How to Create the Ultimate TikTok Marketing Strategy


Thinking of using TikTok marketing for your business? Great idea. 

TikTok is one of the most popular, and fastest growing social media platforms. It boasts massive potential for going viral and getting your brand seen by millions of users. Needless to say, having a solid TikTok marketing strategy can help you achieve big things.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about developing an awesome TikTok marketing strategy. We’ll outline the steps you need to take, as well as a few of the best TikTok marketing tips.

Let’s get into it!

  1. What is TikTok Marketing?
  2. Getting Started With TikTok for Business
  3. How to Create a TikTok Marketing Strategy: 9 Steps
    3.1) Understand TikTok and Trends
    3.2) Define Your Target Audience
    3.3) Understand the Competition
    3.4) Set TikTok Marketing Goals
    3.5) Create a TikTok Content Calendar
    3.6) Create Amazing Content
    3.7) Engage With Other TikTok Users
    3.8) Monitor Your Results
    3.9) Experiment and Have Fun
  4. How to Advertise On TikTok
  5. Tips for a Better TikTok Marketing Strategy

What is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing is all about using TikTok as a platform to promote your brand. Businesses can use TikTok for many different purposes – like spreading brand awareness, promoting a specific product or service, or even driving sales through the platform. 

With one billion active users around the world, all kinds of businesses can use TikTok for marketing. A well-planned TikTok marketing strategy will let you can create a highly engaged audience, reach new customers, create a deeper connection with your audience, and strategically target the right audience with the right marketing content.  

When brands use TikTok, their TikTok marketing strategy usually covers three main areas. 

1. Creating TikTok Videos

This is when you create a TikTok account for your business, create content, and build an audience organically. This is the most popular way to use TikTok, and there is no limit to what kind of content you can post and what you can achieve. 

When creating TikTok videos, a general goal is to land on the For You page. This is where new users will discover your content. If you want to go viral on TikTok, then this must be your goal.

To achieve this, it’s important to understand the TikTok algorithm and how it works. 

TikTok For You Page

2. Influencer Marketing On TikTok

Influencer marketing is a big part of using TikTok to promote your brand. This is when you use established influencers with a large audience to help you reach loads of users on the platform. 

TikTok influencers could be famous stars with millions of followers, or they could be small micro-influencers in your local area. This makes it possible for brands of all sizes to use TikTok influencers in their marketing strategy.

3. TikTok Advertising

If you have some budget to spend and want to reach more users straight away, then you can make use of TikTok ads. TikTok advertising lets you run ads in a variety of different formats, and directly target your exact audience.

Read our complete guide on how to use TikTok ads to help you get started. 

Getting Started with TikTok for Business

Before you create a TikTok marketing strategy, you will need to set up a TikTok for Business account. TikTok for Business lets you access important TikTok marketing metrics, add more information to your business’s profile, and gain audience insights. 

How to Create a TikTok for Business Account:

  1. Open your profile page
  2. Open the Settings and Privacy tab
  3. Tap Manage Account
  4. Go to Account Control and choose Switch to Business Account
  5. Now TikTok will offer you a range of different categories to choose from. Select the category that best describes your business
  6. Add your business website and email to your profile
  7. That’s it – your TikTok for Business account is ready
TikTok for Business
This is what TikTok for Business looks like. Image: TikTok

How to Create a TikTok Marketing Strategy: 9 Steps

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok moves very fast. Trends change all the time, and new ways to use TikTok are always evolving. The best way to respond to this is to have a solid TikTok marketing strategy in place first. 

Whatever kind of brand you will be marketing, here are the most essential steps to take to build a strong foundation on TikTok. 

1. Understand TikTok and Trends

Like all social media platforms, the first step to creating a strong TikTok marketing strategy is to understand TikTok, how it works, and what kind of content TikTok users like to consume. Spend some time on the app, following brands within your niche, and getting to grips with the various TikTok features. 

A major part of TikTok marketing comes down to understanding trends on the platform. TikTok is all about trending content. This includes things like trending hashtags, challenges, audio, and more.

