channels to subscribe to, as there is so much content out there.

Here’s our roundup of the 15 best YouTube channels for business. Whatever kind of business topics you’re after, these channels will cover them in the greatest detail.

1. Wishpond

Wishpond YouTube

Wishpond’s Business Breakdown series features weekly videos on some of the world’s biggest and most interesting entrepreneurial stories.

Learn how billion-dollar businesses started, discover essential lessons that any small business owner should know, and gain inspiration from some of the world’s top business minds.

Wishpond offers marketing solutions for small business owners and has worked directly with thousands of businesses. This has resulted in a deep understanding of the business world, helping offer the most valuable and important business advice.

This YouTube channel for entrepreneurs is entertaining as well as informative. Any business owner can take valuable takeaways from the Business Breakdown videos.

Wishpond also uploads monthly webinars and online training programs with a variety of business experts. These webinars are excellent places to discover some of the best marketing tips and growth strategies to help you grow your business.

So whether you’re looking for self-help advice about marketing, or are a serial entrepreneur looking for inspiration, Wishpond is the channel to follow.

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Top 3 Wishpond Videos

2. Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand YouTube

Behind the Brand highlights some of the world’s greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, and their success stories. This is an excellent YouTube channel for anyone wanting to hear big stories from big names.

This YouTube business channel features guests like Seth Godin, Kevin O’Leary, Simon Sinek, and Demi Lovato to name a few. There’s a wide range of featured guests, focused on business-related topics as well as general inspirational topics.

If you want to hear stories and expert advice from established business professionals and public figures, then this is a great channel for business owners to watch.

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Top 3 Behind the Brand Videos

3. Google Small Business

Google Small Business YouTube

If you’re looking for small business YouTube channels, then this is one of the best resources.

Google’s YouTube channel uses the massive search engine’s resources and combines this with real-life small business stories.

Gain real business insights and learn how small businesses are facing challenges and growing through online channels. These YouTube videos provide small business owners with a lot of actionable advice on how to grow businesses online.

Of course, Google’s YouTube channel includes advice on using Google’s tools, but it also features videos on other tips and small business advice that will be useful to any kind of entrepreneur.

Learn about all kinds of topics, from managing people to engaging with customers, using inbound marketing, and more.

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Top 3 Google Small Business Videos

4. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo YouTube

You can’t talk about YouTube channels for entrepreneurs without mentioning Marie Forleo. Marie is a passionate female entrepreneur who offers valuable life and business advice that all young entrepreneurs will find helpful.

Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel offers many helpful tips and strategies to become a better business owner.

You can learn productivity hacks, expert advice on how to face obstacles, learn how to start a successful online business, and get inspired by reviews with some big-name guests. From Tony Robbins to Oprah, Marie crosses paths with all kinds of amazing people.

Her goal is “to create a business and life you love,” something that her YouTube channel clearly lives up to.

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Top 3 Marie Forleo Videos

5. Startup Grind

Startup grind YouTube

Startup Grind is a global startup community, and one of the best business YouTube channels out there.

This channel features content from Startup Grind’s conference talks. The videos feature some of the most exciting names in the world of startups, to offer you valuable education and inspiration.

Startup Grind offers a wide range of topics and videos, and there’s really something that will appeal to everyone.

If you’re interested in starting your own business and need advice, or if you’re looking to become a better entrepreneur, then Startup Grind is an excellent resource. Whether you’re looking for motivational speaker videos, or actionable workshops, you’ll find your new favorite videos on this channel.

The channel offers advice covering virtually every topic, but they all manage to relate back to entrepreneurship.

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Top 3 Startup Grind Videos

6. Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan YouTube

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo, a popular technology marketplace. His primary focus is to help entrepreneurs succeed, so he shares many valuable insights and tips for new business owners.

One of the best things about Noah Kagan’s YouTube channel is that he keeps it real and entertaining. He shares his own processes and story, and always adds some fun and humor into his videos.

Although he’s such an accomplished entrepreneur, he still offers a very real connection to his audience. Of all the video creators out there, Noah Kagan has one of the fastest-growing business channels. Just watch his videos, and you’ll see why.

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Top 3 Noah Kagan Videos

7. Y Combinator

Y Combinator YouTube

If you’re interested in startups, then this YouTube channel is a must. It’s a treasure chest full of valuable information for anyone wanting to learn more about startups or run their own.

The channel features guests like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. There are interviews, interesting short videos, and coverage from Y Combinator conferences.

Overall, this channel is an excellent resource for all things startups. Whether you want to learn new skills, gain inspiration, or stay ahead of startup news, you’ll find it through Y Combinator.

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Top 3 Y Combinator Videos:

8. Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake YouTube

Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel, known as “The Future of the Creator Economy” is all about helping creators and influencers build brands and businesses online.

