4 Ways to Use Attraction Marketing to Grow Your Brand 


Attraction marketing is an effective way to increase your brand awareness, build authority, and acquire new leads. It aims to lure customers to your business rather than spending time and money on seeking new customers.

With 75% of marketers prioritizing this type of marketing, it’s an important technique that cannot be ignored. Attraction marketing can significantly boost your lead generation and sales. 

The following tips will help you use attraction marketing methods effectively in your digital marketing campaigns.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is a strategy businesses use to market a product or service. In essence, you provide valuable information about the item before convincing people to buy. 

Because you’re not focused on persuading people they need your product, they’re more likely to come to a natural decision and make a purchase. Thus, attraction marketing done right can be a powerful and persuasive tool. 

So, how do you implement attraction marketing?

Well, with outbound marketing, you initiate contact with potential customers. With this type of inbound marketing, you’d need to focus on building brand awareness, so customers come to you. This involves creating valuable content tailored to your audience. 

4 Attraction Marketing Tips

When creating content for attraction marketing, your goal should be to share your story. Sharing personal experiences and creating a brand narrative is one of the best ways to build a bond with your potential customers and is more compelling than an ad script. 

Here are four attraction marketing tips you should follow:

1. Create Detailed Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas will allow you to attract the right audience you’ll be more likely to retain with your brand over time. 

A buyer persona is a visual representation of your ideal customers. It gives you critical details about your customers that you can leverage to create an effective marketing campaign. Once you create an accurate buyer persona for your business, it becomes easier to streamline your marketing efforts and align them with your customer’s expectations.

You can read more about building buyer personas here

attraction marketing tips

To create truly accurate and useful buyer personas, you must collect data about your ideal customer. You can do this through customer research, surveys, interviews, and so on. Businesses can also analyze their existing customers through the customer database. 

You can also ask questions and create polls on social media to learn what your audience likes about your products and what people expect from your brand. 

attraction marketing tips

Audience intelligence is the key component. Audience intelligence can tell you what people talk about, how they think, and how they define themselves. Once you describe your ideal buyer personas and their pain points, you’ll be able to start creating the right valuable content focused on their needs. 

2. Select the Right Marketing Platform

There are many platforms you can use to attract people. The right marketing channel for your brand will depend on various things, such as your audience’s interests, which you can derive from your audience persona, your type of content, and your goal for the content. 

Before you select your marketing platform, you have to determine your goal for the content. Sure, the ultimate goal is for people to come to you. However, there are many ways you can accomplish this. 

Do you want to attract people to your brand by highlighting your product? Or maybe you just do that by entertaining your audience and, in the process, getting feedback from them so you can know more about them?

Once you’ve defined your goal, you can look at your audience to decide on the best type of content to achieve that goal and the best marketing platform for you.

attraction marketing tips

For example, The Woobles sell crocheted animal models. Since The Woobles knows it’s the cuteness of the product that customers like, the brand decides to use video, which is the best way to showcase a product’s cuteness. To showcase the video better, the brand, therefore, decides to use a visual medium, Instagram. 

See how everything is connected?

There are other platforms you can consider as part of your attraction marketing strategy.

Twitter, for instance, is great for creating polls to engage your audience and get their feedback. Once a poll is closed, all participants get notifications about the results. This can lead to even more conversation. Check out this example of a poll from Honest Productions:

attraction marketing tips

YouTube is an excellent marketing platform as well. Since videos on YouTube can run for longer, SaaS companies often include them in their SaaS marketing strategy to discuss the problems their audience wants to solve. You can also hold Q&A sessions that can help you answer people’s frequently asked questions. 

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience. Plus, you can automate your email campaigns for better efficiency. So, for example, a lead subscribing to your email list gets regular email messages from your company. 

You can also use marketing automation tools to send personalized messages and save time. The tools help you automatically send welcome emails, reminders, and abandoned cart notifications, so your team spends less time on follow-ups.

Finally, blog posts are great for sharing your authentic story with internet users. This allows business owners like you to publish great reads with relevant stats and imagery. 

attraction marketing tips

Your email marketing strategy or social media plan can include reusing these long publications in a different form.

Once you’ve picked a marketing platform, master it and then try using others again, depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s always a good idea to mix a few channels.

3. Use a Conversational Tone 

Using the right tone is what makes attraction marketing work. You’re not trying to sell. You’re offering help and advice to your audience. You shouldn’t act as a salesperson but as an industry expert who offers solutions to people’s problems. 

So, when talking to your audience, using a conversational tone is a must. Conversational writing is simple and easy to read. People should perceive you as a friend rather than a marketer. Using a conversational tone when addressing your audience will help you build a connection with your readers and increase their engagement.

So, how does that conversational tone look?

When you use a conversational tone in your blog posts or any other type of content, they should be engaging and easy to understand. That means they should have short sentences. There should be no technical jargon or complex words. 

Pose questions in your content, too. Use “you” when talking to your audience and go for informal word choice. Big blocks of copy are tiring for a reader’s eyes, so you should transform your copy into bite-sized chunks.

One Ocean Beauty brand uses a conversational tone in its blog posts. Here’s an introduction to one of the blog posts on the company’s website:

attraction marketing tips

Notice that even if you don’t know anything about human skin and how you can treat dry skin, you can easily understand these concepts when reading the blog post.

4. Explain Your Product Value

When creating content, make sure you explain the value of your product. You have to do that in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re forcing your product onto your audience. So, instead of telling your audience your product is the best in the market, highlight its features. Discuss the results and outcomes that people can achieve using the product features. 

You can share a link to a dedicated landing page or directly to the product page if you’re discussing the product on email or a social media platform.

attraction marketing tips

Check out the example above. Notice that the copy revolves around the product being “clean, effective, plant-based and anti-aging.” You even find information about how its technology is “powered by molecular science…” 

If you can, present your product’s features in connection with real-life scenarios. 

Ultimately, you want to educate your audience with your content so they can make the conclusion that, indeed, your product is the best in the market. The result is that your audience purchases your product not because they feel cornered or forced but because they themselves decide it’s the best option for them. 


Attraction marketing is an effective way to generate leads and sales. It helps your brand look relatable and interesting. Basically, you give customers a reason to buy a product without actually directly asking them to do so. The trick is to make potential customers naturally want to buy a product by demonstrating its value.

You learned tips to perform attraction marketing the right way. Create buyer personas and choose the right marketing platform. Highlight your product. Also, use a conversational tone in your blog posts as well as in other content you publish. 

If you follow these tips, your company will reap the benefits in no time.

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Carlos Serra is the head of corporate development and strategy at Audiense, a customer insights and engagement company, where he is responsible for managing partner and integration channels, ensuring seamless commercial expansion. He was named a pioneer in The Social Intelligence Insider 50 (2022) by The Social Intelligence Lab.