While TikTok trends change all the time, it’s important to understand how they work and to know when to jump onto them. Using TikTok regularly is the only sure-fire way to stay on top of trending content. 


such a fun one! Knowing how to loop videos is an AWESOME skill to have 🔁✨ practice it here! 🔥 #howtoloop #looptransition #looptrend #loopedvideo #trendtutorial2022 #newtrendontiktok #transitiontutorialforbeginners

♬ lordxp loop – LORD.xp

2. Define Your Target Audience

Next, you’ll need to know who you are creating TikTok videos for. It’s important to understand who you will be targeting on TikTok before you start creating content. 

While TikTok is known for being one of the most popular social media platforms for teens and young people, this doesn’t mean your audience is limited to young age groups. These days, people of all ages and with all kinds of interests are on TikTok. 

First, establish your brand’s target audience and ideal customer. Think about their age, their habits, and what their interests are. You should create a detailed target customer profile for this. 

Then explore TikTok and the different communities that exist on the platform. For example, you might target moms for your product. Check out hashtags like #momtok to see what kind of content is popular among this audience. 

The more you are able to zone in on your target audience, the more strategically you can create content to match their interests. 

TikTok marketing

3. Understand the Competition

A great step towards a successful TikTok marketing strategy is to perform a competitor analysis. Search for your main competitors on the app, see if they are active on TikTok, and check out what kind of content they are posting. 

This can help you understand what type of content within your niche works and what doesn’t work. You can also look for missing content opportunities. 

Don’t forget to check out and follow any influencers that specialize in your niche. This will help you stay up to date with popular content and discover what kind of videos you can create. 

4. Set TikTok Marketing Goals

The last thing to do before shooting videos and posting content is to establish a system of goals. Understand your business objectives and set goals that align with them.

This all comes down to what you want to achieve with TikTok. Do you want to reach as many people as possible and develop a big audience? Do you want to promote and sell specific products? Are you looking to attract a new demographic to your business?

Understand your objective, and then find a way to measure this. 

By having clear objectives and measurable goals, you will be able to assess and refine your TikTok marketing strategy to help you achieve better results. 

5. Create a TikTok Content Calendar

Plan out your content before you post it. One of the best ways to become popular on TikTok is to post consistently and to post often. In order to keep this organized, you should use a clearly-planned content calendar. 

You don’t need any fancy social media tools to do this. Just use a spreadsheet and mark out each day of the month, detailing what content you will post. This ensures your strategy stays consistent, and it helps you stay organized. 

It’s also important to post your TikTok videos at the right time to maximize engagement. You can follow our guide to the best time to post on TikTok to help you out. 

best time to post on TikTok

6. Create Amazing Content

Now for the fun part, creating videos! This is what TikTok is all about. Ultimately, your TikTok marketing will only be as good as the content you post.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a video expert or the next SNL comedian to become a hit on TikTok. The most important thing is that you are authentic, that you find your unique personality, and that you let this shine in your videos.

TikTok is a fun social media platform, and you don’t need to take yourself too seriously on it. So our best advice would be to dive in head first, start creating videos, and see what your audience likes best. The more videos you make, the better you will get. 

TopTip: Go back to the first step of understanding TikTok trends. If you aren’t sure what to post, you can always recreate other popular content and add your own personal spin to it. 


Reply to @mialvinci if you’re @RunningJord, absolutely

♬ original sound – Vessi

7. Engage With Other TikTok Users

TikTok is a social media platform, so don’t forget to be social! If you want to attract more engagement, then start engaging yourself. Follow other brands and influencers, comment on their videos, tag them, and make sure that you always engage in your own videos’ comment sections. 

Remember, your TikTok strategy is not only about posting content. It should be a two-way connection between you and your audience, so always factor this in when creating a TikTok strategy. 

A good way to increase engagement is to write TikTok captions that ask questions, or promote engagement through ideas like “tag a friend who can relate”.