Blake’s videos focus on being a creative entrepreneur, and he mainly covers topics like graphic design, social media, photography, and more. If you’re looking for YouTube channels to help you monetize your work and build a business on your creative skills, then this is an excellent resource.

The channel also covers Blake’s own journey from being a small-scale graphic designer and freelancer to becoming a high-earning entrepreneur.

So if you’re looking for actionable advice on creating a smart passive income or building a major business, then this is one of the best business YouTube channels out there.

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Top 3 Roberto Blake videos:

9. Crunch

Crunch YouTube

There’s a lot that goes into starting and operating your own business. When it comes to business YouTube channels, Crunch offers comprehensive insights and advice on how to tackle all kinds of tasks and challenges.

This YouTube channel for entrepreneurs is ideal for anyone trying to make sense of the business world. The channel has videos on topics like setting up and registering your business and finding and landing clients.

The main focus of the channel is on accounting for small businesses. This is incredibly useful because it’s an area that so many new entrepreneurs need help with.

Crunch is the perfect place to learn how to stay on top of your accounts and manage your business better.

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Top 3 Crunch videos:

10. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma YouTube

Robin Sharma is recognized as one of the world’s top leadership experts, a best-selling author, and he runs one of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs.

This channel is great for learning leadership skills and developing your personal strengths. Don’t expect to find direct business-related topics. Rather, you’ll learn things like how to improve your productivity, how to stay positive, how to stay inspired, and more.

Robin Sharma’s channel is full of short, actionable videos that entrepreneurs can use to become better at tackling their daily challenges. He’s also very active on this channel, so you can expect a constant flow of motivation and inspiration.

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Top 3 Robin Sharma videos:

11. Company Man

Company Man YouTube

Looking for business stories and some of the most important business lessons? Then Company Man will become one of your favorite YouTube channels.

Every week, this YouTube channel explores a new business story. The channel looks at some of the world’s biggest businesses and investigates why they’re so successful, or why they failed.

The channel is an excellent place to learn from successful entrepreneurs or from businesses that made major mistakes. Whether you want inspiration or are just looking for some great entertainment, then Company man is certainly a helpful YouTube channel to watch.

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Top 3 Company man videos:

12. Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi YouTube

Sunny Lenarduzzi is entertaining, natural in front of the camera, and offers loads of valuable business tips.

Her channel is especially useful for learning about video marketing, earning a passive income, social media marketing, and learning how to work smarter not harder.

Her videos are easy to follow and grasp, which makes them great for entrepreneurs of all levels.

You can watch this channel to get inspired for your next business venture or find some useful ways to increase your revenue streams.

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Top 3 Sunny Lenarduzzi videos:

13. Inc.

Inc YouTube

Inc. Magazine is a huge name in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Their YouTube channel is full of information and advice to help practically any kind of business.

Follow this channel to learn from creative entrepreneurs, discover tactics from global business leaders, and a lot more. The channel offers some interesting videos on small business news and tech trends, how they did it stories, and various secrets of success.

Inc.’s target audience is vast, so you can expect videos include Steve Aoki, Richard Branson, and the inventor of the cronut.

Inc. offers a wide range of video content to keep you motivated and entertained. From inspiring interviews to educational content explaining the science behind certain ideas, Inc. offers something for everyone.

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Top 3 Inc. videos:

14. Shopify

Shopify YouTube

If you’re just starting out in eCommerce, then Shopify’s YouTube channel is one of the best places to gain insights and inspiration. This YouTube channel teaches you everything you need to know about selling online.

You’ll learn how to set up your first online storefront, how to use Shopify, and how you can improve the way you manage your store.

The videos are engaging and easy to follow for anyone getting into eCommerce.

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Top 3 Shopify videos:

15. Business Insider

Business Insider YouTube

Business Insider may not teach you as many direct insights on how to run a business, but their content is varied, interesting, and entertaining. Business Insider offers a range of different channels, including tech Insider, Business Insider UK, BI Success, and more.

Many entrepreneurs will say Business Insider is on their list of favorite channels thanks to the well-produced videos, interesting topics, and variety of content.

Whether you want to learn about how small businesses operate, discover the latest tech trends, or more, Business Insider is one of the best destinations to watch videos and stay inspired.

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Top 3 Business Insider videos:


The best business YouTube channels make it easy for anyone to gain insights from seasoned professionals and any kind of thought leader imaginable. YouTube gives everyone universal access to some of the most interesting and helpful business content out there.

Whether you want to learn how to improve your project management, gain tips from affiliate marketers, learn about the tech industry, discover passive income businesses, or more, there are YouTube channels that cover it.

We highly recommend the channels listed above for any entrepreneur or business-minded people.

Got any YouTube business channel recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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