Top 10 Google Ads Automation Tools to Use in 2023


Even the savviest of marketers can feel overwhelmed when it comes to Google Ads. It’s a complex platform with many moving parts, and it can be difficult to know where to start — or even where you’re going wrong.

Not only is this process difficult, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. You could spend all that time on your PPC campaigns, but instead, you’re stuck trying to find suitable keywords, create perfect ads, and target the right audiences.

But there is a solution to such concerns. You can make your PPC advertising life easier with the help of Google Automation Tools.

Automated Google Ads tools take all the guesswork out of campaign creation and management. They automate the entire process for you, from bid optimization to split testing ad campaigns to creating custom audiences. 

With these tools, you’ll have more time than ever before to focus on what’s important — improving your campaigns and seeing better results.

However, not all tools are the same, as you’ll be able to see from our list below. But before that, let’s first answer a very important question…

How Do Google Ads Automation Tools Work?

Understanding how PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Automation Tools work can feel like breaking the code into a secret language. It almost feels too intricate for most people to understand.

But you don’t have to be a genius to wrap your head around the concept of Google Ads Automation Tools or PPC Automation Tools. They simply automate the process of paid search engine marketing so that tedious and often time-consuming tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently with much less effort.

Google Ads automation tools allow for more efficient use of a business’s advertising budget. With the use of PPC software, you can plan and execute successful campaigns with ease and accuracy.

Of course, your campaign’s success depends on several factors, such as the type of optimization you choose, the keywords you target, and your competition. By using algorithms to analyze activity in real-time, these tools generate insights that help marketers optimize bids and target specific audiences within their campaigns. 

With these powerful automated solutions, you can also capitalize on profitable opportunities without having to log in to manage campaigns continuously.

In a nutshell, they help take your marketing campaigns to the next level by analyzing data, automating bids, and much more — completely removing any manual processes associated with running ads on Google.

Moreover, they can continually monitor performance throughout campaigns to ensure you’re getting an appropriate return on investment (ROI). 

In short, with automated tools doing the heavy lifting for you, it’s easier than ever to maximize your advertising budget and take your campaigns to the next level.

10 Best Google Ads Automation Tools to Try

Working with automation tools can help unleash the full potential of your campaigns. As such, we have rounded up a list of automated tools that are designed to help make your life as an advertiser a little bit easier!

We’ll break down 10 of the top products out there so you can easily find the perfect one to help make your advertising efforts simpler and more efficient. 

From back-end to mid-level management solutions and even AI-supported marketing systems, these PPC automation tools will ensure that all of your campaigns are running the best they can be without taking away any of your busy day or weekend’s precious hours.

1. Braxy

The game has changed for small businesses. With 92% of search engine inquiries in 2021 coming from Google, it’s become harder to succeed without setting foot on the platform. That’s why Braxy, an automated AI tool, exists — to make sure you’re making the most of your investment in Google advertising and getting the best ROI possible.

Braxy is here to make your life easier. With it, you can get your Google Ads up and running in a mere 10 minutes. All it takes is some basic information about your business and your competition.


To top it off, the platform will automatically optimize keywords, create negative keywords, and generate ads based on outstanding campaign performance. Plus, the reports generated are easy to analyze, so you can quickly grasp what’s working and which ad formats are delivering calls, inquiries, and local orders.

Braxy is best used by small business owners. It costs only $250 per month for unlimited ads and spends, with complete access to all features and, of course, the Google Ads AI, which does everything for you. Book a free demo of Braxy today to see how you can gain a PPC Ads advantage even with zero knowledge of Google Ads.

2. Google Ads Script

Google Ads Scripts are an awesome way to level up your automation game if you’re using Google Ads. With a bit of JavaScript proficiency, you can use browser-based IDE to control and manipulate all of your Google Ads data with ease.

You don’t have to be a programming expert to get started; entry-level JS knowledge is all it takes! The best part is, the IDE is clever enough to assist with syntax highlighting and auto-completion, so you can create scripts quickly and easily. However, you would need a bit of training to be able to automate your Google ads management and optimization with scripts.

Still, the best thing about this script is that it is free to use for anyone with a Google Ads account.

3. WordStream PPC Advisor

WordStream PPC software is the tool of choice for anyone trying to increase their effectiveness on AdWords. With its comprehensive keyword research tools and Web analytics, you’ll be able to easily gather insights that’ll help you improve your campaigns.


Their automated suggestion feature also allows users to implement keyword suggestions with ease. And what makes WordStream even more powerful is the ability to create effective ad groups right from square one with its Campaign Builder feature, which basically lets you select a topic of choice and the corresponding suggested keyword groups in just a few clicks.

So if you’re looking for efficient and convenient methods to maximize your Adwords power, Wordstream PPC software has everything you need for Google ads promotions at your disposal.

4. Optmyzr

Optmyzr is the perfect automation tool for any PPC manager or marketer who wants to save time and energy that would otherwise be spent repetitively diagnosing, testing, and optimizing Google ads accounts.

Their optimized solutions work for both manual and automated bidding — ranging from suggesting better bid adjustments to implementing appropriate targets across a full account. With their one-click optimizations, bid management capabilities, budget optimization strategies, and more, you can get your Google ads account in order within minutes.

Plans start at $249 per month for ad spends up to $10k; however, the more you spend, the higher your monthly fees will be.

5. Adwisely

You can create better Google ads campaigns and be the master of advertising thanks to Adwisely. This tool provides you with a selection of templates, so you can get your ad campaign up and running in no time! With Adwisely, optimizing bid levels, targeting audiences, and crafting creatives have become much easier.

