Why You Need a Robust Marketing Team to Improve Your Sales Funnel


Marketing teams are integral and central to the success of your business. 

From building awareness about your brand to providing superior customer service, your marketing team takes care of everything!

But with the changing face of marketing, today’s marketing teams are way different from those 10 years ago. 

When you prepare to build your marketing team, filling these key roles is helpful:

  • Marketing team director
  • Project managers
  • Marketing manager
  • Brand strategist
  • Content marketer
  • PPC specialist
  • Data analysts
  • SEO strategist
  • Social media manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Web designer
  • Copywriter

After knowing the roles to fill, understanding the right time to hire your marketing team is essential. You may hire a marketing team when sales are down, your time is more and more limited, your team is failing at all their marketing strategies, and your business is clueless about what’s working and what your marketing results should be. 

You even consider hiring a team if your marketing plays a major role in the success of your company.

Interestingly, as marketing is a super broad field covering so many different activities on your own is next to impossible. The only solution you have is hiring a team of experts who bring a difference to your bottom line.

Why You Need a Robust Marketing Team to Improve Your Sales Funnel

Every company requires a robust marketing team to improve its sales funnel. Here are some of the main reasons why.

1. Create Eye-Catching Landing Pages With Graphics

You need a strong marketing team to add creative elements to your digital marketing strategy. Graphic design is more than just the difference between dull and vibrant. It’s the difference between clients and customers choosing your startup over your competitors.

Graphic design works as a subconscious game-changer and influences the decision-making process of prospective customers and clients.

That’s why hiring qualified designers is essential. But with hundreds of graphic designers out there, each boasting of bringing a revolutionary change, companies use graphic design interview questions to differentiate the best from the good.

Create eye-catching landing pages with graphics

Choose your graphic designer wisely as they help design your email marketing campaign, landing page, and social media posts to convey a powerful message through your branding.

2. Help Create Awareness and Discovery

Early in the sales funnel journey, your customers may have questions or concerns about your products and services. As this is an early stage, customers are trying to identify their challenges and search for viable options. That’s the point where creating awareness and discovery is essential.

Creating awareness helps you verbalize their issues and present your product as a trusted source of information. At the top of the sales funnel, making prospects feel confident about your solution is the best answer to their problem.

3. Ensure Customers Make an Educated Purchase Decision.

When your lead is at the bottom of the funnel, they know their problems and are ready to select your products or services as a solution.

During this phase, customers ask questions like:

  • Does [company 1] provide better features than [company 2]?
  •  What is the pricing of [company 1] versus [company 2]?
  • Who offers the highest warranty or best after-sales service?

At this stage, your marketing team uses long-tail SEO keywords to lead customers to information, enabling them to decide on products or services suiting their requirements. 

Keyword conversion rates graph

For instance, using long-tail keywords ensures a higher conversion rate when compared to short and generic phrases.

Read this article by skale about SaaS SEO growth to understand what else SaaS companies can do to accelerate their growth and encourage customer engagement.

4. Use Engaging Media to Stand Out

Using engaging media is essential as it helps you capture a prospect’s attention. Customers are likely to move down the sales funnel only when they feel engaged.

One way to stand out from the crowd is by using engaging media to help prospects explore and understand everything about your services or products. 

During the consideration phase of the sales funnel, helping customers understand why your products are right for them helps improve conversions.

For instance, notice how Apple uses engaging media to create an impact and stand out against competitors. 

Apple watch

Apple highlights critical features of its product using standout images.

Apple watch

5. Provide Updates on Lead Quality

Another reason why companies require a marketing team is to create content with key performance indicators (KPIs) and convert email sign-ups into leads. While some marketing strategies may blow those KPIs straight out of the park, the leads you collected at the top of the funnel come to your use.

Provide updates on lead quality

But what happens if the lead quality is subpar?

Your sales and marketing team comes to the rescue. The sales team conveys the location from where the poor and successful leads come to your website or landing pages. 

This helps the marketing team understand what effective marketing strategies they use to ensure quality leads reach the sales representatives.

