Cultivating the Right Social Network Followers

When you decided to take your business to the next level and create your social media accounts and make your presence known, you were likely concerned with getting followers and not who they were. After all, a large number of followers lends credence to your online presence and tends to make you appear successful. Once the numbers are established, however, it is time to start cultivating the right followers and make sure you are getting the exposure and input you need to see social media success. After all,  one minute in social media, has an unprecedented effect.

There are basically five types of followers you should cultivate in your quest for success. These followers range from people that love you to people that hate you and all are important in their own ways. This  infographic helps to explain why each is needed, who they are, and what benefit they give to you. Each type is detailed below with descriptions of how to identify each one and why you need them.

The Early Adopter

This person is always posting about the latest and greatest in social media. They are the ultimate in Internet cool and have developed a large following through their enthusiasm and knowledge. All of their followers will see that this guru follows you and will likely click on you as well. The greater exposure you have in the social media realm the greater your business will increase.

The Hater 

At first it appears that there is just no way to make this person happy. He or she will passively attack you on their own blog or they could actually fire a broadside on your page and attack you there.  What this person wants is a response to their complaint; in fact the majority of complainers on social networks simply want an acknowledgement. A great many never get one but the majority of those who do get one report satisfaction with the response. A placated hater can become your best ally in singing your praises to the masses.

The Sharer

This person loves to share with her friends. In fact she will repost and share across multiple platforms. This reposting increases your exposure across these platforms – this is free advertising across a variety of platforms and reaching a variety of potential customers.

Mr. Popular

This guy tweets about floor cleaning and within hours a hundred people have re-tweeted and shared his post with thousands of followers. The important part is that these followers view him as an expert on whatever he tweets and posts about. If he gives you a favorable nod then you can count on an influx of new fans.

The Follower

This person is the strong and silent type. She will like your page simply because her friends and family did and may never actually say anything. Overtime though, she will listen to the pack she followed and could become a customer. As her satisfaction grows, her shyness diminishes and she begins to speak. People who know her recognize she only speaks when it is important and she creates influence on her friends and family. Studies have shown that almost 100% of consumers seek advice from friends and family before making a purchase. This wallflower can have a large influence on your customer base.

Now that you have these specific types following you, what can you do to keep them? The most important step is to acknowledge them. Posting a simple “thank you for following me” on their page goes a long way to building your credibility with them. More importantly that thank you post will likely be seen by dozens of their followers and you have further ingratiated yourself to the masses.

Social media is just that – social. It is not designed to, nor should it,  take the place of face to face interaction. It has, however, developed a significant power base in online marketing and leveraging it to your advantage is quick and easy. Take a few minutes every day to acknowledge new followers and address complaints in an open forum and you will see your online presence increase and your business grow.

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for connects  local businesses with their  local Chamber of Commerce.



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