7 Useful Productivity Chrome Extensions For Marketers


In order to become successful in any industry, it’s not enough just to have knowledge and skills, you need to own a set of tools that can dial your work in and at the same time make it easier.

There are already thousands of Google Chrome extensions that can be really useful for marketers. But it may take a lot of time to choose the best ones.

Don’t worry, we did everything for you, having collected 7 useful tools that will help optimize your workflows. With their help, you can save time on performing some tasks by entrusting some functionality to these extensions.

So, what tools will help with text verification, SEO optimization, solving the question of how to verify an email address, and onwards? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

So marketers… Ready to start!


Wordtune is a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to help you create clearer and more convincing writing styles by assessing your work.


Wordtune does not market itself as a grammar checker. On the contrary, it is one of the few AI software tools that tries to understand the context and semantics of what you are writing.

It’s the brainchild of AI21 Labs which uses multiple language models to rephrase sentences.

Using this extension, you can work to improve your content. To help you do this, the service uses advanced neural network-based NLP technology in combination with standard artificial intelligence tools.

The Wordtune tool rephrases the content you’re writing and rewrites it smoother and simpler. It tries to improve the readability of the text instead of the usual grammar checker, which focuses more on syntax than semantics.

According to WalletWin co-founder Jonathan Teixeira, it is an indispensable tool for writing better, more correctly, and formulating thoughts more professionally.

Wordtune helps him match his text to the current situation, and he finds this tool very useful and valuable for his work.

“I really like WordTune. It’s almost frightening how good it can be at rephrasing sentences or rewriting them in a different tone of voice. I am amazed by what it can do. I find it to be a very helpful tool, not just for writers, but for everyone who communicates online, which I guess is almost everyone.”

#2. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO plugins on the market, and with it even newbies can start SEO like a pro. Ahrefs Chrome extension uses its own database, which is much better than competitors’ one, for example, Mozbar.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar also features internal search engine optimization reports, tracking redirects, finding broken links, and highlighting nofollow links.

And yet, it is worth noting that after registering with the service and linking an account, Ahrefs users can study the main indicators of pages, domains, and keywords for visited URLs, and search results in an advanced version right from the browser.

According to the opinion of director of operations at Clearfire Andrea Hester, they chose Ahrefs because the possibilities are so great.

The tool assists them in providing their clients with comprehensive SEO analysis reports, with recommendations for technical and internal improvements, analyzing the performance of their client’s websites, and identifying SEO opportunities.

“For our purposes of helping provide comprehensive SEO analytics over time for several different websites, Ahrefs is the best tool we’ve found. It has an easy-to-use interface, doesn’t require downloading and installing any software, and provides an extensive library of helpful resources and tips for application. From page performance analysis to keyword analysis and competitor rank tracking, Ahrefs is a one-stop shop for SEO.”

#3. Snippet

Snippet is an extension that helps marketers collect all the important points in one place. There is also an instant search function, instant syncing on your phone, computer, and cloud backups.


With the Snippet tool, you can add notes, annotations to each saved selection, and share selected moments with other applications such as Evernote, and OneNote.

You can also share highlights of your interest with annotations – by email or on social networks such as Twitter, and Facebook.

You can download highlights and notes in PDF or editable text files, as well as Word or Excel files.

A nice bonus to this benefit is that you can expand your capabilities with Zapier. If you need to share snippets of information on a shared dashboard with your client, Snippets allows you to do a little optimization.

Import one or more highlights into project management tools like Trello or ClickUp using automated flows in Zapier.

#4. Evernote

Evernote is an extension that is a great way to organize articles that you will need to read in the future or organize the notes you have taken.


It helps a lot with preemptive validation and performance.

With the Evernote plugin, you can work offline, take notes, and collect web articles or photos in one organized space.

This is a great extension for managing and sharing assets with groups that can be accessed on all devices.

According to manager-marketing at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Shiwangi Goel, this solution was a good choice for their company because it is ideal for managing appointments.

“It helps us manage meetings, archive notes of all meetings, take notes both through typing as well as audio, even text in photographs is also recognized which is of great help and avoids retyping of handwritten notes.”

#5. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is an email productivity extension that includes scheduling, reminders, and customizing the launch of recurring emails, and templates.

Right Inbox

With Right Inbox, you can set the time zone you need, any date and time of delivery.

You can also create multiple signatures, and then, when sending emails, choose the most appropriate option for the situation.

In addition, you can add Gifs to your emails. This will make your letter more interesting to the recipient, and they simply cannot help paying attention to you.

Richard Tubb from Tubblog shared his impressions of this extension. He called RightInbox his new strike.

He was impressed by the rich set of features available in the tools, especially the fact that you can customize your mail so that emails he writes out of office hours are scheduled for the next day during office hours.

“I have used Right Inbox since the first day I moved to Google Workplace and have found it an invaluable tool for next-level email productivity. Thanks to Right Inbox, for making my email life a lot easier!”

#6. NoFollow

NoFollow is a tool that can quickly identify links on websites that do not increase the value of the links.

Why should you check this value at all? And why will this extension be useful for you?


Look, as a marketer, if you are already negotiating a collaboration in the form of publishing your article on a website, you need to understand whether this will bring value to you in terms of attracting leads and SEO optimization.

With this extension, you will be able to compute nofollow links – hyperlinks with the rel attribute with the value “nofollow”. They do not affect the ranking of the pages they lead to because Google does not pass PageRank or anchor text through them. In fact, Google’s search bot doesn’t even visit such pages.

To use this tool, just download and install it, then open the webpage and if there are any nofollow links, they will be highlighted.

Besides, you can also use this extension to make sure that any NoFollow or DoFollow tags you assigned on your website page are in order.

#7. Snovio Email Verifier 

Snov.io Email Verifier is an extension that helps you to clear your mailing list of old or invalid emails.

Snovio Email Verifier

This is an insanely important feature for marketers because sending mailings to unverified emails will result in a high bounce rate and your ESP email blocking.

The goal of the service is to maintain a high reputation for your email account by improving the delivery speed of your campaigns.

CEO and co-founder of Your/dev company Matheus Costa shared his experience with Snov.io Email Verifier. This extension helped his team solve the difficulties of compiling their lists of potential customers:

“We’ve always had difficulties with building our lead lists in a way that would make them complete with all the necessary information and verified contacts. That’s where Snov.io helped us: now we can be certain of the quality of the email contacts we find.”

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Let’s make it clear now and summarize the whole wide range of mentioned tools: 

  • Use Wordtune to create best-selling texts
  • Save the effective and comprehensive SEO analytics with Ahrefs Toolbar
  • Collect essential pieces of information through Snippet
  • Evernote: the key to planning reasonable your future work
  • It is too hard to organize emails without Right Inbox
  • Dealing with links? Try NoFollow for an instant value view
  • Never waste your time on non-existing or outdated addresses with Email Verifier by Snov.io

These top 7 Google Chrome extensions will help you work faster and more efficiently by making your day-to-day tasks easier. Install them, use them, and they will become indispensable tools for you.

You will be able to check the copy and promote your brand with quality content, start communicating by email with your target audience with the right personalized approach, which will only make your leads more loyal to your brand, and you will be able to clear your base of potential customers and current ones from invalid emails, and so on.

It’s great to have such assistants at hand, and if they are already available and in demand among users, then it’s a sin not to use them. In addition, you can do it everywhere for free!


Written by our guest writer Nikita from Snov.io

He provide materials on digital marketing, email campaigns, and everything you encounter while building your business strategy through the Web. His best principle for efficient work always has been and still remains communication and co-help.