Throwback cause this song is trending again lol @ianpaget_ dc @freemanismyname #bemyloverchallenge #bemylover

♬ Be My Lover – La Bouche

8. Monitor Your Results

Now that you’re active on TikTok, the work is not over. The next step in your strategy is to pay attention to your TikTok analytics and monitor the results of your videos. 

Go back to your TikTok marketing goals, and remind yourself of your objective. Then compare your account’s performance to these objectives. Try to identify areas that you can change and improve to hello you achieve your goals. 

You can also look at which videos get the most views and the highest levels of engagement, then try to create more videos like this. 

By understanding your engagement metrics and audience behavior, you’ll be able to consistently optimize your TikTok marketing efforts to help you achieve better results. 

9. Experiment and Have Fun

By this stage, you have developed a solid TikTok marketing strategy. Now it’s time to loosen it up a bit and just have fun on the platform! Keep your goals the same, but try out different types of content, play around with different trends, and enjoy yourself. 

TikTok is not a place to take your brand too seriously. And the more you experiment, the more effectively you will be able to find your authentic voice and what kind of content works best on your account.

Don’t be afraid to rope in multiple people. Try to get your colleagues to create videos for your TikTok account to help you try out new personalities and ideas. You should also experiment with different content formats. 

Follow these TikTok hacks to help you try different things on the platform.

How to Advertise On TikTok

If you want to ensure more people watch your content, then you can use TikTok ads. The upside to using ads is that you can get a lot of views and engagement on important content before you even have a following. You can also target these ads to reach your specific audience.

The downside is that you have to pay for ads.

You can run in-feed ads, ads for managed brands, and extra ad formats like Topview ads, branded hashtag challenges, and branded effects. You can read our complete guide to TikTok ads for more information on this. 

You’ll also need to create an ad account for TikTok Ads Manager. You can do this here.

Tips for a Better TikTok Marketing Strategy

Now you know how to use TikTok for digital marketing. However, TikTok is always changing, and there’s a lot that goes into building a strong TikTok presence. To help you make the most of this social network, here are some of the best tips and tricks to use. 

Try Selling On TikTok

If you have an online store, you can use the TikTok Shop feature to let your audience discover and buy products directly through the app. This can be a great way to increase sales and gain access to a new sales channel. 

You can follow our in-depth guide to using TikTok for eCommerce for more information on this. 

Try Selling On TikTok

Compared to other social media platforms, user-generated content (UGC) plays a massive role in successful TikTok marketing. This is content created by other users and not your brand.

UGC is typically seen through hashtag challenges on TikTok. Your brand could create a giveaway challenge, and encourage users to add your hashtag to their video entry. With a viral challenge, you can go completely viral. 

Not only does UGC increase your reach in a big way, but this kind of content also feels more authentic and trustworthy to viewers. 

Check out these TikTok contest ideas and examples to help you find ways to generate UGC.

Image: Hootsuite

Go Live On TikTok

Doing a TikTok live broadcast is an excellent way to connect with your audience and create a different form of content. TikTok Lives can be used strategically in your marketing strategy to help you promote and sell specific products.

Follow our guide on how to go live on TikTok for more information. 

Stay On Top Of Trending Audio

One of the most effective ways to increase your reach on TikTok is to use the right audio content. By using trending audio, you’ll be creating videos with audio that loads of people are already searching for. So the right audio can get you more views, and help you make a greater impression on new viewers. 

Go to the Discover at the bottom of your screen. This is where you will find all of the hottest trending songs and hashtags. 

Post Often

It’s hard to post too often on TikTok – if that’s even possible. 

One of the best ways to perfect your TikTok marketing strategy is to post frequently and consistently. This will give you better chances of going viral, and it will help you to refine your video-making skills. Try to make sure you always have a video ready to follow up on your latest post.


The right TikTok marketing strategy can help any business reach a lot more people and achieve many different goals. TikTok is a versatile social media platform, with a lot of different features and possibilities. 

Following the steps above, and utilizing all that TikTok has to offer, could help you grow your business in a big way.  

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