7 Ways You Can Use An eCommerce Virtual Assistant To Grow Your Business


If you are here, you likely need help with your eCommerce store. Knowing better about eCommerce virtual assistants and what they do is an excellent way to find solutions to your problems. 

Every business needs time and resources to grow. When you start a business, you aim to take all the responsibilities on your shoulders. But as your eCommerce store flourishes, you need professionals by your side to handle the growing business. Whether an established firm or a bootstrapped startup, scaling up requires a good and effective team. 

The challenges of forming a team are no secret – from posting a job description to identifying and interviewing an ideal candidate to job simulations. It is a long and time-consuming process that can be exhaustive for small business owners. However, hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant can solve all your problems while building your eCommerce store. 

You can understand it better with this example. There are many lists to process in an eCommerce business while attending important client meetings simultaneously.

As a prudent business owner, you always prioritize crucial business meetings over recurring and cumbersome tasks like preparing a list of products, etc.  But, the problem is that you cannot leave one task over the other. That is where an eCommerce assistant can make your life easier. 

Let’s begin by knowing more about eCommerce virtual assistants. 

eCommerce Virtual Assistant – A Basic Introduction 

An eCommerce virtual assistant is an experienced professional who can help you build and grow your eCommerce store. They provide you with online support, handling a range of eCommerce services. 

There is a lot for you to process as a business founder. An eCommerce assistant can simplify your technicalities by taking care of small and enormous tasks that do not require your direct intervention. 

Let’s look at 7 Ways You can use the eCommerce Assistant services for your business.

1. To List Products 

One of the everyday activities that an eCommerce assistant excels at is creating large product lists. The listing process includes uploading product titles, refining their optimization, changing products, setting prices, and labeling.

Due to the amount of detail required in these jobs, they can take several hours to complete. In addition, product listing is a continuous task that requires you to do regular updates. You can save time by delegating them to a virtual assistant and focusing on other aspects of your business. 

Product Research

2. For Researching and sourcing products 

You will likely make more sales if your store features and sells trending products. Selling trendy products also leads to better audience engagement and word-of-mouth publicity. 

A virtual eCommerce assistant can help you with product research and recommend things to add to your online store. They can also conduct market research for you by swiping through web pages and gathering helpful information.

Researching and sourcing

3. To Design and Develop Store

The initial encounter of a potential client with your eStore determines a lot for your business, including whether or not they will convert into paying customers. According to a survey by Harvard Business Review’s The Daily Stat, company websites account for 36% of conversions. As a result, the necessity of a well-designed website or eStore becomes clear.

Usually, the trend is that most businesses choose to work with professional or experienced web designers to create a web store. However, the job is not yet complete at this stage. After setting up your store, ensure that all product changes are uploaded on time. You must also work on adding new web pages and correct any existing errors.

Finally, there are methods for increasing conversion rates, such as implementing data-driven improvements. But, again, you can efficiently resolve these issues with the help of a virtual eCommerce assistant. 

Design and Develop

4. To Sort Inventory 

Inventory management is critical because you must maintain a delicate inventory balance, avoiding an excessive surplus or shortfall.

eCommerce store owners frequently face issues like this, resulting in significant losses. An eCommerce assistant can help you avoid this predicament by keeping track of your inventory. You can also save on warehouse expenditures by not retaining significant volumes of excessive stock.

Inventory management takes time and is prone to errors since it necessitates close attention to detail. Virtual eCommerce assistants are experts in managing inventory. With their experience, they master the art of quickly putting everything in its proper place without missing a beat.

Order Processing

5. For Processing the Orders

Order processing is one of the most fundamental aspects of running an eCommerce shop. It’s a recurring daily, weekly, or monthly task, depending on your company’s sales. You can manage orders, shipping, and bills with the help of an eCommerce assistant. 

Processing orders requires a professional to pay attention. At times, orders get delayed due to minor issues. A virtual assistant is ideal for executing this task for highly-engaged business owners. 

Product Descriptions

6. To Write Crisp Product Descriptions

From chocolate to expensive furniture, we buy anything after reading their description. Interestingly, those who buy products after reading the reviews of a product read the description first. 

A well-written product description is one of the most important aspects of a successful product or service. Product descriptions are brief, but they require writing effort since they feature more than product details. An experienced eCommerce assistant knows how to write a product description that follows the latest SEO trends while attracting the target audience’s attention.

Good product descriptions provide a two-fold benefit: increased audience engagement and improved Google results. According to Statista, there are 2.14 billion internet shoppers in the world. So consider how beneficial good product descriptions can be on a large scale.

Customer Service

7. For Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Providing a positive client experience is essential for getting recurring business. It is essential to running an eCommerce shop, but it takes time. A virtual assistant can answer your calls, respond to your messages, and even communicate with customers via social media and live chat. Outstanding customer service can help you prevent bad reviews and keep clients. 

Benefits Of Hiring An eCommerce Assistant 

Now, you know why you should hire a remote assistant for your eCommerce store. But, what about some of the new advantages of hiring a virtual assistant? 

  • You do not have to set up a physical office to work with a virtual assistant. Office equipment can absorb a significant amount of expenses. You can use your savings for investments or scaling up further. 
  • Outsourcing can save you from trouble and make things smooth for you. For example, when you hire a virtual eCommerce assistant, you pay hourly instead of spending a hefty amount on a monthly salary. It also allows you to be flexible and choose hourly services as your requirements. 
  • Takes Less Time: The process of hiring is hectic. Finding all the right portals and posting for a job can drain your time and energy. You can connect with a VA agency like Wishup to make the hiring process swift. 

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Final Word 

Delegation is an essential step to take for every business. It becomes even more important for an eCommerce company because there are different tasks to fulfill: demand/supply, product promotion, etc. A virtual eCommerce assistant can be your saving grace to overcome the workload and ensure growth. 

From developing the store, sorting inventory, listing different products on your website, and processing orders, a VA can significantly lower your workload. They can also take charge of product research, sourcing & dealing with customers. 
However, there is always some dilemma or confusion when you go for your first hire. Hence, you can also refer to this step-by-step guide to hiring a virtual eCommerce assistant. So, wait no more and start toward business growth by hiring a virtual assistant.


Written by our guest writer Priya, a writer and content strategist with Wishup

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