Wishpond: A Recognized Leader in Content Marketing


Wishpond has been selected as a Category Leader in content marketing software, according to Gartner – one of the world’s leading platforms for business software reviews and research. Wishpond also received various other badges from Gartner at the same time. 

We’re excited to announce a few new awards from Gartner, including a Category Leader badge in content marketing. As Wishpod continues to develop and expand on its platform, this accomplishment serves as a big confirmation that Wishpond users are loving their tools!

Gartner is a platform with a strong reputation, and Wishpond’s recognition and success on this platform reveals just how much value the software provides clients. 

Let’s quickly unpack these awards, and what they mean for Wishpond. 

GetApp Category Leaders Award

GetApp is the premier online resource for businesses looking for software products. Wishpond is proud to have won a Category Leaders badge on their GetApp platform. This badge places Wishpond as a leader within the content marketing software category. 

Wishpond earned this coveted badge thanks to the many excellent reviews and ratings directly from users. 

Here are some things that Wishpond users had to say about the platform on GetApp:

“What I like most are the designs of their ready-made templates and the amazing customer service they have. Also, to have extensive automated workflow options.” – Jennifer W

“We love that we can start users out with a landing page, and take them through an email ‘drip’ journey to best teach them about our services.” – Jason W

“Wishpond does a lot of stuff. It’s probably one of my most useful tools in my marketing kit thanks to its robust features. Not only does it have the easiest landing page builder ever that anyone can quickly build out a page on even if they have zero experience, but it can also make pop-ups, run contests, and even do email marketing automation!” – Carol C

“Wishpond helps us solve almost every aspect of our inbound lead generation and automated email marketing. I am extremely pleased with the results.” – Hank T

Wishpond Gartner Awards

It doesn’t end with the Category Leaders badge. Wishpond has also received multiple other awards from Gartner software platforms. These include:

  • Making the Capterra Shortlist in the landing page software category
  • Making the Capterra Shortlist in the content marketing software category 
  • Being a Front Runner in the landing page category on Software Advice
  • Being a Front Runner in the content marketing category on Software Advice

In each of these cases, Wishpond has outperformed many other apps and platforms. This is all based on the experiences, reviews, and ratings of Wishpond users. 

What Does Wishpond Do?

Having scooped up all of these badges, Wishpond is clearly a versatile marketing platform. Let’s break down what exactly Wishpond software includes and how you can use this. 

Wishpond is an all-in-one marketing software solution for businesses. By offering a 360-degree platform, Wishpond makes it easy for small businesses to cover all of their marketing needs through a single subscription. This is far easier, more affordable, and more efficient than using various different tools to cover all of your processes. 

First, Wishpond offers a complete Website Builder. The Website Builder makes it possible for businesses to create entire websites from the ground up – even if they have zero web design experience. This is made possible by the builder’s easily customizable templates. 

It isn’t just any website builder though. By creating your site with Wishpond, you get automatic access to a full range of marketing tools, such as a:

And more, all in one platform.

All of these tools are also available if you do not plan to use the Website Builder. You also get an effortless Landing Page tool to create high-quality landing pages for your campaigns. 

Wishpond also offers a specialized Shopify Marketing platform, giving Shopify stores every marketing tool they need to grow. 

On top of the software solutions, Wishpond provides expert marketing services. You could sign up for an unlimited graphic design subscription, work with SEO experts to help your site get more traffic, have ads specialists create campaigns for your business, and a lot more. 

To sum it up, Wishpond makes marketing easy for small businesses, without sacrificing results. 

Try Wishpond for Your Business

With this string of new badges, Wishpond has solidified itself as a leader in marketing software. And as the platform continues to innovate, improve, and develop, we can’t wait to see how our users will continue to grow their businesses. 

If you’re interested in trying out Wishpond for your business, then chat with one of our experts. They will walk you through a complete product demo, showing how you can use the many different Wishpond features and functions to attract more customers and make more sales. 

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