The Ultimate List of Top 7 Native Ad Platforms for Publishers in 2022


The success of a brand’s business can be determined by the success of its marketing campaign. Marketing has always been a crucial part of businesses as it helps reach and acquire a higher customer base. 

Businesses today offer a substantial margin of their profits to their marketing revenue, averaging 25%-40%. Because the return on investment is so high, spending a few million over the marketing channel doesn’t feel bothersome to the companies. 

However, advertising itself has remarkably transformed in the recent few years. Unlike before, when ads were placed compulsively over the user content, now the system has significantly changed. 

Today, native advertising methods have evolved and are used by top brands to display their advertisements. Native advertising has become extremely popular due to its ability to showcase product advertisements without interrupting the user content experience. 

Native advertising is an authentic way of bringing audiences together and targeting them with personalization methods. Hence, this blog will look at the list of the seven best native ad platforms that businesses can leverage to start their native ad journey. Let us begin!

What is Native Advertising?

Native Ad Example

Before we jump ahead and explore the tools used for native advertising, let us first understand what native advertising essentially means. 

Native advertisements are paid content that matches the feel, format, and look of the posts displayed over your social media platform or website. For instance, you might have seen ads similar to normal posts while scrolling your feed on Instagram. 

The native advertisements are purposely designed with the intent to market the product or service of a brand by delivering a seamless experience to the user. IPG labs suggest that over 70% of the people in a survey admitted that they identified more with a native advertisement instead of banner ads. 

Native ads are an excellent way of projecting information you want to spread without hampering the user experience. 

How is Native Ad Network Beneficial for Your Business?

Native Advertising

As opposed to traditional advertisements, native ads offer a great range of benefits both for the publishers and users. Let us glance at some of them:

Native Ads Make the Content Relevant for Users

Native ads are more contextually relevant for the users as they seamlessly blend with the content users are viewing on their social media pages. The biggest benefit of native advertisements is that they do not forcibly stop the content you are viewing and jump to your feed. 

Rather, they silently pass across your screen in alignment with the displayed content leading to a more effective marketing campaign.  

They Help Achieve Higher User Impressions 

Due to the subtle nature of native advertisements, the possibility of a user viewing and engaging with the advertisement hugely surges. 

Many surveys that have been done for native advertising show that people are more likely to engage with advertisements that present their content in a sophisticated manner instead of presenting it vigorously. 

Provide a Streamlined Approach to Reach Target Audiences 

The reason for the high prominence of native ads compared to other advertising formats is because of its streamlined approach to reaching the desired target audiences. In recent years, the purpose of advertisements has shifted to provide users with a personalized experience. 

However, with banner or video ads, the process is more difficult due to their persuasive nature of emergence. However, in the case of native ads, there is no such problem, and the brand can effortlessly provide an enhanced experience to the user. 

Deliver Higher Website Responsiveness for Users

You might have seen that usually, when banner ads appear, they are cut out or take a large part of your screen for their projection. This hampers the mobile-using experience of the user, and the chances of them clicking on the ad become minimum. 

In contrast, native ads deliver a seamless feel of a normal mobile-using experience, which increases the chances of users clicking on the ad and viewing it.  

Now,  you might better understand how native ads are advantageous for your business. However, advertising is a part of the business after your company is fully established. Read our blog to learn how to choose the right business model for your company and how to select the best state for LLC operating agreement. 

Top 7 Native Ad Platforms for Publishers in 2022

Here is the list of seven best native ad platforms you must know about in 2022:

1. CodeFuel


CodeFuel is amongst the top native ad platforms that deliver value for money to its users. It offers multiple ways to enhance the user experience and effective methods to monetize the content. CodeFuel has an enormous list of over a thousand publishers and are experts in making native advertising successful for your marketing campaign. 

Key Features 

  • App monetization
  • Search mediation
  • Website monetization
  • Intent-based searching

Publisher Requirements 

The content must be of good intent and add value to the publishing website. 

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

There is no minimum traffic requirement in CodeFuel.


  • Quick and effective results
  • Streamlined processes
  • Good and reliable customer support
  • Provides higher traffic to the content and website 


  • Does not provide in-depth data analytics with visualizations


The pricing plans for CodeFuel start at $10 – $15. 

2. Outbrain


Outbrain is one of the biggest content ad networks worldwide. It is highly prominent among content marketers to place blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, etc., on notable publisher sites viewed by massive audiences. Outbrain is always considered the top option to pick because of its policy to publish only clean content that usually amplifies the brand image. 

Key Features 

  • Campaign management
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Customize branding
  • Easy data import/export mechanism

Publisher Requirements 

Outbrain generally pays attention to only high-quality publishers that publish fresh, engaging, and valuable content on their pages. 