Already have visitors ready to buy? Re-engage them with customized Google ads of the products they’ve shown interest in through retargeting. And when it comes to prospecting for new customers, Adwisely uses unique algorithms to find new audiences that match your current buyers’ interests and purchasing behavior.


The downside to AdWisely is that it’s focused on eCommerce businesses, so service-oriented companies and local shops won’t benefit much from it.

When it comes to price, AdWisely offers three pricing plans. For those on a budget or just starting out, there’s the Basic plan with a $1,000 ad spend limit. For optimized results and two ad platforms (Google Ads and a social media advertising platform of your choice), try their Standard Plan at $249 per month, with an ad limit of $3,000. And to further increase spending limits up to $6,000, check out the Advanced Plan starting from $499 per month.

6. Revealbot

If you’re fed up with manually writing and managing complex Google Ads scripts and desperately need to improve ROI but don’t have the time to be constantly tweaking your Google ads campaigns, then you can try Revealbot.

This automation software gives you the best of both worlds — access to all your marketing strategies packed into an easy-to-use interface. Simply drag, drop, and go supercharged with more than 20 automated actions and optimizations. Plus, get notifications sent straight to your email or Slack about triggered events or any errors that occur. With its AND/OR feature to add conditions, you’ll be scripting complex optimization tactics in no time.

That said, a working knowledge of Google Ads tactics, strategies, and scripts is beneficial when unleashing the potential of Revealbot — so make sure you brush up on your knowledge first before taking flight!

Revealbot’s pricing is designed to help businesses scale their advertising efforts in the most cost-effective way possible. With plans starting at just $99 per month for up to $10K in monthly ad spending, you can get access to all of Revealbot’s features. You’ll have total control over your accounts with features such as rules-based optimizations, automated reports, post boosting, and bulk creation, all included. Plus, advanced integrations like Slack, Google Sheets and AppsFlyer, alongside a “top creatives and lookalike audiences builder” will make it easy for you to get the most out of your data.

7. Opteo 

Opteo offers smart recommendations for enhancing your account performance that can be implemented in seconds. It smartly identifies patterns in your Google Ads accounts before suggesting an appropriate improvement.

No more worrying about keywords management, ad copy, or making sure you’re running tests efficiently. You can rely on Opteo’s expertise as it continuously watches your account, ready to alert you whenever it searches for significant patterns in your data.


Just take its advice and implement the suggested changes and watch your account soar — leaving you with plenty of time for other important work that drives conversions.

Opteo is a good solution for small businesses that are looking for a power-packed performance assessment and optimization tool. Their pricing model is simple and is based on your usage. It starts with the Basic plan of $99 per month that covers up to 25 Google ads accounts and brands, with up to $50,000 spent in a single month.

Plus, you get dedicated 24×7 live chat support and a speedy refresh cycle time of 24 hours — so you have up-to-date insights into your ad account at all times, making sure it’s running efficiently. Keep in mind though, you still have to implement the recommendations — Opteo’s not going to do it for you.

8. Adchieve

Adchieve can give you the power to manage your Smart Shopping campaigns directly with its recently resumed Google Smart Shopping Keyword Insights feature.

All you have to do is enter your keywords and watch the magic happen — label them to categorize your keywords, get insights into each competitor’s score on those very keywords, and peak at their best-performing ads. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly test and discover new opportunities on a daily basis; then immediately see how these tweaks affect your performance.

Adchieve also allows you to monitor your market share by keeping a keen eye on all of your registered competitors’ actions. To top it all off, Profit-on-Ad-Spend Insights makes verifying profitability across different ROAS targets a piece of cake. So whether you’re running an established or up-and-coming business, Adchieve has got you covered.

That’s as far as it goes when it comes to Google Ads automation though. You still have to incorporate your learnings into the ads that you run.

The company doesn’t reveal its price and subscriptions though, so you must reach out to them for a demo and pricing.

9. Blue Winston

Blue Winston is an innovative platform offering a world of possibilities for eCommerce stores, so you can take your online business to the next level with ease. You can focus more on growing your business through Blue Winston’s impressive range of features, such as automatic ad creation, keyword generation, smart shopping ads, dynamic shopping ads, optimization scripts, and more. 

Blue Winston

No matter what country you are in, BlueWinston can help save you hundreds of hours each month. With it, you’ll be able to find new products that have been selling well and create ads for them even if you haven’t historically had the resources or time to do so. You’ll also gain access to various automatic scripts that specialize in optimizing your ads and ad groups to lower costs while maintaining maximum visibility.

Price starts at €59 per month for up to 1,000 products. Again, this is meant for eCommerce businesses only and not other types of small businesses.

10. PPC Datafeed

For shop owners who want their businesses to grow quickly, PPC Datafeed is the perfect all-in-one tool. With its powerful data feed optimization feature, you could create tailored product feeds that can speak to different audiences.

This innovative Google Ads automation software allows you to combine static and dynamic values from your product feed to benefit from extremely relevant ads for every product. And with hourly synchronization, you won’t have to manually create campaigns or worry about out-of-stock products — just set it and forget it!

For added convenience, there are performance reports so you can sift through search terms, including dynamic search terms. The icing on the cake? Generate long-tail or generic keywords and place them exactly where they should be! While it may sound like a tedious task to manage your PPC strategy, this convenient datafeed makes it simple for everyone.

Pricing for a PPC Datafeed starts at just $39 per month. The fee is consistent but goes up $4.8 for every item in excess of 1,000. 

That’s a Wrap!

With features like personalized onboarding, advanced reports, and customizable dashboards, what’s not to love? Now that you’ve got the basics down-pat, why not get started by trying at least one of these awesome PPC automation tools into your advertising strategy?