6. Ensure Audience and Buyer Persona Match Each Other

Another benefit of a robust marketing team is they ensure your target audience and buyer persona match each other.

Marketers always create content keeping their target audience in mind. They imagine a target audience persona and create content based on their pain points. Similarly, the sales department uses the buyer’s persona, showing the type of people searching for products your company offers.

buyer personas

When these two personas differ, customers need clarification. Both departments create strategies based on the persona they understand and have in front of their eyes, resulting in complete confusion and commotion.

That’s where a marketing team comes in. The team ensures their department and the sales department have the same picture in mind. 

This allows your marketing teams to create specific content, which generates leads, and sales teams understand who contacts them and what customers need from your business.

Whether you’re targeting industry-specific influencers or specific demographics, having a match between your audience and buyer’s persona is essential to improve sales funnel conversion.

7. Increase Engagement and Build Stronger Relationships

How do you engage without annoying your customers? While most customer journeys either result in enlightenment or disappointment, your marketing team taps into customer expectations and follows best practices for increasing customer engagement

One brand that masters customer engagement and builds stronger relationships is IKEA. Their marketing team offers the best online customer experience as the company is an early adopter of augmented reality and video chat.

Interestingly, the company’s app enables customers to engage virtually with their online catalog, allowing them to understand how new furniture will fit into their homes.

Ikea app

When your marketing team creates an omnichannel approach to customer interactions, it strengthens your relationship with customers as you fill the gap and address their pain points.

8. Keep Track of Competitors

Whether it’s a game of soccer or your business, understanding your opponents is crucial for success. The goal here is striking deals or winning customers with your products. But how do you strike a deal when you’re unaware of what differentiates you from your competitors.

When you know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, you level up your game. So, marketers must conduct competitive analysis.


For instance, a fashion retailer’s competitive advantage may be reasonably priced products, high-quality products, and affordable shipping services. Unique selling propositions like these are not easy to replicate and give your brand a name and recognition.

When you define competitive advantage and compare them to your own, it becomes easier to understand what changes to make in your marketing strategy.

Many marketers even track their competitor’s content strategies to fill the existing content gap.

9. Create Convincing Supporting Content That Answers Questions

According to research, sharing educational and supportive content makes customers 131% more likely to purchase from your business.

When you create content customers are looking for, you position yourself as an expert, build trust and get recognition for being helpful. Publishing meaningful content assets raises awareness and helps you solve the most pressing customer problems.

For instance, Anchor Fabrication, a contract metal fabrication partner, uses its content to draw customers further into the website and get them to take action that turns them into leads. The company reinforces client-centered manufacturing processes and offers invaluable resources for various issues their first-time customers are likely to face. 

On its home page, the company provides the benefits of metal fabrication and why Anchor is different from others. Their comprehensive library provides customers with every potential question. 

Create convincing supporting content that answers questions

Choose a Team to Improve Your Sales Funnel

The concept is crystal clear if you want to build an all-star marketing team, search for talented, motivated, and experienced professionals. Hiring a jack-of-all-trades will not always work, as you require marketing specialists in different fields to excel. While choosing a marketing team can be overwhelming, look for a team of professionals with the following skills:

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Editorial planning
  • Marketing content creation
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Graphic Designing
  • Public relations
  • Paid advertising
  • Data analysis
  • Web design and development
  • Marketing Technology

 Alternative to Hiring a Marketing Team

Building a full-fledged marketing team takes time, effort, and money. This is why many companies use on-demand marketing services. 

For example, Wishpond provides on-demand marketing services that users can access on top of the all-in-one marketing platform. Instead of having to hire a dedicated marketing team, you can purchase on-demand marketing services, like graphic design or ads management, to help you put together campaigns when you need them. This makes accessing the marketing expertise your business needs a lot easier.


Priya Jain has been copywriting professionally for over eight years. She teaches math, spends time running behind her toddler, and tries new recipes while she isn’t writing. She has attained an engineering degree and an MBA.