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

There is no minimum traffic requirement with Outbrain. 


  • Easy to use
  • Have multiple useful features
  • Offer high-quality publishers


  • Poor customer service
  • Doesn’t allow content for financial and health services


The pricing plans for Outbrain start at $10/day – $300/month.  

3. Taboola


Taboola is one of the first few native ad network platforms to start the method of native advertisements. It provides premium quality content with innovative captions for a higher user engagement rate. The best part of Taboola is it does not put any restrictions on the context of the content. 

Key Features 

  • Retargeting
  • Predictive engine
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Editorial management

Publisher Requirements 

Taboola has an open business model and accepts all websites irrespective of their niche.

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

Taboola has a minimum traffic requirement of at least 1 million page views per month.


  • The app is easy to navigate.
  • It has no setup fees
  • Customer-oriented features


  • No free trial is available.
  • Higher API response time
  • Lack of performance


The pricing for Taboola starts at $10 per day.

4. Earnify


Earnify is one of the leading native ad platforms with a well-established name in its industry. The primary reason for its popularity is the competitive rates that it offers because of the CPA model it follows. Earnify provides two ad formats mainly: Standard Widget and Exit Overlay. 

Key Features 

  • Direct programmatic integration with more than 30 networks
  • One-stop dashboard
  • Multiple bidding models (CPC/CPM)
  • Real-time bidder available

Publisher Requirements 

The content should not have any adult, violent, or hateful content, and the website must have used advertisements strategically in the content.  

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

Earnify has a minimum traffic requirement of 5,00,000 page views per month. 


  • Simple user interface 
  • Easy to get approved
  • Availability of pragmatic features


  • Highly inappropriate or adult content
  • Customer service support is poor
  • Expensive pricing plans


The pricing for ​​Earnify starts at $249. 

5. Nativo


Nativo is an esteemed native ad network designed for audiences in the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia. It offers an exclusive click-in format structure that perfectly blends with the content present in the editorial feed delivering a high-end experience to the user. 

Key Features 

  • Self-service solutions
  • Multiple Ad formats and tools
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Analytics and support

Publisher Requirements 

There is no specific requirement for publishing the content. However, the content should add value to the already existing content on the website. 

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

Nativo has a minimum traffic requirement of 2 million visitors per month. 


  • Advanced tools are available.
  • Different ad formats can be used.
  • Native ads seamlessly blend with the content.   


  • Traffic requirements are high. 
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is $250.


The plans for Nativo start at a price of $20/day.

6. Revcontent


Revcontent is the fastest-growing native ad network globally. Revcontent offers various highly responsive widgets for different devices that make it easier to fuse native ads in the content. Due to the presence of several unique features, Revcontent is considered one of the best ad networks today. 

Key Features 

  • Affiliate Program 
  • Google AMP
  • Tracking codes can be embed 
  • Multiple formats and placement options.

Publisher Requirements 

Revconnent has a fairly strict policy and accepts only high-value content that is free from adult and violent content. Also, there must not be any copyright infringements.

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

The content must have hundred thousand impressions daily and three million impressions per month. 


  • High paying advertisers
  • Customizable widgets
  • Multiple payment options


  • High traffic requirements
  • Not suitable for small publishers


Revcontent has several options to start with and requires a minimum funding amount of $50 to start. 


Redirect is one of the finest native ad network platforms that leverages methods such as link building, exit pops, parking domains, etc., and conducts its bidding process in real time. Multiple landing page designs are available that make it simple to integrate native ads into the content. 

Key Features 

  • Combo of CPC, CPA, and CPM revenue model
  • Pragmatic features
  • Seamless integration of the ads
  • Easy-to-use interface

Publisher Requirements 

Redirect opts for publishers that can provide high-quality and value-added content. 

Minimum Traffic Requirement 

There is no specific traffic requirement. 


  • International traffic available
  • High quality of daily visitors
  • Excellent user experience


  • Customer service support is slow. 
  • Pricing can be higher at advanced stages.


The price plans at Redirect start from $20/ day.  

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Wrapping Up

Native advertising is undoubtedly an excellent tool for enlarging your digital presence and deriving higher business leads. In addition, the above-mentioned native ad platforms offer several effective methods that can help you reach high-quality publishers and elevate your brand awareness. So pick the tool which suits you the best and optimize your marketing campaign for better results.


Written by our guest writer Srushti Shah

Srushti is an ambitious, passionate and out of the box thinking woman having vast exposure in Digital Marketing. Her key focus is to serve her clients with the latest innovation in her field leading to fast and effective results. Working beyond expectations and delivering the best possible results is her professional motto. Other than work, she loves travelling, exploring new things and spending quality time with family.